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GENERAL WEEZER QUESTIONS------------------------------------------------------------ [top]
Q.when is weezer's next album coming out?

A.Looks like Album #6 will be out in the first half of 2008.

Q.what's next?

A. Besides the 6th album news, all is quiet and/or under wraps for now.

Q.when is the next tour?

A. No info is available on this. Its very unlikely the band would be playing any shows before the next album is out, and even then its a total guessing game for now. The moment we know anything, it will go in the news section and on the tour page.

Q. in the last 2 albums it seems as if weezer has stopped putting out b-sides that are actually different songs. any reasons why?

A. I miss it too, the reason ive heard was not wanting to release 'less than perfect' material anymore. Personally i disagree that just because a song didnt make it to the album that its 'flawed' somehow. But then, I ain't in the band exactly!

Q.what's this i hear about a Blue Album Deluxe Edition?
A. This was released in March 2004. Its a 2 disc deluxe remastered reissue of the Blue Album, with special packaging and thick booklet with many unseen photos and lots of previously unrevealed info. It includes all of the blue album plus all blue album era b-sides plus several rare tracks from pre blue album demos.

Q. Is a Pinkerton Deluxe Edition planned?
A. Not currently.

Q. What is "Songs From The Black Hole", and will the fans ever hear all of it?

A. Fans have put together extensive websites about this subject, so seek them out if you need to know the details. The short story is that before "Pinkerton" was recorded, Rivers had an idea to make a rock-opera (like "Tommy" etc) for weezer's 2nd album, and set to writing songs and recording demos for this project, which was to be called "Songs From The Black Hole". However, upon going to Harvard for a year in '95-'96, he completely re-focused the album into what became "Pinkerton". Some songs that appear on Pinkerton were originally Black Hole songs. Some became b-sides for Pinkerton, like "I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams". One demo ("You Won't Get With Me Tonight") was officially released, on a compilation CD called "Gimmie Skelter" (Buddyhead Records, 2004). Several other demos were unofficially leaked as mp3s several years ago, and since then diligent fans have been trying to piece the story together and speculate on what they are missing, as well as calling for the release of the remainder of the demos. Many fans hope that someday the whole thing is released as bonus material on a Pinkerton Deluxe Edition or a box set. There are currently no plans for any of this material to be released either officially or otherwise.

Q.What happened to the Super-Chrono?

A. It is waiting to return to's Info archives. Various issues kind of killed it for a while. Once its back it will become better than ever, filling in all the under-documented years (1994-2000), and taking us up to the end of 2004, where the current news server picks it up. Thanks for your patience!

Q.What is "The Lion And the Witch"? where is it?

A. The Lion And The Witch EP was released on September 24, 2002. It includes live tracks from the 2002 tour in Japan. It got a limited distribution, to only certain indie stores in the USA. It is now out of print and generally only turns up on ebay and in specialty shops that carry hard to find stuff.

Q.Whats the "VCD"? Does Weezer have a DVD?

A. Yes, Weezer's DVD "Video Capture Device" was released in March 2004. It includes all of weezers videos, plus several 'homemade' ones never before seen, and a massive amount of behind the scenes documentary-style footage from tours and recording, as well as some interview and TV performance. The DVD got international release as well, but there are some countries that are relying on import sales instead of releasing it domestically. If you are in The Philippines or Argentina or several other such countries, you may have to hunt online for an import. Most of Europe, North America, Brazil, Japan, Australia + New Zealand have the DVD in domestic release.

Q.what is/was the "=rwa=" ?
A. =rwa= is short for "rebel weezer alliance" which is what started as, in '95-'96 as a kick ass fan site. More of this cool history will be added to the website when the O.G. =rwa= brothers get time to write up their tale. (Theyre takin' their time, obviously!)

