Is Timbaland a Thief?

1/18/07, 3:58 pm EST

Accusations of beat-stealing are piling up against legendary hip-hop producer Timbaland. “Do It,” a song he produced for Nelly Furtado’s 2006 album Loose, sounds remarkably similar to “Acid Jazzed Evening” a song recorded in 2000 by Finnish artist Tempest. Watch the detailed comparison below.

Has Timbaland done something wrong?

EXTRA CREDIT: Watch another clip parsing the evolution of Timbaland’s beat. Did he first pilfer it as a ringtone? Then see self-described Wikipedia editor Subversive Librarian explain the differences between sampling and ripping someone off.


Aasemoon | 4/2/2008, 5:38 pm EST

It’s been a while since I first read the news about this, and I still feel my blood boiling every time I remember it. What kind of world is this… where an artist’s work gets stolen and nothing worth mentioning can be done about it… just because Mr. Pirate has a lot of money.

Liam | 3/27/2008, 2:18 am EST

YAY FOR CHIPTUNES! Most people just don’t appreciate how often this sort of thing is done because chiptune artists (those who work in the .SID format, making songs programmed for commodore 64 software)are valued so far below ‘regular’ music artists. Even guys like Rob Hubbard who made a whole ton of music for games that people grew up playing but never fully appreciated D8

Z | 3/26/2008, 8:31 pm EST

It’s hilarious… people think this is a coincidence? That it’s racist? That he paid for the sample? No. He stole it. He assumed (and it wasn’t a terrible assumption) that, because the music he stole was made by some guy in another country as part of a small time music competition using a relatively ancient device, that no one would know. 10 years ago, this would have never been discovered. But, now, with the internet like it is, it’s much harder to steal the work of others.

But, I think the funniest is Timbaland’s comments, that it’s okay to “sample” (steal) because “everyone does it.” Well then, I assume Timbaland also completely approves of people downloading for free (stealing) his music on the internet. After all… everyone does it.

Remember people- Timbaland made lots of money off this, and is giving NONE of it to the creator. Think of yourself in those shoes… you spend so much time creating a work of music, then someone takes it, makes lots of money on it, and gives you nothing. Worse yet, they give you NO credit nor recognition (so it’s not like you’ll be known as the guy who made that song… no credit, sorry). Would that make you happy?

dane | 3/16/2008, 10:16 am EST

how dumb are people?
he didn’t know?
he just happened to make the exact some beat in the same time with the same melody…are you joking? If you don’t care you don’t care…but don’t be retarded. Timbo jacks beats…its not new news…he is the most talentless producer out there. Sampling is fine, if he did get permission. But he obviously didn’t. Racism? are you kidding again? Vanilla Ice Jacked Ice Ice baby beat from Queen and he got crucified for it…so shut up idiots

fools | 3/13/2008, 9:00 am EST

“I wouldn’t say because he sampled some song that he doesn’t have the ability to make music. I think the bigger issue is he used this music without permission and made money off it and the original artist gets nothing for it. Put yourself in his shoes for a sec. ”



“…just racist people… ”

..just how stupid can u be? nothing to do wit racism.

WHAT'S THE POINT? | 2/23/2008, 9:03 am EST

I thought there’s nothing’s wrong with stealing music but copying music causes consequences.
It’s just a co-incidence. HE never heard anything about that finnish crap you’re talking about!
He’s just a talented producer not a thief in his side. What now? Many people stole the popular tune in the 80s!

…just racist people…

Not Your Mother | 2/22/2008, 7:29 am EST

Total coincidence. Either that or someone’s just made this up about the Finnish person. You’re all fools.

runja | 2/8/2008, 4:01 pm EST

he’s one of the best ever he bought that sample and used it made a masterpeice and then the owner whanted some xtra cash ya dig yeah

Double8 | 1/1/2008, 8:18 pm EST

He’s been takin credit for Danjahandz shit also. He has the money to do it though. The industry is fucked!

g | 12/27/2007, 5:58 pm EST

OMG, i knew Timbaland was talentless, but now he is ripping off people, i mean that is a fucking new low. Why is he better than any one else in the world who can think up basic rhythms that everyone would like. Most people tap more complicated things out with their fingers. Sadly all this takes focus from proper musicians and makes this self righteous egotistical prick fucking rich for doing fuck all and mainly because people are stupid. We are all to blame, I mean I fucking have apologize because i think it is quite good. But Jesus Christ, what a waste of space Timbaland is. Wanker | 11/23/2007, 10:17 am EST


m | 11/19/2007, 6:42 am EST

oh timberland beat also stolen by filmusic “the final call” | 11/17/2007, 6:26 am EST



I GAT 15 NOVEMBER HERR TIMBALAND . | 11/11/2007, 6:05 am EST



julie | 11/7/2007, 3:25 pm EST

Timbaland is the greatest period.
people are just jealous. Many are white that never want to see anything good from blacks.

julie | 11/7/2007, 3:02 pm EST

Timbaland is the greatest period. people are just jealous.

JudgeX | 9/20/2007, 2:50 pm EST

I appreciate Timbaland’s music. Well… I did, until I learned that he’s ripping off entire segments of his songs from underground artists and using them to make millions of dollars.

Anyone can disassemble a protracker mod or XM and throw in some new instruments and put a generic drum beat on top of it. That’s not being a good artist. That’s actually 100% stealing.

If I take The Mona Lisa and trace it, and paint her as a black lady, and add a pearl necklace to it or put some zebra colored fingernails on her, I haven’t created art. If I present that seriously as my own composition, I didn’t “revolutionize” anything… if I make millions on it, and the original artist is still alive, I owe him, his original brush strokes and concept are what laid the foundation for the appreciation… my “updates” constitute some fractional percentage of the “Work” done. Timbaland’s modifications to this original beat are not substantial… the original artist deserves more profit from this than does Timbaland.

The finnish artist’s talent for musical composition and understanding of music theory has earned Timbaland real money, even though the he did not give permission for “Timbo” to use it.

If he did this and got caught, it is highly likely that many of his other songs are stolen in the same way, just that the source hasn’t been discovered. The only “talent” he brings to the table is popularizing older music by putting modern sounds to it… that doesn’t mean I can make a bass-guitar version of “Like a Virgin” and sell it for my own.

