North Cheshire Jewish Primary offers the opportunity to learn how to read, write and speak Hebrew. Traditional Jewish prayers, laws and spiritual and moral values are taught and these permeate all aspects of the curriculum and pattern of our daily lives in school. The teaching is aimed at enveloping the children in a love of Jewish festivals and customs combined with respect and understanding for each other, their parents, teachers and wider community. The school vibrates with a tapestry of singing, dancing, drama, and art work drawing together the cycle of the Jewish year.

North Cheshire Jewish Primary offers a highly motivating and academic atmosphere where children are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential. Children are confident and proud about their Judaism and have a strong identity regarding their own community and the State of Israel. Moral and ethical values are developed in order that children become good citizens and are taught to have tolerance of different religions, races, and ways of life. The school prides itself on its caring and inclusive policy.

Admission to school does not depend on the area where you live. Parents or Guardians who wish their children to go to a Jewish school may apply. The standard number of pupils accepted into school is 45 in any year group. In the event of the school being oversubscribed, priority will be given to:-

Siblings of children already in school
Children of families with some synagogue affiliation

Parents are advised to register their child at around 6 months old and fill in the application form available from the office. Visits and appointments for a guided tour are welcome and recommended. There are also many functions at the school for prospective parents to attend. In February of entry (for September) official documentation will be sent and Head of Early Years will make a visit to your child's nursery. Meetings for new parents are arranged in school for information and introduction to the Key Stage 1 teachers. Visits are arranged in conjunction with the nurseries for children to see their new class.

All our parents have high aspirations for their children and we aim to meet them. North Cheshire delivers a broad and balanced curriculum with particular emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy. Rigorous and detailed plans ensure that Government recommended strategies are combined with traditional work for Independent Grammar and 11 plus. We place great emphasis on the acquisition of Numeracy and Literacy skills and have a wealth of resources, which are carefully structured to meet individual needs of pupils.

Pupils will learn phonics, reading and writing which are then developed throughout Key Stage 1. More formal lessons are introduced in Key stage 2. Stimulating text, excellent teaching and high expectations throughout aim to develop children's imagination, creativity and understanding in comprehension, grammar, spelling and written work.

Children acquire skills in mental strategies for using and applying knowledge of numbers. They also practise tables and number facts daily. Practical apparatus and differentiated text books are used to ensure that lessons cater for a wide range of abilities from those who are gifted and talented mathematicians to those who find maths difficult. The school results in mathematics show a high level of progression as children move up the school. Small class sizes means that children can be taught in mixed abilities in the form of whole class sessions or ability groups within the lesson for specific topics.

This is taught in whole class sessions with a combination of practical, text and reinforcement. Children experiment and learn skills and understanding about the world in which we live in. Children are taught to plan and carry out investigations in a wide range of scientific topics such as properties of materials, life and living things, forces and earth in space.

North Cheshire has a state of the art computer suite and is constantly updating and improving its provision of ICT in the classroom, to promote the use of ICT in all areas of the curriculum.

History, Geography ,Art, Music, Design and Technology are well resourced and carefully planned to stimulate and motivate children for further study. Work in the foundation subjects involves some teaching of other religions and cultures and before children leave North Cheshire Jewish Primary, they will be equipped with an understanding of our multi-faith society. Year 6 are privileged to have lessons in the computer suite for reading music and learning the keyboard with a professional musician.

North Cheshire Jewish Primary School has an expanding sports department with many facilities for a large range of activities. Lessons in Key Stage 1 incorporate gymnastics, music and movement and outdoor small apparatus skills. In the upper school there is a planned programme of gymnastics ,outdoor games and after school training for football, netball, rounders, and cross country running. The school is embarking on a project, to commence during the academic year 2002-3, of turning the school playing field into 6 aside football pitches, an all weather floodlit courts and running tracks.

North Cheshire has a strong tradition of providing an exciting variety of extra curricular activities at lunch times and after school which extend and enhance our children's learning. These include:- mixed sports-football, netball, rugby, science, arts and crafts, Hebrew reading, drama, music and dance. We are encouraging children to develop outside interests and fostering a sense of enjoyment in an informal atmosphere. North Cheshire Jewish Primary School has a famous and talented choir which entertains throughout the community. There are regular band practices, private violin lessons and annual whole school music evenings celebrating our pupils musical skills.

This lasts from 8.50am to 3.30pm and includes collective worship, morning break and lunch. Key Stage 1 also have a break in the afternoon. Each year group has literacy hour and Numeracy hour every day and the other subjects are arranged in 40-45 minute lessons.

Homework is viewed as part of the curriculum and is vital to consolidate and extend the work the children do in school. The school expects neat well presented work in class and in homework. Children have a home/school book for reading, which is an essential link between parents and school and in upper Key Stage 2 there are, in addition, homework diaries which parents are expected to monitor. Uniform is worn by all children and consists of white polo shirt, navy sweatshirt with school logo and grey trousers or skirt. Blue and white dresses are optional in summer for girls. The uniform includes sensible shoes and rules on hair and jewellery for smartness and safety. North Cheshire has clearly set out disciplinary rules within our Care and Control Policy which emphasises positive reinforcement for good behaviour. Children are fully aware of the standards expected of them. To foster a sense of team spirit and caring for each other, the children belong to houses-Balfour, Ben Gurion ,Weizmann and Herzl. All age groups take part in activities which gain house points for their team. The winning house is presented with a shield at the end of the year. The Care and Control Policy is available from the school office, a synopsis is sent out with the 'Starting School Booklet,'and regular reminders are sent to parents on dress code and standards of behaviour.

The school offers a caring and supportive environment to ensure that children are well looked after physically and mentally. We promote healthy eating in our school and no snacks and sweets are allowed during the day. Children have fruit with their milk at morning break. We provide healthy meals for all children in school with many choices to cater for different tastes, including those children who need special diets. Meals are prepared in our kosher kitchen under the supervision of the Manchester Beth Din. Medicines of any sort have to have written authorisation and will be stored in a safe place and no child is allowed to keep any tablets, medicine or creams in their bags. Risk assessments take place regularly and we have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy available in the office for parents to read.

North Cheshire has links to the Synagogues and Nurseries in South Manchester. We have close ties with Stockport schools and work and train with teachers under the auspices of the Local Education Authority. The Parent Teacher Association is a lively and committed group which work closely with school and hold many pleasurable functions which greatly enhance the resources used in school. Parents' Evenings are held twice a year but teachers are pleased to advise and sort out any concerns for parents throughout the year. In addition the Headteacher and staff provide information, curriculum meetings and detailed updates on all aspects of school. We have an After School Care Club based on campus where children can be looked after until 6pm. For more details about the club including charges, please contact the school office.


North Cheshire Jewish Primary School
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Headteacher: Mrs N. Massel BEd (Hons)