Q.what is/was all this "RCB" talk.....?
A. The "RCB" was a members only weezer fan message board notorious for all kinds of tomfoolery in 2002-2004, which earned it a rather nasty reputation (which it sometimes earned, truth be told). It got its start as a board that Rivers sometimes posted on in '02 (hence "Rivers Correspondance Board". By mid 2004, no longer visited by Rivers (who by that time had taken his internet activity back to a more comfortable level of privacy via his myspace page), the board turned into The Really Cool Board, then the Really Cool Baseball board, shunning all activity unless it was about baseball. In mid 2005 it blinked out of existance forever. However, some former RCBers started a replacement board, the "Really Really Cool Board".

Q. where can i find the guitar tabs/ lyrics /equipment history /info on the band /etc ?
A. see the link in the info section for these sections and a link to guitar tabs. all tabs are fan submitted. "official" tab books are available for all weezer albums. try your local music specialty store.

Q. But wait! I play drums/bass/etc and need the full sheet music (or bass tab, drum tab etc) for a weezer song!
A. Sorry, there doesnt seem to be any such thing as of 2007.

Q. i was at a show that karl did a report can i get the pictures from it? it's no longer listed on the main news page.
A. everything gets archived! If the show was after December 2004, use the news page and zero in on the story you need. For older stuff, just go to the super-chronology (currently waiting to be re-instated), in the info section. Its got e v e r y t h i n g! And, what it doesnt have, it will have sooner or later - karl is always accepting your first hand stories and info from the old days [1992-2000], and will add everything to the superchrono eventually. Email your tales from bygone weezer days to karl anytime! (pix are awesome as well - but email for attatchment approval first) Thanks!

Q. Hey, i DID send Karl pix/info about my experience with weezer back in the day, and i havent seen it on the website. whats up?
A. Karl got several thousand emails in response to his request for info, and saved all of them except about 10 that were lost during a laptop crash some years back. So just about everything is still on file, ready to be added.

Q. is there is a street team i can join?
A. The street team is called J.O.N.A.S., although it is currently inactive until the next big weez promotion happens. Thanks to all who joined and helped out, we'll need your help again!

Q. where can i get the lightning bolt guitar strap rivers wears/wore? How about his green and red "Rivers" straps?
A. For the lightning strap, try a music specialty store. Rivers's original cloth strap was originally purchased at Sam Ash in NYC in '93. His later one is a leather version by Guitar Center. Guitar Center still carries a variation of this design. The "Rivers" straps are custom one of a kind models.

Q. is there a weezer b-sides cd? what are these cd's i see on ebay?
A: those are illegal and often questionable quality, bootleg cd's. there is no "official/real" weezer bside cd, yet. You can purchase most weezer b-sides on iTunes now. Also, the Blue Album Deluxe Edition does include all the official Blue Album era b-sides.

Q. where did the name weezer come from?
A: it was a childhood nickname of Rivers'.

Q. do you have promotional pictures or autographs you can send me?
A: No, sorry. The only way to get an autograph from weezer is in person.

Q: Is there a weezer fanclub?

A: There is no official club at this time. Fans usually congregate on various official and unofficial online messageboards to communicate and talk about the band (and everything else).

Q: i know Rivers wrote some articles for magazines, but I dont know which ones and what issues. help me out so I can locate them.
A: rivers has had 3 articles published. the first two were for Details magazine. "Life In The Fast Lane", published in the January 1995 issue (w/ Stephen Dorff on the cover), and "Road Worriers" , published in the April 1995 issue (with Trent Reznor on the cover). the third article appeared in the february 1995 copy of Chart, an small Canadian magazine. the issue had Eric's Trip and Suede on the dual cover, and the article was one page with a promo photo from the blue album era. this was Rivers's personal favorite of the three, and unfortunately is very hard to find now. (note: There is a conflicting report that the issue in question is actually the March 95 issue with Veruca Salt and Sook-Yin Lee on the cover).

Q. was that Rivers in a crystal method video?
A:yes, that is rivers cuomo, and the sumo wrestler from the hash pipe video, appearing in the Crystal Method video for "murder". marcos seiga directed that video (along with a couple weezer videos) and asked them to come over during the filming.

