Jericho Tavern Restored

By Julianna Barnaby

A photograph of the Jericho Tavern.

The Jericho Tavern, birthplace of bands Radiohead and Supergrass.

The Jericho Tavern, birthplace of British bands Radiohead and Supergrass, is to reopen as a serious music venue after a decade as a ‘Scream’ pub. Former Oxford Brookes student Alex Shepherd is the driving force behind the renovation. He recalls how his time in Oxford coincided with the Jericho Tavern's heyday. He said: “I've got very fond memories of seeing bands such as Radiohead when they first started out.

“It gives me great pleasure to call the pub by its original name again and I hope to bring back some of the spirit of the place as well as help the next generation of local talent along the way.” Though made famous on the alternative, mainly indie scene, the organisers stressed that it would be open to all genres and ideas.

However, Shepherd pointed out that while it would be amazing to find the next Radiohead, who just won the best album ever in a recent television poll for Channel Four, the venue is first and foremost a pub. Situated on Walton Street, and previously known as ‘The Jericho’, the pub has undergone extensive renovation. In addition to live music, the Jericho Tavern will also provide a range of speciality draught beers not sold anywhere else in Oxford.

With a capacity for up to 180 people, the Tavern is well placed as a gig venue as it is smaller than both the Zodiac and the Playhouse, which owners hope will provide a better atmosphere.

28th Apr 2005
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