Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (1999)

Short film, Drama

Length: 26 minutes


A short film based on a story by Archie Weller, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning is the story of a robbery gone wrong, an unplanned kidnapping and its consequences. A young white girl is kidnapped by three youths – two black, one white.

Curator’s notes

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning almost qualifies as a case of Stockholm Syndrome, with the relationship between the kidnap victim and the kidnapper Perry (Jie Pittman) depicted as a romantic one. Melanie (Alyssa McClelland), the daughter of a single parent, seems adrift, when she is suddenly caught up in the drama of a kidnapping. The character Perry prevents Willy (Sam O’Dell) from raping her, and for this she is thankful. The empathy shared by Perry and Melanie is framed as a possible romance that disrupts the relationship between the two cousins, Perry and Elvis (Luke Carroll). The film offers few answers or a resolution as to what the experience means to Melanie, and in the end what is presented is perhaps a possibility of characters trapped in an experience from which all are seeking some form of liberation.

Original aspect ratio: 16 x 9 (TV)

Production company Core Original
Producer Pauline Clague
Director Rima Tamou
Writer Archie Weller
Rima Tamou
Cast Peter Browne
Luke Carroll
Alyssa McClelland
Sam O'Dell
Jie Pittman


Produced with the assistance of the Indigenous Branch of the Australian Film Commission.

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