I’m glad he appreciates this kind of music that I’ve had on my hard drive in .mod, .xm, etc format for so long. I’m not happy about him completely shafting the original artists.

melissa | 9/19/2007, 7:39 pm EST

timbaland sounds way better than that shit anyways so who caressss haha

OBJECTION! | 9/6/2007, 8:20 pm EST

Tasha, dede…:
Try again. Capcom’s NES games came after the C64 made chip music famous.

modimudh | 9/1/2007, 10:09 am EST


Janne's Lawyer | 8/26/2007, 8:20 pm EST

Timbaland is decent producer but an atrocious arranger and musician, to put it mildly. I’ve seen videos on Youtube of the man get all excited over a really lame & uber-repetitive two bar loop that he literally created in minutes. Just how does that qualify anyone as the best ever? Bottom line, if Timbo is dumb enough to believe that he is actually talented, he is certainly stupid enough to mistake a copywritten song for public domain material.

oshae | 8/23/2007, 2:03 pm EST

I wouldn’t say because he sampled some song that he doesn’t have the ability to make music. I think the bigger issue is he used this music without permission and made money off it and the original artist gets nothing for it. Put yourself in his shoes for a sec.

Riaz Phillips | 8/16/2007, 8:59 pm EST

This is the greatest Lawsuit since OJ Simpson.

Tasha | 8/7/2007, 11:52 am EST

Geez, Timb got caught ripping off Tempest’s song, and Tempest’s song sounds like something off of a Mega Man game, circa 1990’s. If I were Capcom (the people that originally made the 8-bit soundtracks famous), I’d be suing the pants off both of you!

dede... | 8/7/2007, 11:35 am EST

That song sounds a lot like them Mega Man songs back in the 1990s…I keep wondering should Capcom be suing both Tempest and Timbaland? LOL….

GermanAzery | 8/4/2007, 12:30 am EST

never forget which influence timbaland had and has on hip hop and rnb, and i think you all know his songs with aalyah, such as r u that somebody or we need a resolution, which were revulotionary and not based on a sample or previous songs and way many other hits. it would be ridiculous to judge timbaland because of this one cover which finally ended with this nelly furtado song and all other subjectiv views on timbo, that he appears arrogant and is narcissistic are absolutley irrelevant concerning his music.

Slober | 7/6/2007, 3:26 am EST

@likproper about led zeppelin

Led Zeppelin actually stole stairway to heaven from a band that they were playing a show with in their early times. :)

Anyway, timbaland did wrong. I can’t stand that people are being so ignorant about it, because they think he is so good. I can’t help thinking: what if timbaland is so “good” because all he does is to steal from others? I’m not saying that’s the case… But why does he need to steal stuff if he really is such a great producer??? Now I hate mainstream pop/rap/hiphop even more… I never realized it was this sad.

Me | 6/16/2007, 6:21 pm EST

one more thing, out side of the controversy, if you have a problem with timbaland, you have a problem with hip hop. if you have a problem with hip hop, it’s because you simply have a taste for different genres, or (more likely) that you are an outsider confused by corporate bulshitting. p.s. fuck scott storch.(if you don’t get it, you don’t get it)

Me | 6/16/2007, 6:12 pm EST

it’s interesting to see people judge timbaland’s ability using this incident. so far as there is the probability that he did not knowingly rip off an artist we shouldn’t be so quick to judge and hate on the more successful artist because we are just net geeks and love to support the underdog. by the way in response to a previous comment: timbaland does play synthesizers and drums.

chuks | 4/27/2007, 5:28 pm EST

Every producer does that one way or the other. Tibo is the mann just like Dre. No one does it better.

none | 4/27/2007, 12:53 am EST

the bad thing is they sue little kids and dead people for downloading a song

Andrea | 4/22/2007, 3:34 pm EST

I have to say that Timbaland really think he’s the s**t, look he made a full album with colaborations! now i wanna see him do a full album with him and he’s stolen beats! And he think he’s better than Scott Storch jst go on wikipedia and search for all the tracks that Scott did and compare to the tracks that Timbaland did.. who do YOU think is the best?
Ah one more thing: this timbaland and justin timberlake’s is getting me headache justin think he’s the man.

Fred | 4/20/2007, 3:43 pm EST

To my understanding, he doesn’t know how to play keyboards. He is a producer. He normally hires musicians then hums to them what he wants. His forte is how he puts it all together. Knowning what kick, snare, chord sound, bass sound fits together. Does that make him a composer that can be compared to say John Legend or even Hootie and the Blowfish? Not in a million years! Mosley is a producer, stop calling him a composer. His habit of stealing melodies is an issue he needs to resolve within himself. The reality is, melodies are stolen all the time by unethical people and most of time, they get rich doing it. Just cause someone has a lot of money does not automatically make them the best.
Making it big in the industry is about 10% talent and 90% business contacts. Timbaland fits into this very well. Missy Elliot hooked him up big time. The worst part is, Tumblerland actually thinks he’s talented. You don’t have to take my word for it, just look how anything that gets on Oprah becomes a best-seller. It’s about creating associations with existing superstars. I am willing to bet that if any of you wanna-be rappers out there got on a track with Timbler, you would be the next hotest thing.

K Swiss | 4/15/2007, 12:25 pm EST

okaaaaay now, you up top talking about stealing and sampling, no matter how much of a sample you use, it’s still SAMPLING, but it turns into stealing once you make money off of it without proper permission or royalty payment to the original artist, PLEASE know what you’re saying before you open your mouth next time

Ere | 4/10/2007, 6:11 pm EST

Just another reason to avoid the crap from Timbaland / NF!

jay | 3/22/2007, 4:11 pm EST

its just one song, look at all the other tight beats he made, nobody wants to give him props on that , but when he copys one song and everyone wants to talk. I cant belice scott storch think hes on his level.

jssi | 3/20/2007, 11:26 am EST

well yeah im sure if timbaland didnt have this song on this album it would not have been a hit…. without this song they would have not have any hits with promiscious, maneater, all come s to an end, say it right ,, right, you agree with me?

Timbaland didnt need to rip off a song like DO IT - hes got whole lotta other shit going on for himself, why would he have ripped a song like that, it is definitely not the best stuff hes ever been associated with you know –why to rip off a song so insignificant and like that with no true importance or a hit value

Timbaland said in that radio interview that he sampled the thing from a videogame so he thinks it is a original videogame sample–that someone else has sampled too like him. So im not sure was the finnish guys version original with no samples from a game- i dont know— but i believe that timbaland did not ripp off the tune atleast not intentionally–he just sampled something he thought that was from a videogame…

Recording_Industry Arseholes_A | 3/16/2007, 1:59 am EST

The real question is how many years is Timbaland and Nelly going to get in a Finnish Prison? I’m dead serious on this….how come the RIAA doesn’t help Janne out? Don’t be a Legion of Stoopid people….

CHTHON | 3/14/2007, 10:44 pm EST

HAHA, this shit is funny. Oh cause Timbaland is black anything said against him now is Rasism? Yeah I forgot, in America Rich people can get away with murder as long as they play the “This is Racism” card. How ignorant are you?

