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Morag Bellingham is Alf Stewart’s sister and is fiercely protective of her family. Many could say that Morag is a fierce person herself, but her bark is much worse than her bite.

Morag rose in the legal profession to High Court Judge, but due to an indiscretion (influencing a jury) she was demoted to doing the rounds as a District Court judge. She decided to go back into legal practice in Summer Bay as a solicitor, sometimes travelling to the city for cases.

Morag is living with Roman and Aden. She is worried about Aden as he reminds her of Ric when he was a troubled teen. She sets out to help him, but finds the going tough. Aden is not used to trusting anyone and opening up about his past.

Relationship status

Morag is an independent woman.

Past relationships

Has had a few love affairs over the years.


Morag has a secret past: When she was a teenager she fell pregnant and because of social mores of the time, was forced to give up baby Bobbie. Years later, Morag discovered that Bobbie died in a boating accident, leaving a son, Sam. Alf is her brother and she has a sister Cecilia.


Morag’s cynical nature means she doesn’t have too many close friends, but with all her legal work in the Bay recently, she is becoming more and more popular.

Living arrangements

With Roman and Aden.