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Ho Chi Minh City Open University (HCMCOU) was founded on July 26, 1993, according to the decree 389/TTg signed by the Prime Minister on the base of HCMC Institute of Open Training established on June 15, 1990 according to the decree 451/TCCB signed by the Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training. It is the first university that is managed by the semi - public regulations and it offers the open way of training to activate the justified directions of the Communist Party and Government in socializing education and multiplying the types of training.

HCMCOU is an institution of higher education offering a variety of programs from undergraduate to postgraduate ranging from distance learning, on-site, learning at satellite academic centers, aiming at meeting various learning needs of society and contributing to the enlargement of the human resources for the country.

HCMCOU’s specific missions are as followings :

  • Through forms of distance learning, on-site, learning at satellite academic centers, to organize many kinds of training programs such as:
    • Postgraduate programs (Master degree)
    • Undergraduate programs (Bachelor degree)
    • Diploma programs (Diploma)
    • Fostering courses (Certificate)
  • To organize science research and hand over industry activities, popularize information about science and technology, propagate and preserve the national cultures, etc.
  • To associate with and help many local training centers .
  • To organize training collaboration activities with many companies, science research organizations, and educational institutes.
  • To encourage the students’ spirit of studying
  • To enhance the ability of self-learning
  • To undertake to promote the knowledge level of people
  • To train the human resources and to foster the talent for our country - Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Because of the prosperity of my country, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, I will devote my whole life to self-perfection, to the tireless struggle for the work to make people to be rich, country to be strong, society to be righteous and civilized.


  • Board of Management
  • Rector and Vice Rector
  • Academic Councils
  • HCMCOU Communist Party Unit
  • HCMCOU Trade Union
  • HCMCOU Communist Youth Organization
  • Students’ Union





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