Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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Kwaito’s Zombo is dead

FORMER Abashante rapper, Zombo, died on Sunday after a long illness with HIV and Aids.

Zombo, whose real name is Tebogo Ndlovu, died at St. Francis Care Centre in Benoni, Johannesburg.

He was admitted at the centre on Monday last week after his former boss, Arthur Mafokate, started a benefit fund for him. Zombo recently made headlines when he publicly disclosed his HIV status in a tabloid newspaper.

He later confirmed this in a live television interview a few weeks ago.

During the TV interview, Zombo broke down and criticised Mafokate for neglecting him when his health started deteriorating.

He thanked Mafokate for the benefit fund.

Zombo broke into the music scene as rapper-cum-ragga artist for Kwaito all-girl group, Abashante.

He later ventured into a solo career that never really took off.

He discovered he was living with the HIV virus last year. But it was not until two weeks ago that he spoke openly about his stats on Sunday World.

He confessed that he was in denial and claimed he was sick because he incidentally shot his friend two years ago. He was stressed by the death of his friend.

Then he said his CD4 Count was 10 at the time but he was going to stop taking ARVs because they did not make him feel better.

Later on SABC music show live he accused his former 999 boss Arthur Mafokate of neglecting him. Arthur and DJ Sbu started a trust fund for Zombo after the Sunday World article.

Mafokate was first to arrive at Zombo’s home in Alexandra on Monday.

Thandi Ndlovu, Zombo’s older sister, said: “We loved him as a family and took care of him during his ailing moments. We were all hoping that when he comes back from the hospice he would be better,” said Ndlovu.

The funeral will be held on Saturday at a time and venue still to be decided.

He lives a five-year-old daughter.

In his last days he had been worried as to who would look after her after he had passed on.

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