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An-Najah National University is recognized as Palestine's leader in Higher Education.  In almost 90 years of teaching, the University has been playing a leading part in the development of modern higher education in Palestine.  The University is one of the pioneering and well-established universities in Palestine.  Students from different parts of the country attend the University in pursuit of learning, knowledge and personal development. 

The University has a long-standing experience in meeting the educational aspirations of both Palestinian undergraduate and graduate students.  The University's academic and administrative staffs render a high quality education in numerous disciplines of academia guided by the University's vision: We Challenge the Present to Shape up the Future.

An elementary school bearing the name of the An-Najah Nablusi School was founded in 1918.  In 1941 the elementary school was converted into An-Najah National College (ANC) offering diploma degrees.  In 1965 the site of An-Najah National College (ANC) was moved into a new Campus located at Omar Ibn Al-Khatab Street in Nablus.  The ANC offered then an intermediate university degree in teachers' training. An-Najah National College (ANC) was converted into a full-fledged university (An-Najah National University) to meet the needs of the Palestinian people for higher education in 1977.  The new Campus located in Juneid Suburb in Nablus was inaugurated in 2006.  

The University boasts about 16,500 students in attendance with over 650 professors and instructors in different fields of academia. The number of academic staff in the different colleges is 616: 345 are holders of Ph.D. degrees and 182 are holders of Master degrees.
 It consists of 19 Colleges of outstanding reputation, together with the prestigious Institutes such as Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering Center and Center for Urban and Regional Planning and a number of other central academic activities.

The University has four campuses distributed between the cities of Nablus and Tulkarim.  There are three Campuses in Nablus: the Old Campus, the New Juneid Campus, and Hisham Hijawi College of Technology Campus.  The fourth Campus is Khudouri which is located in the city of Tulkarim.

The University's campuses are being expanded to better equip the University to meet the growing needs of higher education of the Palestinian society.  At the same time, the University's various community Centers and Research Institutes continue to enhance and develop their work through community policy-oriented projects and research to assist in the economic, social, educational, cultural, and human development of the Palestinian community. The University follows a semester system, with two four-month semesters beginning in Fall and Spring, and a shorter two-month semester in Summer.