Timbaland stole the guys song, plane and simple, and whether or not you like the original, is irrelevant, what matters is the fact that the law was broken and credit is due. Oh but lets not care about that cause our favorite producer is a Black guy and gets on MTV so it’s ok then. Stupid chumps.

I’m black by the way, so lets see you pull that racism card on me.

Ubuntu | 3/11/2007, 5:33 am EST

This is America, and unlike other nations that shine more favorably on piracy (Hong Kong and China to name a few) in America, we (try to) respect intellectual property rights. If the RIAA can take tweeny bopper Myspace kids to court over downloading a song for their personal use, then RIAA artists should be held accountable for stealing the music of other artists, for profit gain. What’s truly sad, is that half of you are so ignorant to the fact that such a fate could fall upon you, just as easily as you cast it upon others…sad days we live in…

OMFG | 3/10/2007, 11:55 pm EST

My god, does anyone realize the first song was absolutely trash. timbaland was doin that terrible artist who made it a service. secondly, the original beat is pretty generic. There are probably hundreds of songs that same melody and drum patter could go to. people need to get real. timbaland revolutionized hip hop.

nymph | 3/6/2007, 5:10 pm EST

oki fine they do sound remarcably alike, however, lots of songs are sampled or what ever, helloo pacabells cannon, no one is gettin sued for that or at least slatted for it. n as for nelly furtado, all she did was write the lyrics n gave her voice, she didnt creat the suposadly stolen beats. but why do people get so angery at timbaland at the end of the day lots of things r recyled, like names aint nobody got copyright laws on names do they! n i havent seen or herd anything from the “original composer” who created some beats on a machine which come on anyone can do that, iv got a trackmaking program myself i could do that. ow and another thing this is an issue which should have been left two timbaland and the unsigned artist not other people to creat blogs n websites about, its pretty pathetic.

The Lusty Ghost | 3/3/2007, 8:26 pm EST

Replaying melodies for new recordings happens all the time and any of your favorite bands are guilty of it. If you listened to any of their favorite bands, you’d find blatant stealing of riffs/rhythms/melodies/lyrics.

By god, it’s true! All of those Sun City Girls records are full of uncleared covers of traditional southeast Asian folk music! The walls are crumbling!!@#$fs

The Truth | 3/2/2007, 11:08 am EST

First of all Timbaland is a producer, not an artist, regardless of his half-hearted attempts at rapping. Secondly, most of you cocksuckers wouldn’t know real music if it smacked you in the face. Most of these attacks are thinly veiled racism, plain and simple.

Fuse AKA The Kid | 3/1/2007, 9:43 am EST

I’m the first person in the world to tell you that Timbaland is the greatest producer since Q, but um, the guy stole that, he used the complete drum pattern for Busta Rhymes’ song “What It Is (Pharell Williams’ drum pattern)” for his newest single “Give It To Me”, me and the CEO of my label picked up on it and we both produce tracks for our own CDs, the only thing he changed was the melody, so he’s even stealing from cohorts (please check references (Wikipidia, or other wiki sites) on Surrounded By Idiots the group with him, Magoo, and Pharell) and now talkin about apprentices such as Scott Storch,(and I’m Black, so it’s not as if I’m being racist, hell I’m a HUGE fan, I’m shocked!!!) as if he’s now got beef with people, I think he’s taken way too much time pumpin iron, and not making his own beats. As a producer who only has 4 of the 50 beats I have available with uncleared samples, (which are all of the samples I’ve used) I’m disappointed at Tim for taking such an arrogant stand on stealling, when in his heart he knows thats what he’s done. PAY THAT MAN, TIM!!! U KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT, YO MAMA TAUGHT YOU BETTER!!!

Pete Maine | 2/28/2007, 12:53 pm EST

It’s amazing how few people understand what sampling is (vs. stealing). What Timbaland did was stealing. A sample is generally a very tiny (a few seconds) piece of another song- usually taken from a song that is already very well-known. Let’s say you go into the supermarket and they are giving samples of pizza - little tiny pieces on toothpicks. You like the pizza so you pull a whole pizza off the shelf and stick it in your jacket and walk out of the store — That’s not a sample, it’s STEALING, dumbasses.

Timbalame | 2/25/2007, 6:55 pm EST

I guess, according to Timbaland’s own words from that MTV interview, that is’s okay for people to download his crap off the net, as long as you don’t break into his house. But who wants to download some stolen crap anyway? Who does this Timbaland dude think he is? God almighty?

Maybe the RIAA should pay the Finnish dude a big amount of money, since their own artists are thieves? If they spend so much resources chasing kids who download music (or “samples” haha), they better do the right thing when their own artists rip others off as well, it’s only fair!

Sup | 2/21/2007, 11:21 am EST

You know the guy’s a talentless hack when he has to rip off a pair of boot for his own name!

old64scener | 2/18/2007, 10:13 am EST

I would have to agree with TD. Timbaland has gone on radio been rather rude and arrogant and total opposite to Janne, who has been polite. Just because its not from a massly known artist makes NO odds. In general Hopefully US courts award damages + costs for infringment cases such cases. e.g. plane flight costs. In the meantime I vote with my wallet and buy other music, music for me partly is about having respect for the producer/composer.

noryn | 2/17/2007, 1:51 pm EST


but it’s called sampling, no? And it’s all been done.

Seriously, timb should’ve coughed up a few grands to the finnish dude.

Saint Krazy | 2/15/2007, 1:01 pm EST

Yes, if Timbaland stole it, he should make good.

As for you ignorant fucks out there who wanna generalize about the industry or the artists, you have no idea what it takes. A REAL rapper, writes their own shit, and keeps it real. Most of you people have no concept of what it is to make music. Pull ya head out your ass.

Cosmo | 2/12/2007, 2:50 am EST

Some have tried to justify what Timbaland did by saying that the original was not good, and that Tempest is a ‘nobody.’ Well, none of that matters in court - and Tempest will definately win. Also, Tempest’s song won a contest (Assembly 2000), so obviously it was considered to be of value, which is why Timbaland ripped it.

Fe-man and Uber-Douche hater | 2/11/2007, 6:54 am EST

It is not just a sample, he lifted the track exactly as it is emulated and dropped lyrics on to it. He stole it long before as one of his Cingular ring-tones (and it is an exact copy) It’s theft pure and simple. Does this surprise anyone? No, because hip-hop is full of talentless hacks like Timbaland filling the radio with garbage like Nelly Retardo’s crossover pop and “Fe-man” Justin Timberlake’s garbage. Hip-hop is deader than Elvis. Why work at crafting music when you can steal it and no-one cares. Timbaland should collaborate with K-Fed because that is about the same level of talent that he possesses. Seriously-

Wow | 2/10/2007, 8:42 pm EST

Vanilla Ice Timbaland! Timbaland definately ripped the tune from Janne. A simple spectral analysis of the tunes on the computer shows that. He should do the honorable thing and give Janne the credit and money. Why does Timbaland deny it? Either he’s stupid or crazy. He ripped it. You don’t even need to do a computer analysis to figure that out. Timbaland is acting like an ass. Big rich man thinks he can rip without consequences. What a fool. Ice Ice Baby!

