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(18. Feb. 2008)

Two cool new news things. One, I'm working on getting a bot for Wikichan, per the request of the mods.

Second, and biggest, we're moving The Well Cultured Anonymous to WellCultured.com as per the request of MANY readers- it will allow us to make Wikichan more *chan related, as well as expand TWCA. Of course, the two Wikis will be linked in various ways (except in user bases), and we've already moved the key TWCA articles to the new face. Additionally, the Well Uncultured Anonymous will be staying here for obvious reasons, meaning we'll beef that up once WellCultured.com is working correctly. Fun stuff.

PS: You can thank the following IPs for some of the slowness on the server as of recent:

1,315 articles to fuck with
See the help to know how to do it


ALL USERS MUST READ THE NEW RULES. We are now on a new host and we cannot afford to fuck up any longer, as obviously it is too much to ask of the many selfless Sysops who work this system to continue putting so much work into something that continues to die so often. We do indeed take site snapshots and do quite a bit of work to ensure safety for the website, but we also get tired of babysitting for no money. The website is going to be HEAVILY monitored from now on, and most of the freedoms we once had thanks to our cool host (such as the ability to post risque material) are now gone thanks to a select few jackasses who got angry over 420chan and related incidents.

Personally, I am angry that people such as Bot lose their hard work because of a few jackholes who think that their little dumbfuck crusade matters. From now on, if I even hear a single word regarding some attempt at a raid or using Wikichan to do something offensive or problematic, I will open one of my six mouths and sing the song that ends the earth. You have been warned.

The Well Cultured Anonymous

The Well Cultured Anonymous has moved to it's own website and been re-branded as Well Cultured.com, a megasite for related information.

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