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College instructors often share their political views with students. Does it have any effect?
Checking out colleges this spring? Learn what to do, what to avoid.
Encarta Election Guide 2008
Encarta Election Guide 2008
Other Election Guide features include a presidential IQ quiz, famous debate smackdowns and more. Be an informed voter!
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Blériot XI Monoplane (© Bettmann/Corbis)On this day in 1912, pilot Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel.
What else happened?
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Coffee Break
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Find out.
Did You Know?
Mark Spitz (© Photo Researchers, Inc./Gerry Cranham)American swimmer Mark Spitz, winner of seven gold medals at the 1972 Summer Olympics, set his first world record at age 17.
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This Week: Prom Night

Can't find a date?
Animals have some advice for you.

It's difficult dancing in formal wear
Just be glad some of the moves in this quiz are out of style.

Skip the big event and stay home
You can prepare for the SATs instead. (No, really.)

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