Timbaland says: | 2/9/2007, 6:04 pm EST

In a MTV interview:

“Timbaland called the accusation “foolish.”

“It makes me laugh,” he said. “The part I don’t understand, the dude is trying to act like I went to his house and took it from his computer. I don’t know him from a can of paint. I’m 15 years deep. That’s how you attack a king? You attack moi? Come on, man. You got to come correct. You the laughing stock. People are like, ‘You can’t be serious.’ ” “

Rigel | 2/8/2007, 10:12 am EST

Timbaland admitted it and said “Sampling is not stealing ‘cos “everybody sample from everybody every day”. I suppose you could replace the words “Sampling” with “Piracy”, and “sample” with “download”.

Andre | 2/8/2007, 1:02 am EST

Wow, i don’t know what to say, Timbaland is my favorite producer but after this incident i don’t know what to think of him. I think that he should pay royalties to tempest, and about Tempest suing, he has no chance, Timbo is rich, and Tempest will just waste his money. Timbo should do the right thing and amend this issue, if he really did steal this melody then he should do something about it.

tester | 2/7/2007, 11:33 pm EST

Timbaland admits using the music in this radio interview:

http://www.eitmo tmlive/timbaland2.mp3

Angry | 2/6/2007, 8:20 pm EST

You people defending Timbaland are ignorant, brainless jackasses. I don’t care if his songs are “dope” or “tight” or whatever. The man stole someone else’s work. This makes him a thief. This makes him unworthy of respect.

Keep defending people like this, and someday they will be stealing from YOU. Then again, you’re ignorant, so you probably won’t contribute anything creative to the world anyway. So my point is lost.

I hate ignorant people (black, white, hispanic or otherwise) who think their hip hop idols can do no wrong. The majority of hip hop “artists” are cranking out useless music that won’t matter in three years. And, more importantly, the majority are fucking gangsters and deserve the violence that comes their way.

If you want to listen to some GOOD hip hop, go listen to someone like Fat Jon. There’s a man who creates intelligent, non-stolen music. Brilliant. Fuck Timbaland.

Erkki | 2/1/2007, 9:55 am EST

“Its def not the same, influenced yes, but give me a break.”

Just listen to GRG’s rendition of Acid Jazzed Evening, then listen to the song. Don’t pay attention to Nelly and just _listen to the background_.

…and then tell me Do It “just influenced” by Acid Jazzed Evening.

Sup | 1/30/2007, 8:51 pm EST

Its def not the same, influenced yes, but give me a break.

Why? | 1/30/2007, 11:39 am EST

And still no word from Mr Mosley, Geffen or Furtado on the subject.

Or don’t they have anything to add that wouldn’t be incriminating?

Kireru | 1/30/2007, 8:14 am EST

To all those saying “it was a crappy 8-bit track, and Timbaland made it sound better” still doesnt justify it.

SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | 1/29/2007, 4:22 pm EST

After I’ve heard that clip of YouTube I can’t be more convinced that Timbaland actually stoled the intro and melody of a Finnish artist Janne Suni’s/Tempest song named Acid Jazzed Evening. In Finland this stealing thing has been all over the national radio cannels and in other media. In abroad The Higly Regarded music magazine Rolling Stone has been writing of it and judged it as a stealing from another. How much more evidence do you need to begin the legal process?
The only But in here is that if Tempest would want to sue Timbaland it has to be done in USA. The conviction isn’t a 100 per cent sure for Timbaland and there’s no doubt that Timabaland has more money to go for a trail than the finn does.
It’s a sad situation but all my symphaty is for Tempest, not for that stealing thug! It tells a lack of skills if you are forced to steal from another artist!

digital | 1/29/2007, 8:06 am EST

copyright is 50 years up, and yeah samples are protected by copyright.

and you don’t need any commercial protection for copyright. The copyright ist in charge when the song was written, due the song won an chiptune contest in 2000, there is also public proof of the existence.

it’ does not matter if it sounds crappy on 8bit, with a good mastering the song would tune in like any other production.

i think it’s time to turn the tables with all that DRM crap, so timbaland should get sued and also the record company. Hopefully all the royalies go to Tempest.

And respect how a producer can drain his image.

A failure is a failure , no risk management, so bad luck.

Rocky_Raccoon | 1/29/2007, 4:04 am EST

I can’t believe how so many people are coming to Timbaland’s defense. Those who are should be ashamed of themselves. I’m pretty sure if this was the other way around, you all would be up in arms, saying how Timbaland was robbed and such. Tempest created the song and Timbaland stole it and crapped all over it. This isn’t sampling, this is pure robbery. I hope that bastard Timbaland is taken to the cleaners for this. I bet if YOU had created some music and Timbaland took YOUR song and claimed it as his own, most likely, you won’t be delighted or flattered. You’d be pissed.

Erkki | 1/28/2007, 4:10 pm EST

“I think the Fin should be embarassed to put out crappy 8 bit beats regardless of what his intentions were.”

And just one comment here. A lot of you are missing what’s irrelevant here:

- Whether you like either song or not
- Whether Tempest/GRG is successful in the music biz or not
- Whether sampling happens often in hiphop
- Whether you like Timbaland or not
- Whether you like Tempest or not
- Whether the file has been free to download
- Whether some people pirate their music

That being said: if the song is DONE on an 8-bit machine, then it sure as hell will SOUND like one. I say…if you manage to make something sound so good on an 8-bit machine that a top-of-the-line producer steals it, then you must be pretty good at what you do.

Erkki | 1/28/2007, 4:02 pm EST

“Timbaland could have easily heard the song, then hummed the melody and thought he created it…”

On a C64? With the arpeggios being in the exact same places? With the lead melody being EXACTLY the same? With the exact same tempo? You have to try better than that. The problem with these comments is that you don’t really understand that chiptunes are PROGRAMMED, which means the likeliness of having the EXACT same tunes is almost zero.

Also, take into account that the same song was used as a base for “an original Timbaland ringtone”, which is NOTHING more than the original with a drumloop and a slightly modified bassline on top.

Stolen. It’s pretty cut and dry.

P.S. I got to love some of the comments I’ve been reading about this. “It’s my opinion that Timbaland is not a thief.” It isn’t about opinion. You either are a thief or you’re not. The relativism of today…

Euroboy | 1/28/2007, 2:14 pm EST

Ha. Who would have guessed the demoscene and the billion-dollar US music scene collide this way? This is interesting… I like the original tune, as well as the Timbaland / Nelly Furtado version but Timbaland should definetly pay the royalties of the song to Tempest. And this case makes me wonder, has he stolen other songs too.