Q. what's with the sugar ray song, "rivers" ?
A. as far as we know, sugar ray are weezer fans and wrote this song as a bit of a homage.

Q. is this song a weezer song?
A: songs titled: "the fall" (w/ good charlotte), "you broke my record (you broke my heart) [really by: Glib]" "drive around the world in my car " [really by: Glib], "we have a technical" (the rentals), "california" (the rentals), "texas", "internet girl", "tomorrow may come" "rainbow of love" "no other girl" "please let me get what i want" (smiths cover [really by: Deftones])"congratulations" (special goodness), "x-girlfriend (Self)", "mrs robinson"(simon&garfunkel OR the lemonheads), "baby hit more one more time" (fountains of wayne cover), "rivers" (sugar ray from scream soundtrack) "paint by numbers"(self), "uptown girl" (billy joel cover), "baseball" (ozma) and "game over"(ozma) are misnamed songs floating around the net. they are not weezer. also, there is no hidden track on the green album - somone misnamed an mp3 from ozma's "baseball" on the net.

"american girls" is by homie, which was one of rivers projects in '98. it is not "weezer" but was written by rivers and played live during his solo boston shows in late '97.

Q: Will weezer play my wedding/prom/bar-mitzvah/etc? (or) Can weezer attend my wedding/prom/etc?
A: If you are seriously interested in booking weezer to play an event, you can request booking information from karl via email. However, weezer's booking agent doesn't take any request seriously unless its from a professional show promoter/club owner/event organizer. Therefore, in short: no, weezer will not be playing your prom or wedding, very sorry to say, even if you are "prepared to pay a rediculous amount of money", as apparently many claim to be.

Q: what kind of guitar/bass/drums/etc does/did Rivers/Scott/Brian/Pat/Mikey/Matt/Jason used/use during 1991/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/2000/2001/etc during (insert tour/rehersal/recording session/etc here...)?
A: please see"The Weezer Equipment History". Though as of 2007, some areas are lacking info and its still awaiting fresh info about the 2003+ activity. Thank you for your patience, this is sort of in the "SUper Chrono category" of technical delays.

Q: i am trying to get all of weezers b-sides (singles, etc.), but they seem to be totally out of print. is there any way to get these? (besides mp3's and bootlegs)
A: There is no official B-side and rarities CD available at this point, but some are indeed available on the Blue Album Deluxe Edition. Also see the main discography page for links to online sales and downloads of some of the singles. For out of print and hard to find stuff, Ebay is the answer, if you are patient and careful. See the the collectors' discography page for details on all the obscure stuff.

Q. who is singing female vocals on "I just threw out the love of my dreams" ("the good life" bside) ?
A. that would be the wonderful rachel haden, (formerly of that dog.) who sang guest lead vocals with rivers on the song.

AUDIO/VIDEO QUESTIONS-------------------------------------------------------[top]

Q.what songs has weezer put up for free on
A. Over the years, quite a bit of exclusive, unheard stuff has been released via mp3 or streaming on a regular basis. whether these will ever be on any official weezer releases is unclear. you can find our running list of all of this in our audio-video archive listing page.

Tabs are fan submitted and located in the INFO section. If you are submitting a tab sent it to Karl. we prefer the plain .txt file format (attatch the .txt document to your email) and you MUST add the following text to the top of your submitted tab: (copy and paste the below)

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #
This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the
song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.
# #---------
---------------------------------------------------------------------# #

'MAKE BELIEVE' ALBUM QUESTIONS----------------------------------------------------[top]

Q.whats that girl saying in "Beverly Hills"?
A. "Gimmie Gimmie"

Q.who was that girl singing the 'Gimmie Gimmies' on TV with weezer? is that the same girl as who sang them on the album?

A. Yes, the girl on the album and on TV was Stephanie Eitel, who is a friend of someone in the band.

Q.Is "Make Believe" Weezer's last album?

