The Wildlife

Wild birds in Altona Bay
The Altona Coastal Park at the Eastern side of Altona, and the Apex Reserve at the western end both host a variety of sea birds. The reserves (in particular the Altona Coastal Reserve) are well established and protected wildlife sancturies. Birdwatchers come from all around Australia to observe and photograph wildlife in this area, and along with the Williamstown Coastal Reserve and Point Cook, form a strategic wildlife domain in the heart of Melbourne.

Access to the foreshore in the Altona Coastal Park is by foot or bicycle only. By travelling down the Esplanade in Altona moving to the east, you can park in the reserve at the end of the street. From here walk along the designated walkways along the foreshore. There are many vantage points from which to observe the scores of different bird species that populate this area.

Species include along the flat lakes and foreshores also includes stilt, red-legged oyster-catchers, grey teal, black ducks, spoonbills, black swans, pelicans, ibis, dotterel, cranes, gulls and giant petrels.

Land birds in the region include magpie larks, nankeen kestrels, rosellas, little tits, blue wrens, crimson robins, wagtails, ravens and larks. Additonally, tiger snakes can be found in the rocky outcrops and in the grasslands. In the creeks and sea one may find native fish, oysters, crabs, periwinkles, cockles and larger warreners flourished.


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