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Borough statistics

What's new

Tower Hamlets has launched its new web-based system, THIS Borough, which provides easy, online access to statistics about the borough. The data available on the site covers the five key community plan themes, with information on areas such as crime, health, education and employment available at ward and LAP level.

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Tower Hamlets borough portrait

Located in the East End of London, Tower Hamlets is home to a diverse and vibrant community. Local amenities and landmarks include traditional East End pubs and street markets, the UK's 'Curry Capital' Brick Lane, London's Manhattan on Thames - Canary Wharf and the Tower of London.


Over half of Tower Hamlets’ population is from non-White British ethnic groups. A third is Bangladeshi, of whom half is under 20 years old. Sixty per cent of the White British population is over 30.

At the time of the 2001 census 58% of the population in Tower Hamlets belonged to an ethnic group other than White British. A third or 33% of the population were Bangladeshi, 7% came from African/Caribbean backgrounds and the total White British population was 42%.

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Tower Hamlets' business community continues to grow, bringing greater prosperity and increased inward investment into the borough. Over the last decade, the borough's local economy has undergone major structural changes. There has been an increase in financial services and associated growth in the service, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. Many of the UK's print media have also relocated to the area.

Borough profile

The Tower Hamlets Borough Profile provides statistical information about the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

It describes in detail the geography and population of the borough, and it demonstrates the high levels of deprivation experienced by many local people, despite the significant development around Canary Wharf and the City Fringe.

The information held here also highlights the quality of life experienced by local people by presenting some key indicators under four of the five Community Plan themes.

Further to the information in the Borough Profile, more detailed economic statistics are available as well as a summary of key statistics from the 2001 Census.

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