A. Nope, theres more to come. (As of '07, theyre under contract with Geffen/Universal for 2 more albums, anyhow).

Q. I saw a video for "We Are All On Drugs" that looked like 80's metal with a werewolf. Say what?

A. There are 2 videos for this song. The first one was a clever re-edit of Grim Reaper's "Fear No Evil" video from '85. This was sent to international markets before the band had a chance to film a video. The version with Rivers wandering around the strange town is the "final" version, but they are both "official".

Q. Ive heard or seen a version of "We Are All On Drugs" where the lyrics are "We Are All In Love". Say What?

A. After Mtv declared they wouldnt play the video unless it was altered to look "more anti-drugs", the band instead came up with the alternate lyrics, which Rivers said actually fit the theme he was writing about better anyway. (The idea being that the 'over-stimulated' state of being in love was just as good an example of todays over-stimulated society as being on drugs, or addicted to gambling, the internet, tv, etc). Therefore, there are actually 2 versions OF the second version of the video - "Drugs" and "Love".

Q. Is there a "radio/video" version of "Perfect Situation"?

A. yes, the video has a shortened intro and has the "Perfect Situation" background vocals added near the end. Future editions of "Make Believe" will have the new backing vocals, but will retain the original full intro section.

Q. Who is that girl in the "Perfect Situation" video?

A. That's Elisha Cuthbert, an actress who's best known as Jack's daughter on the show "24". She's been in several other films, including "Old School", in which she played the high school girl who gets Luke Wilson's character in trouble. She had a blast at the video shoot, having never been in a rock video before.

Q. I heard a weird version of "This Is Such A Pity" Whats up?

A. There is a radio remix of "Pity", release 3/6/06, but it sounds very similar to the Make Believe version. However, there was brerifly an erroneous remix released to iTunes for a day or so. If your copy of the song has no "high" vocal part in the 3rd chorus (after the guitar solo), its the error version. If you paid for that version you should be able to get store credit for it at iTunes and get the correct one.

MALADROIT ALBUM QUESTIONS----------------------------------------------------[top]

Q. how can i get maladroit to play in my computer? is this a record company conspiracy?
A. you can play maladroit in your computer. fire up windows media player, give it a few seconds to recognize the cd. next, select the drop down menu in the top right and select "weezer - maladroit".

Q. my copy of maladroit has a gold number on the back. what does that mean?
A. the 1st 600,000 copies of the US version of the record were individually numbered.

Q. Is there a music/tabs book for Maladroit?
A. Yes. There are both a guitar tab and full music score versions, by Hal Leonard.

GREEN ALBUM QUESTIONS-------------------------------------------------------[top]

Q.what does the italian mean inside the cd? "Torniamo all antico e sara un progresso"

A. break out the translator. :)

Q.what show is the picture on the inside of the green album from?
A. the interior shot is live from San Francisco, Bill Graham Civic, 3/17/01 Outloud tour

Q. what does "no" on the inside mean?
A. no means no.

Q. where can i get lyrics?
A. see the info section for lyrics to the blue album, pinkerton, and a few bsides (checked by weezer themselves!). Blue Album Deluxe, Maladroit and Make Believe lyrics are in the cd booklets. For Green Album lyrics, "no", check the fan sites.

Q. are there hidden tracks on the green album?
A. there are no hidden tracks. non-usa editons (varies by country) contain bonus tracks.

SHOWS/TOURING QUESTIONS----------------------------------------------------[top]

Q.when is weezer coming to..... ?

A. Weezer does its best to hit everywhere but is sometimes limited by what tours are offered to them. weezer would LIKE to tour everywhere, not missing a single city, not disappointing a single fan. Hopefully they will get to everywhere they havent, and everywhere they havent returned to in a long time soon. All tour date info, the moment it is official, will be seen first on the news page and in the tour page section. Please dont beg for hints and clues, if its not on the site, we dont have it and/or we cant talk about it yet.

