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June/July 1989 - Australia
Eric Burdon (vocals)

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Mal Eastwick (lead guitar)
Paul Christie (bass guitar)
Mal Logan (keyboards)
Warren McLean (drums)
Logan had replaced Sam McNally early in the tour.
The thumbnail pictures above are from Takver's Initiatives (see link at the bottom of this page) ... the site features the full size images of the above pics plus many other on stage and back stage pics and lots of other details about the tour.
Whilst it is been claimed that Eric Burdon was the seventh lead singer of The Party Boys, the reality is more likely to be that the band backed Eric Burdon on his Australian tour in 1989 to promote his "I Used To Be An Animal" solo album. 
The Party Boys was a loosely formatted collection of some of Australia's finest musicians (from various successful Australian groups), some of who got together on an occasional basis as a "super group" and had some recording success despite concentrating mainly on gigs where they played covers of hit songs recorded by other groups.  
Band Members: Paul Christie, James Reyne, Kevin Borich, Harvey James, Buzz Bidstrup, Richard Clapton, Rob Riley, Graham "Shirley" Strachan, Joe Walsh, Richard Harvey, Angry Anderson, John Brewster, Alan Lancaster, John Swan, Graham Bonnett, Calvin Welch,Hamish Richardson, Fergus Richardson, Angus Richardson, Eric Burdon, Malcolm Eastwick, Mal Logan, Warren McLean, Ross Wilson, Stuart Fraser, Rick Mellick, Dorian West, Adrian Cannon, Kevin Bennett, Alex Smith, Marc Hunter.
Paul Christie (ex Mondo Rock) formed The Party Boys in 1982 as an occasional "supergroup" consisting of some of Australia's finest musicians. The concept was that Christie would employ players (all of whom had other commitments) when the need arose, and that the sets they played would consist entirely of cover versions.
By 1987, the band had released four live albums (and a Best Of collection), with Live At Several 21sts (1983) making the Australian Top 10. The band finally entered the recording studio in 1987 to put down a cover version of John Kongas' 1971 hit He's Gonna Step On You Again, which reached Number One.
Lead vocalists for The Party Boys have included some of Australia's best known performers; Australian Crawl's James Reyne (1982 -1983), Richard Clapton (1983), Shirley Strachan (1983 - 1984), Marc Hunter (1984 - 1985), Angry Anderson (1986) and John 'Swanee' Swan (1987). Three international musicians have played in the band - Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Alan Lancaster (Status Quo) and Graham Bonnett (Kiss).
In June/July 1989, English rock legend Eric Burdon (The Animals, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Eric Burdon & WAR) toured Australia with the group as it’s seventh lead vocalist. The play list for the six week tour was based on 1960’s hits made famous by The Animals and Eric Burdon & The Animals as well as tracks from Burdon’s 1988 released solo album titled "I Used To Be An Animal" (including … "I Used To Be An Animal", "The Dream", "American Dreams", "It's My Life", "Going Back to Memphis", "Don't Bring Me Down", "Spill The Wine", "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", "When I was Young", "Boom Boom", "No More Elmore", "We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place", "He's Gonna Step On You Again", "House Of The Rising Sun", "Monterey", "Hoochie-Coochie Man" and "Johnny B Goode"). The tour band consisted of Eric Burdon (vocals), Mal Eastwick (lead guitar), Paul Christie (bass guitar), Mal Logan (keyboards – Logan had replaced Sam McNally early in the tour) and Warren McLean (drums)
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