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Is Memorization Dead?
Is Memorization Dead? (© Courtesy of Dr. Shitij Kapur, MD, PhD; University of Toronto)
Is technology keeping you from using your noggin?

Find out if memory is a "use it or lose it" body function!
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Show your smarts by acing a few fun quizzes. Sample questions:
1. Did Charlie Chaplin once lose a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest?
2. Which constellation is associated with the term "dog days," referring to midsummer?
3. Can eating poppy seeds cause you to fail a drug test?
It's a Mad World, Martha
Bigfoot. Ghosts. Superheroes. Rude people. Columnist Martha Brockenbrough takes on them all. And that's before she skewers pop stars with lousy grammar. Take a peek into Martha's world.
Did You Know?
Auckland, New Zealand (© Paul Souders/Corbis)In 1893, 41 years after its first constitution was signed, New Zealand became the first country to grant women the right to vote.
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The intellect is part of life--not its counterpart.
Kurt Tucholsky
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