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Buraq Air is the first private airline in Libya, founded in November 2000 by virtue of the act 296 - 2000 and under trade registration No. 53539. The company headquarters are located at Mittiga International Airport in Tripoli - Libya. Buraq intends to introduce a level of new services in Libya and to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Buraq Air is proud of its well-trained staff and employees and recognizes their valuable contribution. The corporation's success is based on the sense of belonging, professionalism, commitment, hard working and team spirit of its entire staff.

Our Missions

At Buraq Air, our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding services, unrivalled flexibility and unparalleled value. The staff of Buraq Air will provide reliable, convenient and consistent air transportation that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Reliable means: Safe on - time air transportation created by honest people providing friendly, professional, consistent and caring service.

Convenient means: Making it as easy as possible for customers in the transportation business which we serve by providing the best schedules.

Consistent means: Delivering reliable and convenient service every time the customer flies or ships on our airline.


Buraq Air has been in the market since November 15th 2001 and by the first quarter it has reached a load factor of 76% and by the year end it topped 83% with dispatch reliability of over 99% in its domestic network.

The company, in a short time, was able to provide its own ground handling for its fleet in both Benina International Airport at Benghazi and Mittiga International Airport at Tripoli.

By the year 2002 Buraq Air managed to purchase 3 Boeing B727 - 200 followed with 2 B737 - 200, 3 Let 410 UVPE and an IL N76. In 2005 Buraq Air contracted for the purchase of the new generation Boeing Aircraft type B737 - 800 NG with scheduled deliveries of 2 aircrafts by October and November 2006 which prompted the Company to start phasing out 2 B727 - 200 Aircrafts and the selling of the IL 76 Cargo Aircraft. The Company Fleet consists of:

Passenger Aircraft:
•  One (1) B727 - 200 (164 seats).
•  Two (2) B737 - 200 (113 seats).
•  Three (3) Let-410UVPE (15-17 seats).
•  One (1) Dash 8 - 300 (50 seats).

Cargo Aircraft:
•  Buraq Air is working on developing and modernizing its cargo operation with the introduction of new western aircraft to be revealed in the near future.
•  Buraq Air has disposed of all its leased IL 76 cargo aircrafts only one Aircraft remains under temporary lease arrangements.

Oil Field Support

With its highly experienced and well-trained staff of Pilots and Engineers, Buraq Air provides an efficient and reliable logistic service to the oil industry. Our service including seismic, exploration and drilling operations using the Bombardier Dash 8 - 300 and Let 410 UVPE Aircraft which are available for short term or long term contracts.


Buraq Air covers the following routes:

Local Flights:
•  Mittiga (at Tripoli).
•  Benina (at Benghazi).
•  Misratah.
•  Sarir.
•  Nafoora.
•  Hamada.

International Flights:
•  Istanbul (Turkey).
•  Aleppo (Syria).
•  Rabat (Morocco).

Contracted Services

Buraq Air provides oil field support for the oil industry with the operation of its Turbo Prop aircraft consisting of 3 Let 410UVPE aircraft and one Dash 8 - 300 operated under JAA in a joint venture with CHC.


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