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Game Boy Music System

Download editing system package.

Infos :
File Size : 242 Ko.
Windows version.

  • Use Windows95 or higher and DirectX to edit your musics, tunes and jingles for your GameBoy Color applications.

  • Direct playback while editing on the Windows platform.

  • Editing system can be used by anyone and is available as a package.

  • The playback on GameBoy and GameBoy Color is fast and the library can be integrated in any GameBoy development environment.

        Released games using the Music System.

Game Boy Full Motion Video

Download the movie:

Windows ( avi ) : 336 Ko
QuickTime ( mov ) : 252 Ko

  • Conversion from basic AVI files and playback on the GameBoy Color of your movies, offering a good visual quality and compression rate.

  • Thanks to the excellent display quality we do not need to play a full-screen video on GameBoy Color, which saves a lot of ROM space.

  • Click on the link to download an AVI or MOV file showing the quality of the movie playback on Game Boy Color

Game Boy True Color Display

Original image Game Boy Color image
  • Palette and graphics conversion from any graphical format to the GameBoy Color True-Color display.

  • Optimised GameBoy Color display permits additional musical playback and the display of Sprites.

Game Engine
  • We have created some excellent engines to be used as basis of decent Game Boy Color games.

  • We are improving these engines while developing our new projects.

  • Please contact us to receive more information on the different game types that we are able to create with these engines.

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