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Japanese Recipes

It's easy, delicious and healthy!
Let's try Japanese foods and discover delightful taste

Even if you've never had Japanese foods, now it's your chance to try popular culinary delight at your home. Come on in,create artful dishes and enjoy the wonderful world of Japanese foods.

You have other recipes you want to share with?
Then let us know, we'll post it up for you....



What's good for Summer?

Zaru Soba (Noodles in a basket)
These chilled buckwheat noodles are traditionally served on basketwork "plates" or in square bamboo boxes with slatted bottoms, accompanied by a cup of strong cold dipping sauce. Sharp Wasabi horseradish and finely chopped green onions are mixed into the dipping sauce as desired. A perfect meal for a hot and humid summer day. This is a universal favorite, and every region has its own way of serving it. Buckwheat noodles (Soba), noodle dipping sauce (Dashi basic stock, dark soy sauce, Mirin sweet rice wine, sugar and dried bonito flakes), finely shred-cut Nori seaweed and grated Wasabi horseradish make authentic Japanese chilled buckwheat noodles an appetizing meal.

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