Klaus von Klauenburg | 1/28/2007, 8:07 am EST

Makes me feel good about DLing music for free. I won’t be DLing that shitty song anytime soon though!

jaded music fan | 1/27/2007, 6:52 pm EST

Who remembers the Verve and “Bittersweet Symphony” and how the Rolling Stone got every cent that song made, mind you it was a sample of a orchestra redition of a Stones song, so in essence a copy of a copy…Think that should be the case here, every cent TImbaland and Nelly Furtado make should go straight to Tempest.

Simo | 1/27/2007, 2:40 pm EST

You guys are all stupid…I am not goint to say who I am but I am deep within the usic industry at a working class level where I must know the rules. Timbaland could have easily heard the song, then hummed the melody and thought he created it, however being a world class producer you should check these things out. it may have been an accident but the fact of the matter is regardless of who is hotter ad which sounds better in a bit rate, Timo took a melody that he didnt write. I love Tim, i love everything hes done, but either give credit or dont, and if you dont, accept the consequences dog.

Timbaland squashes the Fin! | 1/26/2007, 8:42 pm EST

Timbo has been in the game long enough to know when to seek permission. Whos to say that Timbo never asked or even needed to ask permission from the Fin??…I think the Fin should be embarassed to put out crappy 8 bit beats regardless of what his intentions were. It sounds like the Fin has Charlie Brown’s mother singing the hook…I’ll take Nelly furtado any day!

Timbo-fan in Vallejo | 1/26/2007, 8:24 pm EST

Hung By his nuts?? Arrested by the police?? Are you people crazy?! These shenanigans happen all the time in the music industry. Timbaland is not a liar, hes not a thief. Some Finnish dude makes a beat on his gameboy, Timbo hears MIDI beat, turns it into something infinitely hotter than the original and gives it to Nelly Furtado. I dont see the problem, Timbo did the Fin a favor. You computer geeks need to crawl back into your little race car beds you came from, go to sleep and resume your fantasy of bangin’ Princess Toadstool.

Dont you see? | 1/26/2007, 7:34 pm EST

It is so obvious that it’s the same tune, even if Timbaland composed the linger from scrach by himself, it wouldn’t still be hi’s tune, because IT WAS MADE 6 YEARS AGO BY A DIFFERENT PERSON. I and no, its not the same thing as sampling a bit of sinatra or mozart in your song. Timbaland never gave any credit to the songs original composer, and that makes him a liar and a thief.

Invite Timbaland to Finland | 1/25/2007, 12:25 pm EST

Invite the thief to a concert performance in Finland, then have the cops meet him at the airport.

Actually any EU country could do just as well. Just have the Finnish police send in a cooperation request to the local police.

finnr | 1/24/2007, 7:32 pm EST

no doubt. this is a 100% ripoff. Download SIDplay32 for windows and the SID at High Voltage Sid Collection and hear for yourself. The jerkoff thought no one would ever know :) Just as lame as any other idiot that thinks “just because i dont like crappy 8 bit music, no one else listens to it”. But look, Timba liked it so much he decided to rip it completely. No credits, nothing. Any song ever made on C64 is copyrighted, Chris at holds many of these rights. Damn, who would rip off some old Mozart shit and say it was his, just because the music is like real old? Hehe. Timba should be hung from his nuts

Timbasuckmorelikeit | 1/24/2007, 3:21 pm EST

What a fucking bastard.

Anonymous | 1/24/2007, 7:21 am EST

Copywright rights only go onew way you know. It’s not like there is justice for the actual creator of this content.

timbaland | 1/23/2007, 4:33 pm EST

säälittävää touhua “menestyneeltä” tuottajalta väittää toisen tuotosta omakseen. Häpeä. Tuu Helsinkiin ni vedetään sua assalla lättyyn :D

Eric Blade | 1/23/2007, 10:01 am EST

I wasn’t aware you could claim a copyright on a stupidly simple drum beat.

Q | 1/22/2007, 3:42 pm EST

“No, both the ringtone and “Do It” are copies of the same C64 tune”

I’m pretty sure it’s the original Amiga mod in ringtone. “Ringtone” part in Mod starts in 1min 40s location.

$$$ > all | 1/22/2007, 11:13 am EST

So where can i find more of this amiga / c64 stuff?
seems like a great way to produce some killer tracks and make money!

Jazzer | 1/22/2007, 8:03 am EST

Q: “Seems like the Ringtone is taken from Tempest’s original Amiga song.”

No, both the ringtone and “Do It” are copies of the same C64 tune. Still, that doesn’t matter - neither Suni or Gallefoss have received any clearance requests from Timbaland side.

KMKZ | 1/22/2007, 6:22 am EST

Timbaland is absolutely a great producer, and i personally think that he has done a great job in integrating the aesthetics of the Amiga/C64 sound in this Nelly Furtado production. However, if the composer of the original theme is not credited, paid or even asked for permission, then one is clearly violating copyright. A right that commercial music organisations now seem to cling to only if it suits them….

Q | 1/22/2007, 4:31 am EST

Seems like the Ringtone is taken from Tempest’s original Amiga song.
The melody in “Do it” is taken from GRG’s C64 version of Acid Jazzed Evening.

Oswald | 1/22/2007, 2:02 am EST

J: The Amiga is indeed a decade old, but it is still advanced enough to make such tracks on it that sounds professional even today. The thing is that Timbaland has sampled the C64 version of the song, and the c64 is a 25 year old computer equipped with a now primitive synth chip the SID. Its should be noted that the SID chip was the best in its day, and was also included in Byte’s magazine TOP 25 most notable chips in the history listing.

Jazzer | 1/21/2007, 4:29 pm EST

“…That’s 3 people. Any one of them could’ve been the biter that brought a stolen song to the table”

You’re forgetting that the ringtone released _before_ “Do It” was credited only to Timbaland. That ringtone is an obvious rip-off of the C64 version of the “Acidjazzed Evening” and is also the basis of the Furtado song. That explains why Timba is taking the heat and why you can only blame Furtado for the lyrics :P .

Todd | 1/21/2007, 2:04 pm EST

Why is Timbo taking all the heat for this?

The credits on ‘Do It’ read: Written by Nelly Furtado, Tim Mosely (Timbo) and Danja (Nate Hills). Produced by Timbaland and Danja

Hello? That’s 3 people. Any one of them could’ve been the biter that brought a stolen song to the table.

The speed with which people are focusing on Timbo (including RS) smacks of racism. Yeah, you heard me. I said it, and its true.

