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Table Builder

To use Table Builder
Table Builder help

The tables may be accessed either by subject or by folder:

1. Tables by subject


2. Folder View

Find all the above tables using the folder view facility.

To use Table Builder you need

MS Windows operating systems and one of the following web browsers, with JavaScript enabled:

  • Internet Explorer, version 5.5 or later. (Recommended: Version 6.0 or later.)
  • Netscape, version 7.1 or later
  • Firefox, version 1.0.7 or later.

Macintosh operating system (Mac OS) is supported only when running Netscape 7.2 or Firefox 1.5 (or later versions). Internet Explorer for Macintosh does not work with table builder.

Table Builder Help

Help notes are available within Table Builder itself. We recommend that users click on the tutorial. The ABC tutorial is on the top right of the Table Builder screen.
There are also a series of videoclips available which show 'how to' information for table builder.

Alternatively contact our Information Centre on 0508 525 525 (toll free within New Zealand) for assistance or for help getting started.