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School Gardens Plus Nutrition Lessons Equal Science Literacy

National Summary of Agriculture in the Classroom
Programs Survey 2001/2002
Agriculture in the Classroom programs exist in every state within the United States. However, the AITC Consortium recognized that there was no systematic data collection procedure at the national level that could help it account for all AITC activities, outreach and efforts across all states. The 2001/2002 Agriculture in the Classroom survey was conducted by the Oregon State University Survey Research Center in summer 2002 in order to identify the general design of AITC programs at the national level: to measure how many students, teachers, and staff participate; the topics taught in AITC classrooms; the contests and awards offered; and on a financial level, the budgets with which these programs are applied. Click here to download PDF of National Summary.

The Impact Of Selected Agriculture in the Classroom Teachers On
Student Agricultural Literacy

Summaries of Research and Development in Agricultural Literacy

Western Region Agricultural Education Conference Papers
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Curriculum Guidelines: A Delphi Study

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(WRAEC 2004)

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(WRAEC 2003)

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Food and Fiber Systems Literacy, Benchmarks and Standards