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Needle Tatting 
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 This little bud vase doily is approx. 5" and can be added to, to make a nice size doily by attaching to sides. Made with Dusty Rose Thread size #10 and # 5 needle.
Roger aka Freedman © 2002
Center Ring: 2ds, 8p's sep. by 4ds each, 2ds  Cl tie and hide ends.
Rnd 1:
R 4ds p 4ds + (to any picot of center ring.)  4ds p 4ds CL Rw
Ch 4ds p 4ds p 4ds p 4ds  Rw
R 4ds + (join to side picot of prev. ring) 4ds + ( to next picot on center ring.)  4ds p 4ds Cl Rw
Chain as before, and work around for 8 rings and chains all together.
Rnd 2:
R 4ds p 1ds p 1ds p 1ds p 4ds CL Rw
Ch 4ds p 8ds + (join to center picot of any chain on first rnd.) 8ds p 4ds Rw
*R 4ds + (join to end picot of last ring made) 1ds p 1ds p 1ds p 4ds CL Rw
Ch 4ds Rw
LR 1ds 11 picots followed by 1ds each and then 1ds Cl Rw
Ch 4ds Rw
R 4ds p 1ds p 1ds p 1ds p 4ds Cl Rw
Ch 4ds + (to last long ch. made) 8ds + (to next center picot of ch. on 1st rnd). 8ds p 4ds
Continue around from * attaching last small ch. to first ring made.
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