Q. the radio station/guy at local music shop/etc. said weezer will be playing my town soon. can you confirm this?
A. your best bet will be to look at the news & tour pages. if we do not yet have this listed then it probably is not confirmed. this means that it is possible weezer will be playing your town, but we can not say for sure yet. we have weezer, weezer's management, and the record label all monitoring dates, so once they're posted on they should be fairly concrete barring special or unusual circumstances.

Q. can you get me backstage passes to the weezer show?
A. No.

Q. help! Tickets sold out! Can you get me some?
A. unfortunately, no. When tickets for shows go on sale, DO NOT WAIT! if you bought tickets to a show and they have not arrived within a safe amount of time prior to the show, contact the outlet from which you bought tickets (in most cases this will be ticketmaster).

Q. can i take a camera to the show?
A. this depends on the given venue. if you can, Do not use flash as its irritating to the band and furthermore, by hitting the flash, you have just shown the bouncers where your camera is! Film and memory cards can be confiscated depending on the venue, so beware.

Q. where can i find the set list to a show?
A. for recent shows, these are not (yet) available. However, for older shows, set lists are added well after the fact (in old news/Super-Chrono). For shows that have not occured yet, we can not give you a set. it's made up just before show time.

CONTACTING THE BAND-------------------------------------------------------------[top]

Q: may I send a letter to the band? Where should I send something if I want Rivers/Pat/Scott/Brian/Karl to get it for sure?
A: The Hollywood Blvd and Portland Oregon addresses of days past are no more! If you want to send any snail mail to the band, you still can, but we have a PO box set up that Karl checks for mail. send mail to:

attn: Karl Koch
P.O. Box #733
Derby, NY 14047

...if you want your letter to go to a *specific person* in the band (or karl), do it like this:

c/o karl koch (attn: [band member's name goes here])
P.O. Box #733
Derby, NY 14047
USA might seem crazy, but we will definitely get this mail.

Q: I recorded a cover of a weezer song (or filmed my band playing it) (or made a homemade video of a weezer song) (or recorded an album or demo with my band of original music). Can I send it to the band? Can I email an mp3 or mpeg file?
A: Do NOT send anything via email. You are welcome to send cds and dvds of whatever you want to the band, though be forewarned: its very unlikely that you will get any sort of reply or response. Your submissions ARE appreciated, but no one really has the time to follow up. We've heard some really great music from the fans over the years, and always appreciate it.

Send submissions to:

attn: karl koch
P.O. Box #733
Derby, NY 14047

*****NOTE: any cd's and demos addressed to a *specific band member* WILL BE OPENED BY SOMEONE ELSE. Demo CD's and such MUST be sent to the whole band, or karl at the address above. They WILL then be passed along to the band or specific member who you want to get it to.

special note regarding demo cd's etc. If you do decide to send a cd of your music to the band and/or karl, a word of advice: Its strongly recommended that you include 2 copies.

Q: do any members of weezer have a public e-mail address?
A: no. however, Pat Wilson can be reached indirectly via the email link on his Special Goodness website, and Karl has been known to forward the occasional important message to band members. Rivers, Brian and Scott do not have public emails.

WEEZER MERCHANDISE QUESTIONS---------------------------------------------------[top]

Q: i want a merchandise item that was for sale on tour, but I see a whole different set of merchandise here on how can I get the item i saw on the tour?
A: anything that is on sale on the road is exclusive tour merch, and vice versa for the website stuff. you may notice some "oldies but goodies" from old tours cropping up on the online merch page. many "retired" tour merch items should eventually appear for sale online, but this is not guaranteed. in other words, if you want a tour shirt, its best to pick it up at the show and not put it off.

Q. dude - i'm too small for the large sized shirts the store sells. what can i do?

A: well - generally shirts (and this is with most all bands) are produced in large and xl. you may try emailing the store email address @ the bottom of the merch page. They will sometimes be able to custom print a shirt in XXL or XXXL.

Q. what kind of material are the shirts made out of?
A: it varies by shirt, but generally speaking they are cotton based.

Q. i have not received my item ordered from the weezer store. OR my merch. got damaged en route. help!
A. please contact here for customer support.