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From an “Arab Demographic Bomb to Protecting Israel’s Demographic Advantage.

The AIDRG welcomes President George Walker Bush to Israel where we have some good news for you!

The State of Demography in Israel Today
A Guide for the Perplexed

After 3 Years
the AIDRG Releases its Demographic Watchdog Report “Israel got every number wrong”

“It’s Demography, not Rocket Science.
Let My People Know.” 

From an “Arab Demographic Bomb to Protecting Israel’s Demographic Advantage.

  Background: “Demography Drives Everything”
The unfolding story of how Israel’s demographic advantage turned into an existential challenge against the State and changed the policy of everyone.

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“They caught Israel’s demographers asleep at the switch” -- Dr. Nick Eberstadt, American Enterprise Institute, leading US demographer at 6th Herzliya Conference, commenting on AIDRG’s presentation. Eberstadt invited the group to present first at AEI in Washington DC on January 10, 2005


Updated! Issues to Watch for in upcoming PCBS Census

AIDRG’s Landmark Study on the Arab Population in the West Bank and Gaza: The Million Person Gap

Every major policy and the calculation of international aid dollars was based on population projections made by the Palestinian Authority. The AIDRG found stunning gaps in the population reports of the PA.

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Final Version of Study published Begin - Sadat Center (Feb 2006) Report #65

Bennett Zimmerman’s Testimony to Middle East Subcommittee
US House International Relations Committee,
Chair Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
March 2006

Original AIDRG Study Presented AEI Washington Jan 10, 2005 & Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee, Chair Yuval Shteinitz
Jan 21, 2005


“Forecast for Israel and West Bank 2025”

AIDRG to its biggest finding of all: Israel's Official Forecast gets every major fertility and migration parameter wrong for all 6 years since inception. Presented Herzliyah January 2006

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  A Demographic Train Changes Direction

-- A Breakout in Jewish Demographic Momentum


Forecast for Jerusalem 2025 & Beyond

By simply adding up the population of Arab towns excluded by Israel’s separation fence the AIDRG finds Israel’s next demographic debacle. In the same year that Jews surpass Arabs fertility, Israel creates a demographic crisis in the Metro area where there was none before. Israel’s ivory tower disaster in Jerusalem as Arabs voting with their feet create the greatest Arab land rush to the city in the history of Israel. Presented to both Mayor of Jerusalem Yuri Luplianski and Councilmen Nir Birkat

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’Spotlight on Jerusalem' : Additional Viewpoints.
A visual tour around Jerusalem. Look at low density areas excluded only moments from the center of the City.

‘Realities on the Ground’: Jerusalem 2007 – 2025.
A demographic and strategic update for Jerusalem. The report accurately predicts challenge to Israel’s hold on city due to route of demographic wall.

  “Voodoo Demographics” – Fixing the Switch?
The AIDRG asks some questions of its own to Israel’s leading experts and asks for Committee Investigation, Transparency and Publication of All Forecasts For Israel. Following in the foosteps of MK Yuri Shtern z’’l, who convened three hearings of the Israel Government Operations Committee (Bikoret HaMedina)

  A Demographic Watchdog Report
Proper Transparency, Review and Training Our Demographic Dodo

Israel's Demographic Advantage:
A 2 – 1 Stable Jewish Majority in 98.7% of the Land of Israel


The Bright Side of a Massive Intelligence Failure




A Paradigm Shift for Israel: Protecting
Israel’s Strategic Demographic Advantage
A 2 – 1 Stable Jewish Majority in Israel and the West Bank A 4 -1 Stable Jewish Majority in Israel and Jerusalem
A 2 -1 Growing Jewish Majority in Metropolitan Jerusalem




Israel's Demographic Policy by Territory




The Fourth Way Chapters

From ‘Risks for Peace’ To
Strategic Planning
Israel’s Demographic
Israel’s Electoral
Israel’s Political Advantage
Declaration of Independence
Israel’s Unilateral Options
for Peace
Israel’s External Options
The Promised Land
A Light Unto Nations
Our Jimmy Carter Policy