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  • Chief Regulatory Negotiator during New York State�s acquisition of the Long Island Lighting Co. (LILCO) by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA).

Other investment banking activities included:

  • The reorganization of Western Resources, Tucson Electric, and representing El Paso Electric sale-lease back bonds (i.e. SLOBs).

In 1998 and 1999 Mr. Scotto advised Presidential Candidate Al Gore on expanding the role of �green energy� as part of his National Energy campaign strategy.

  • Participated in the NANO-Economic curriculum for the University of Albany School of Science and Technology
  • Lectured at Princeton University on the 10 Ways to Avoid the Next Enron
  • Presented: �Ethics in Corporate America� at a National Attorney�s General Conference
  • Southeast State Treasures Association: Budgetary Impact of Deregulation
  • National Conference of State Legislators: Utility Deregulation
  • Securitization Report (February 1997), included as Draft Texas legislation
  • Texas Utilities Electric: Financial Integrity Testimony
  • Long Island Lighting Company: Financial Integrity Testimony


Colin McCall is a managing director at Whitehall Financial Advisors LLC and is a senior member in the Corporate Finance division and co-head of the strategic corporate analytical task force. Mr. McCall specializes in coverage of the airline industry, where he is able to leverage his nearly 15 years of experience as a pilot; first as a flight instructor for FlightSafety International and then as a pilot for a United Airlines affiliate. He has worked for Lehman Brothers and Prudential Securities.

At FlightSafety International Mr. McCall worked as a flight instructor where he not only was responsible for new pilot training and evaluation but had the authority to conduct and approve new pilot certifications for such major air carriers as Alitalia, Asiana (a.k.a. South Korea Airlines) as well as mainland Chinese and Taiwanese airlines.  Mr. McCall holds licenses to operate aircraft with Commercial Single and Multiengine ratings and is a Certified Flight Instructor. Mr. McCall�s teaching experience and in-depth understanding of the profit challenges facing the airline industry make him uniquely qualified to discern the early changes in the economic outlook for both the legacy and the regional airlines and is credited with anticipating the demise of FLYi. His corporate finance activities include preparation of financial integrity testimony in the Pacific Gas & Electric bankruptcy as well as a member of a two-person arbitration panel valuing the assets of NorthWestern Corporation. He has also consulted and assisted in the preparation of energy deregulation legislation by Paul Tonko, formerly the Chairman of the Energy Committee of the New York State Assembly.

Mr. McCall retains United States and United Kingdom citizenships. He was educated both in the U.K. and the U.S. He has been a guest speaker at Yale and the State University at Albany College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering.

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