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…And we're back, three months later! It may turn out to be an abbreviated season, but that's better than no rest-of-the-season at all, right?

The year 2030. A cow powered by a solar-powered car engine? Madness! The kids on the couch feign interest as SagetTed says that without a little luck, he'd have never met their mother. Specifically, he says, the luck of the Irish. We cut to stock footage of St. Patrick's Day in New York City, the day, SagetTed says, that every young person goes crazy. I though that was Halloween. Or New Year's Eve. The stock footage switches to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, and SagetTed says that it's, all right, maybe not that crazy. I sure hope the kids gave him blank stares for that.

We cut to Ted's apartment, where Marshall is bringing Lily a cup of green tea. SagetTed says that by the year 2008 (cue title card: "the year 2008"), they'd had enough. Except for Barney. Barney busts in wearing a golf course-green suit and yelling in a loud Irish accent that they should kiss the Barney Stone. Joke I am surprised they didn't use: that his suit sham-ROCKS! Lily half-heartedly says it's The Riddler. Marshall says it's Gumby. "Gumby, can we tie you in a knot later?" he asks. "Hey, NBA player sidelined by a knee injury," Ted offers, as he comes to the living room. All right, I gotta admit, I didn't get that one. Can someone e-mail me an explanation? Barney says it's his lucky St. Paddy's day suit and that he's dry cleaned many a stain out of it. Everyone goes, "Ew." Barney says it's lucky because it's green, the color of go, as in, "Let's." Ted says they talked it over and they aren't doing the holiday this year. Barney, who still hasn't closed the front door, is skeptical. Then he starts to believe and gets woozy on his feet from the shock. Barney lies down on a chair. "Can we shoot pool on you?" Marshall asks. Barney is bummed out: "That is so not Raven!" he cries. Marshall says they're going to go to the new apartment, hang up a painting and play board games all night. Dudes. More like Bored Games Night. Barney wants them to go out drink green beer and have green Jell-O shots. Lily says they're drinking green tea. "With caffeine," Marshall adds. Ted calls Barney "Peter" and says they're grown-ups and can't fly to Neverland anymore. He sits down with a newspaper to prove the point. Barney gets mad. He says he'll celebrate by himself. "You people make me physically ill!" he says as he leaves. Lily says that he did look a little green. Marshall's phone rings. He has a little conversation before telling Lily that he's talking to Ted's butt.

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