Septerra 'FSA'

(Frequently Supplied Answers - like a FAQ, but without the actual questions)


Updated  1/6/07  1:50pm CST (-0500)



·         Added Valkyrie32.reg and Valkyrie64.reg


·         Updated registry instructions for Win64 machines.


·         Version 1.04 attempts to rectify the runtime problems players have been experiencing on modern versions of Windows like XP.  It has been compiled using the latest Microsoft compiler (Visual Studio 2005) and had a bug patched relating to the particle engine.  Specifically, the problems with the Lava Monster and Led’s WrenchStrike attack should be resolved.




·         The Universal Answer:  Make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound and video cards and the latest QuickTime and DirectX (follow the links below).  This will solve most of the strange "it doesn't work"-type problems.


·         The Case of the Missing Manual:  In various re-release versions of Septerra (most notably the recent Septerra/Shogo 'Dual Jewel' package), the printed manual was omitted to reduce the cost.  The entire manual is on the CD:  \MANUAL\SEPTERRA.PDF  If you don't already have Acrobat Reader, a copy is supplied in the same directory.  If you can't find the manual on the CD, follow the download link below and click on Manual.pdf.


·         The Broken Version:  This version of Septerra, published by the Czech gaming magazine SCORE, was assembled using an incompatible engine and it doesn't play much past the end of chapter 1.  The quickest way to identify this clunker is the version number: 1.01IGD (which is correct only for the European English demo).  It stops working just after witnessing Bowman's death - Corgan is supposed to join Maya while Runner goes off with Layla.  Instead, the party becomes Maya, Grubb and Grubb, and everything is messed up from there on.  This version can be made to work by downloading the patch (see the link below), entering the registry entries by hand (also below) and starting over.  Sorry about that, but the demo engine is incapable of saving games that the full engine can read.


·         In the battle with the lava monster on Shell 7, one of the special effects can cause a crash during combat.  This crash takes the form of a panic in level O718 at 0x00421809.  Evidence indicates that this is a Win2k, ME or XP problem which can be solved by setting the OS to play Septerra in Win95 compatibility mode (see links below).  If you continue have this problem, here’s how you get around the problem:  before you enter combat, press F12 then type “IMAREALWEENIE” (without the quote marks and followed by Enter).  Now after combat has begun, pressing Ctrl-F3 (the Ctrl key and F3 at the same time) will cause Maya to instantly defeat all enemies.  Don’t worry, you’ll get the full reward for defeating the monster, which is the Fire Fate Card, 12650 experience points and 9000 gold.




·         Version 1.02's first new bug: The new version fails to properly upgrade an old (from version 1.00 or 1.01) savefile from the very end of the game where Grubb or Lobo is leading the party through Doskias' flagship.  The workaround is to back up to an earlier savegame before entering Doskias' ship where Maya is still leading.


·         Pressing Space while a QuickTime movie is playing causes a Fatal Panic.  The workaround is simple ... don't press Space during a movie.  J


·         When Maya talks to the Underlost Chief after he has combined the Doric Ore and Corite for you, the sync between the sound and text and talking heads is really wacky.  The data here is so messed up that it can't be fixed without a data patch, which we REALLY don't want to talk about.  You can get the gist of what's going on.


·         Sometimes an item lights up when you move it over a character, but then when you click, the talk cursor immediately appears.  An example of this is when you click the Corite Lens on the Underlost Chief before giving him the frame to Kyra's Mirror.  In this case, he needs to have the frame first, so he has "nothing to say" when you hand him the lens.  The lens shouldn't light up at that point, but it does.

Workaround:  When this happens, it's a signal that there is something else you need to do first.




Jim Weisz     Email:  jimw at valkyriestudios dot com
Valkyrie Studios

Download Septerra Version 1.04
Download QuickTime
Download DirectX


Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Express Install for End Users

Application Compatibility in Windows XP




Following are the registry entries required to make the game run.  You shouldn't have to do this, but some people have had trouble with Win2K, WinME and WinXP not completely setting the registry entries.  Also, the “Broken Version” doesn’t even have an installation, so the registry entries never get set (the feloniously included demo engine doesn’t use them).



The base registry key is different on 32-bit and 64-bit machines.  Where I have “BASE” below, substitute:



64-bit:             HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node



WARNING:  If you're not familiar with using REGEDIT, get someone to help you who is - you can do a great deal of damage to your system if you're not careful..


The settings as shown below are all included in Valkyrie32.reg and Valkyrie64.reg.  Executing the appropriate one of these will add all of the default entries.  Once that is done, you can edit any values which aren’t correct using REGEDIT.  If you have copied everything to the default directories, you won’t have to do anything further.



Where I've got "C:\Program Files\Valkyrie Studios\Septerra Core", substitute the directory you installed the game to.  Where I've got "E:\", substitute your CDROM drive letter.


BASE\Valkyrie Studios\Septerra Core

(Default)               (value not set)

Executable              "C:\Program Files\Valkyrie Studios\Septerra Core\Septerra.exe"

InstallPath             "C:\Program Files\Valkyrie Studios\Septerra Core"

SourcePath              "E:\"

Uninstall               "IsUninst.exe"

Uninstall Parameters    "-f"C:\Program Files\Valkyrie Studios\Septerra Core\Uninst.isu""

volumeFX                0x00000064 (100)

volumeMaster            0x00000064 (100)

volumeMinimum           0x00000000 (0)

volumeMusic             0x00000064 (100)

volumeSpeech            0x00000064 (100)


BASE\Valkyrie Studios\Septerra Core\Current

(Default)               (value not set)

32BitSetup              "1"

Explorer                "1"

InstallDX               "0"

InstallQT               "0"

Registered              "1"