J | 1/21/2007, 1:57 pm EST

The amount of comments that go “lol the original sounds like crap” “it’s like from a video game, Timbaland made it GREAT” - the original song was made to be played with Amiga. You know, that machine that’s decades old?

All Timbaland did was add better sounding beats to replace the existing ones, which could be done by anyone. Reason it wasn’t done originally was because Amiga has its limitations, hence requiring crapload more skill to come up with anything that sounds even remotely good. It cannot play just everything. Any monkey could make it sound better, and apparently someone has.

I sincerely hope that the original artist gets credit and royalties for the piece he composed.

Todd Blankenship | 1/21/2007, 11:23 am EST

If you can’t tell that “Do It” uses the melody from AcidJazzed, you obviously don’t have an ear for music.

Music fan | 1/21/2007, 10:05 am EST

Theses are very similar. I have to hear them both completly. This looks like it was edited to create some type of buzz to get the guy that made the original song a little bit of celebrity status. Timbaland has completly changed the sound of radio a couple of times during his career. He doesnt need to steal anything. The two songs are too different from one another for Tim to get in any trouble. I think that Timbaland is one of the greats (PERIOD!).

Krista from Finland | 1/21/2007, 8:11 am EST

Hieman suomalaista kommenttia tähän valiin.. Olisin kyllä ymmärtänyt tuon plakioinnin jossain kohti, mutta en jos koko kappale on plakioitu.. Timbaland vaan käärii rahat itselleen ja Suni saa kärsiä.. mutta jos Janne Suni alkaisi tapella oikeuksiensa puolesta ei hän tulisi saamaan penniäkään, koska T on niin kova jätkä. En usko, että Suni kehtaa edes tuohon ryhtyä, koska itse jää siinä häviölle..
Alkaako Timbalandilta loppua ideat vai mikä on kun pitää toisilta varastella.?

NiiCKNiiCK | 1/21/2007, 5:19 am EST


Josh | 1/21/2007, 1:31 am EST

TIMABALAND SUCKKKSSS he screwed over an artist called Kiley Dean…and shes AMAZING she used to be signed to him!

TD | 1/20/2007, 10:15 pm EST

It’s funny how completely opposite Tempest and Timberland are. Tempest is a skilled composer who creates great music through hard work, and then shares it with others for the simple reason of letting them enjoy it. Timbaland on the other hand steals Tempest’s music and claims it as his own for pure profit. There is no debate Timbaland STOLE it. Tempest has recieved no loyalties, not even recognition that it is he who created the original score. If you are defending Timbland, it is because you are biased and uninformed on the topic. It’s that simple.

John | 1/20/2007, 6:12 pm EST

Off The Singles CD Track 15 of the Clash and Lovestoned of the Timberlake CD. Hmmmm. Interesting

John | 1/20/2007, 6:07 pm EST

It is funny you post something like this because I feel that Justin Timberlake did the same with one of his new songs matched with one of The Clashes songs too. Ironic I might say. I do not even think that The Clash was added to Timberlake’s credits either.

TheRealTruth | 1/20/2007, 5:21 pm EST


“Timbaland is still one of the best producers out there right now.”
And no-one is denying it. He’s also a thief, however.

“If you haven’t seen him on video and see what he actually does in studio, than your assumptions about him are irrelevant.”

There is a video of him [ v=owcsYJpm_JM] where you can see the SidStation [] in his studio. So yeah, I can clearly see he will be use it to rip even MORE C64 tunes.
Still of the video: g177/2774/sidstationeh4.jpg

” Until it is proven that he actually stole from this guy than this article is false.”

That doesn’t make it false, plus the evidence is quite damning anyway. See here: and.php

TheTruth | 1/20/2007, 4:55 pm EST

Timbaland is still one of the best producers out there right now. If you haven’t seen him on video and see what he actually does in studio, than your assumptions about him are irrelevant. Until it is proven that he actually stole from this guy than this article is false. You can’t say the little guy can’t prove it because it has been done before to other artist.

Ron | 1/20/2007, 4:07 pm EST

Man timbaland steals all the time, well should i say he samples all the time and can’t compose on his own because he’s not innovative. Half the time you won’t even see the samples listed in his booklets either or given credit if he’s sampling something that was out made out of the states.

Big Pimpin for instance, that was a pure jack from an egyptian artist! ALL of his compositions have a sample of interpolation of some sort and they are not cleared all the time. Petey Pablo raise up straight jack! Missy - Get Ur Freak on, nothing but a combination of loops from an indian sample cd and a pair of shitty strings he added himself. He’s not as great as people make him out to be, he just listens to good stuff and samples it in the states to make you think he’s some kind of genius. Same goes for Dr. Dre and the Neptunes aren’t innocent as well, because they stay interpolating from other people and end up getting away with it without crediting.

And anyone telling interpolating isn’t sampling, I’m aware of that, but it is still not coming up with your own composition so therefore it’s stealing, whether they asked permission or not, it just proves they aren’t as great as the people who came before them so they have to use their works to thrive and be successful.

Jim Smith | 1/20/2007, 3:20 pm EST

Timbaland stole an entire 16 bar melody, and didn’t give credit or royalties to the original artist. He’s trying to rip off the little guy so he can make millions. His music isn’t stolen and that’s why he’s successful? Give me a break.

Strange | 1/20/2007, 11:19 am EST

Yea this is an really close resemblance, but don’t let it get out of hand.
“I wonder if every beat of timb is stolen from different artists.”
This is silly; Timbaland is successful for a reason; one does not become so successful through thievery.
The Doors stole the melody from the Kinks “All Day and All of the Night”for their “Hello, I Love You” single; it might have been conscious or unconscious but it doesn’t make their whole catalog invalid. Timbaland has clearly plagiarized something here, but I don’t see how that at all disqualifies his talents. He seems to get so much criticism in spite of (or maybe because of) being so innovative and successful.

Timba is still my hero | 1/20/2007, 10:07 am EST

That is stealing, not sampling. Timba is known for his unique sound which doesn’t base on looping old samples or anything.

And he’s producing nelly furtado and selling millions copies, it’s very different situation that if he were undedrground cat or something.

Roya | 1/20/2007, 1:59 am EST

I wonder if every beat of timb is stolen from different artists.

halfgook | 1/19/2007, 10:39 pm EST

lol @ all the comments from all the mental gimps who are unable to grasp the point of this.

timbo is one of my fav. producers. i look forward to updates on the story.

this isn’t a rap track. stfu.

Not an american pop-arsehole | 1/19/2007, 8:18 pm EST

What a wanker! That’s just way too wrong.
The songs are identical - as a musician I can well hear that. Even the random “bleeps” hit the spot.

But how come a pro producer such as Tim would sink so low? It has to be somekinda mistake… Like the record company trying to save some do. Or something. Perhaps.

