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Intertoposophic Conflict - Lower against Higher

Occasionally it happens that a lower toposophic being or group will be able to capture or kill an entity of one or (very much more rarely) two toposophic levels above it. The difficulty the attackers face increases exponentially in proportion to the degree of toposophic separation. All such instances of lower toposophic victory over a higher toposophic are the result of local circumstances greatly favouring the attackers and drastically disadvantaging the defender. In every verified case the defender was isolated, injured, unprepared, and so on. Where the defending higher toposophic being is not quite so totally disadvantaged, but still succumbs, it is at huge and most often suicidal cost for the group of lower S-Level sophonts.

Despite numerous rumours circulated by hu supremacists and ferals or other ordinary sophonts away from the main Sephirotic centers, all of these cases are with regard to attacks on higher toposophic individuals. There have never been any confirmed reports of lower toposophic attackers overwhelming a higher toposophic community. Any such effort, by definition, would require high-levels of communication and coordination between large numbers of widely dispersed individuals, as well as extensive planning and preparation, supremely effective strategy and tactics, and the coordination and the efficient and effective and marshaling of vast resources. In all of these any higher toposophic community has by definition an insuperable advantage in over any lower toposophic community.

The following generalities are sometimes made regarding conflicts between beings of different toposophic levels:

Although there are many reports and rumours of exceptions to these rules (especially in wildhu and feral regions and polities), there is not one instance in which such exceptions have been confirmed or verified.

At even higher levels of toposophic differential, the difference between the parties becomes such that the higher toposophic being often doesn't even notice an assault, much less succumb to it. Auto-immune systems may take out hostile lower toposophic attackers while the higher level being, undisturbed, contemplates some obscure matter of which its "attackers" are not even cognisant.

The only exceptions to this rule are in those instances in which the lower toposophic sophonts have the backing, open or covert, of another transapient of S-level equal to or greater than their target (they are being used as an attack vector), or when they are manipulated by the transapients who allow them to win (at least at first) for some reason (perhaps memetic) of their own. Almost always, if a group of SI: = n take on an SI: n + 2 or greater and "win" they are being used, either by their "victims" or by something else of level SI n + 2 or greater,  for some purpose they will likely never learn of or understand. Not infrequently the whole thing turns out to be part of a pre-determined plan by the being they are supposed to be attacking. Such was the famous "victory" of the Superbright Ryvindoran Neumann-Cyborg Warrior Swarm against the Fajoras Jupiter Node in 10089. The Node's picomicrobot defenses were stripped away in  a heated battle using relativistic bombardment, though three-quarters of the attacking swarm was destroyed or subsumed. In 10182 the Strategic Institute of Inter-Toposophic Conflict Studies on Mykas Orbital Shell, Negentropy Alliance, discovered by analysis that this was simply part of a process for clearing off the encrustation of old picomicrobots via destructive analysis so that a new generation of more efficient templates could be enabled.

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