Seriously, what a fooker!
Tempest is an artist with no profits. The whole point of the demoscene stands against Timbah’pimpstah’lands ideal of making as much money as possible.

So basically it’s a rich fat bastard stealing from a poor, defenceless individual.

And to think that so many defend Timba’s actions.. No way a 16 bar ripoff is sampling! Sampling’s something done with a 1-10 sec part, and with the artist’s permission. | 1/19/2007, 7:39 pm EST

just think; if robert johnson were still alive, HE COULD SUE EVERYBODY!…

Jazzy | 1/19/2007, 4:55 pm EST

If only Timbaland would admit what he has done…

He makes the whole generation of these so-called producers look like a bunch of coward clowns.

“Remixes”? Thanks for your amusing opinion. Now go fix your hair.

Johanna from Finland | 1/19/2007, 4:38 pm EST

perfect copy from original, btw. nice song

Yoshi | 1/19/2007, 2:37 pm EST

Nigga stole my bik.. song.

business is not art | 1/19/2007, 12:57 pm EST

most rap hip hop isnt art, its business. Which is ok on a business standpoint. But any really taking most of this shit seriously as art, is fucked in the head.

paul | 1/19/2007, 12:56 pm EST

Most rap and hip hop so called artists all ripoff other peoples music,call it sampling or whatever it’s still stealing. Most rappers can’t write any music or play an instrument! They should have a separate catagory besides music,like spoken word CDs.

yo! | 1/19/2007, 12:48 pm EST

I’m surprised the nigga stole. Really. Shocked.

Help Kill Hip Hop!!! | 1/19/2007, 12:23 pm EST

Stop buying hip hop! If you are sick of this trite bullshit, Lets stop buying it. I have nothing agains GOOD underground artist. But if GOOD hip hop is going to thrive, it should only thrive because its unique, original and NOT POP ANYMORE!!!! Its time to put this ghetto baby to rest. Help kill hip hop to make it better.

Mark | 1/19/2007, 12:14 pm EST

You Timbaland defenders amuse me. You clearly have no inkling of how the music business works.

Tempest may be a “nobody” on the mainstream music scene, but he is still a composer and worthy of having his copyright protected. Timbaland doesn’t have free reign to take whatever he wants and build a “new” song from it. It’s illegal.

“So go sue him” I hear the defenders say. Tempest can’t. Why? Record labels like Geffen have teams of lawyers ready to chew up and spit out anyone who dares cross their path. It may be different in your part of the world, but in the American judicial system, he who has the most money is the winner. Tempest doesn’t have the money to fight this out because Geffen’s lawyers will delay every phase of the case in order to drive up Tempest’s legal fees. This is a VERY common tactic in the music industry when “nobodies” try to challenge those at the top.

Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Geffen should be ashamed of themselves over this. They’re profiting on the back of a common man who wrote a clever tune. And, if they had souls, they would do something to make this right. As far as I know, however, nothing has been done. No one has contacted Tempest and said “Hey, we’ll give you some royalties for this.” No one has even contacted him to say “I’m sorry.” They’re just carrying on as if nothing has happened, and the brainless (and equally soulless) fans of Timba and Nelly are forking over the money for stolen goods.

This is pathetic. I hope Timbaland gets hit by a truck. He deserves it.

tacobellgrindage | 1/19/2007, 11:50 am EST

I still think the similarity is uncanny…just like Stray Cats’ “Stray Cat Strut” v. Green Day’s “Hitchin’ a Ride”.

ArizonaDude | 1/19/2007, 10:56 am EST


You say “no one” had ever heard the original? You’re wrong. Several THOUSANDS of people have heard it, originally at the Oldskool Music competition at Assembly 2000 in Finland. And I’m sure several thousands of others have heard it since then. Besides, IP is IP is IP. As an artist, if you produce something, it is intrinsically protected by the law. He is, in fact, a blatant thief.

Randy | 1/19/2007, 10:35 am EST

LOL, thief? everyone steals in music, he took a song no one has ever heard and made it into something that was going to be heard. He did a great job! If the original artist is too stupid to go after royalties, it’s his or her fault! That record is great for anyone who hasn’t heard it…

Jay | 1/19/2007, 10:28 am EST

timbaland is thief! too bad that finnish artist haven’t enought money to take this to judge :S

mama | 1/19/2007, 7:53 am EST


Horse with a hat | 1/19/2007, 7:43 am EST

Copy/paste the entire link if you want to read it, don’t just click the blue part.

Horse with a hat | 1/19/2007, 7:42 am EST

This is not a remix. He took a SIXTEEN BAR unaltered sample, and produced the entire song on top it, utilizing the melody, chord progression and everything.

Read the original artist explanation of how much of a ripoff this really is here: http://forums.somethingawful.c om/showthread.php?s=&threadid= 2274635&perpage=40&pagenumber= 3#post321293375

Is this just a start | 1/19/2007, 7:20 am EST

First the Tempest’s song and then more followed… Maybe Timbaland has copied all his songs?

But to answer the topic, yes, he is a thief.

abductee | 1/19/2007, 6:49 am EST

oh, and btw what timbaland did is more like a “remix” that take one or more samples and turn it into someting new(original).

abductee | 1/19/2007, 6:47 am EST

reading all the comments i ask myself, maybe the way to look at ownership of art wich the RIAA provides, is not the way to go then?

jake | 1/19/2007, 5:48 am EST

Obvious ripoff. Shame on you, Timbaland.

tenpo | 1/19/2007, 5:32 am EST

Yes, Timbaland is a thief. Hope he gets what he deserves.

CurtMayfield | 1/19/2007, 4:34 am EST

I give him the benefit of the doubt, but it sounds way too close for comfort. This is why HIP HOP IS DEAD!!!!

mama | 1/19/2007, 3:02 am EST

you! :)

Bix Nood | 1/19/2007, 2:32 am EST

Oh lawd is dat sum sid?

pelulamu | 1/19/2007, 2:06 am EST

Here’s a somewhat complete list of links about the fuss: and/

moore | 1/19/2007, 1:46 am EST

“where is magoo?”

hahahaha ya no kiddin. dude was horrible. dragged all those timbo albums down anyways. i love how timbo is like the hot new thing to all these pop cats and rolling stone. get with the program….

The Dude | 1/19/2007, 12:17 am EST

Where is Magoo?

P | 1/18/2007, 11:55 pm EST

stealing music to listen to for yourself cannot be compared with stealing music to publish as your own and make millions off of. And this guy Timbaland did simply STEAL (not copy a melody/riff) an obscure track, silence the drums and add his own beat (which any 14 yr old kid could do in fruityloops trial version or something), and then, of course, throw some celebrity vocals in there.

Cam | 1/18/2007, 11:51 pm EST

Listen, it doesn’t just “sound like” the same song, it IS the entire verse and chorus, with added beats and vocals.

Garamond | 1/18/2007, 11:47 pm EST

That tune was better before Timbaland and Nelly Furtado shitted it up anyway.

R. Maden | 1/18/2007, 11:04 pm EST

“If Timbaland had stolen the melody from George Clinton or James Brown, critics would call it an homage. With this guy, however, its considered theft?”

Yes, of course. You forget that one man has done the work while the other one receives the money. In combination of the “copy kills music” campaigns of the major labels on markets worldwide this sounds just wrong. Remember that the RIAA is sueing people for “sharing” music over p2p without having financial profits.

Either they sue people and credit original artists, or they let people “steal” their music and do the same with other people’s music. You cannot pick the best from both booths.

grawp | 1/18/2007, 10:49 pm EST

Actually, Led Zeppelin was in court their whole career for stealing old blues songs/riffs without crediting the original musicians.

Timbaland should’ve credited the artist, its true, but Dr. Dre used the exact same technique for most of the Chronic and Doggystyle.

Replaying melodies for new recordings happens all the time and any of your favorite bands are guilty of it. If you listened to any of their favorite bands, you’d find blatant stealing of riffs/rhythms/melodies/lyrics.

If Timbaland had stolen the melody from George Clinton or James Brown, critics would call it an homage. With this guy, however, its considered theft?

Arthur Corningwaddle | 1/18/2007, 10:39 pm EST

Every jazz and blues musicain could sue any band ever. Jimmy Page was good, but all he did was rip off jazz. Just like Tony Iommi. And Yngwie Malmsteen. And Kurt Cobain. And…………….

Analog-X | 1/18/2007, 9:02 pm EST

I’m saddened by people making knee-jerk replys to something they dont understand. In this case it is not just a matter of SAMPLING. The General public is not getting it.

Timbeland or he’s crew or whoever. Took an Original Commodore 64 Recording Slapped Nelly’s Vocals and called it their own.

The Sound CHIP inside a Commodore 64 is called a SID CHIP, and it is very distinct.

Read this article.
http://www.c64audio.c om/timbaland.php

and read the whole thing before making comments of a topic which you dont completely understand. | 1/18/2007, 8:50 pm EST

if you really want to go down the ‘punish the beat stealer’ route, led zeppelin could technically sue every heavy metal band in history, and every disco band from the 1970s could sue each other as well…

time signatures are not the same beast as musical progressions and/or notes… | 1/18/2007, 8:43 pm EST

after i released ‘LIK ROPER ~ music from outer space’ in 1992, not only did captain kirk from star trek release an album with the same name (music from outer space) but the labels also released a song by bruce springsteen (and some other artist i can’t think of) with the EXACT same beat of the first song on my cd, likely to overshadow it and make it look like i copied them or something…

major labels often steal ideas from outspoken (blacklisted) underground artists like me, this is quite common…

tacobellgrindage | 1/18/2007, 8:14 pm EST

hey people, im sure sampling takes talent too…hahahah!
I think the matter here is Coincidencial v. Intentional. Is there really a way to prove this when we live in a world that when music sounds simliar, we just put it in, or mix, genres? where is the line?

tacobellgrindage | 1/18/2007, 8:04 pm EST

Hey, im totally not for what timbaland or whatever, i just think that music is becoming so limited, that it a lot easier to make something sound like something else on accident.Im not for people violating copyright laws, or any laws for that matter, but cmon. Music isnt ours, its just a medium to help us show to other people what we believe or think; sometimes, isnt it possble to think similar to others?

chameleon | 1/18/2007, 7:46 pm EST

tacobellgrindage, are you serious? the current laws do a pretty good job of protecting artists from blatant theft. it’s gonna be a cold day in hell when you’re gonna come up with something *exactly* the same as Beethoven’s 5th without intent and without hearing it first. With the current trends in pop music it’s probably quite easy to write something similar to someone elses work, but this case is exactly the opposite : an obscure song created with an obscure instrument, which was “re-created” by a talented, but lets face it, run-of-the-mill pop producer who had no history in writing songs of that style for that instrument. I can’t think of a better case to affirm the validity of current copyright law.. if Tempest wins in court, that is.

Mark P0rter | 1/18/2007, 7:31 pm EST

it’s just horrible timberland can get away with this. i really hope he won’t at all

Gasman | 1/18/2007, 7:29 pm EST

tacobellgrindage: “Why dont we bring back the whole Queen v. Vanilla Ice B.S. too?”
- Because that matter was closed when Vanilla Ice eventually settled out of court and agreed to give Queen and Bowie songwriting credits, whereas Tempest is still waiting for that. Next question?

Nice Guy Eddie | 1/18/2007, 7:27 pm EST

I dont think that nerd is gonna sue Timbalake, songs got similarities though.

Flav | 1/18/2007, 7:26 pm EST


what you dont understand is- its a ripoff of a complete song.
would it be ok to get some timbaland instrumentals, add something here and there and sell them as “own” ringtones and songs?

i guess not.

tacobellgrindage | 1/18/2007, 7:16 pm EST

This kind of crap is getting way out of hand; not only is timbaland and tempest getting boo-koos of free publicity for this, but this whole world of musical control is just not cool. Pretty soon, we are going to have to buy a certain copyright to be able to use a single word or play one note. Half of the idea of expression is to push your limits. Hell, both songs are’nt very good anyhow, so just let it go and quit making it worse. Why dont we bring back the whole Queen v. Vanilla Ice B.S. too?

itsneverthere | 1/18/2007, 7:07 pm EST

Yes, the Finnish guy remains poor while that fat turd makes more money. That’s fair.Most of hiphop music lifts from other songs and never gives them credit. Thats why I hate rap music and all it stands for. It’s for retards between 12-30.

Andy | 1/18/2007, 7:07 pm EST

The “bubbling” noises not only sound the same, but you can actually hear the whole original underneath “Do It”! It’s not sampling a bit of some unknown song at all, it’s downright ripping it! He didn’t even bother to replace the instrumental melody with the singer’s voice.

phonkey | 1/18/2007, 6:59 pm EST

“who’s tempest blablabla timbaland did something great with it bla bla baeh!!!” Fine, then you won’t mind if I steal your crappy old car, give it a paint job and sell it.

There is nothing to debate here. The songs are not “similar”. Timbaland sampled the tempest song without permission and based the WHOLE SONG on that sample.

BlockRider | 1/18/2007, 6:57 pm EST

A detailed non-official account :)

“Doin’ it for themselves: what’s going on in Timbaland?”


Flav | 1/18/2007, 6:46 pm EST


Sorry, but you are deaf or clueless.

Nelson | 1/18/2007, 6:35 pm EST

the original music was released on a music competition (and won). witnesses needed ?
ask the 4000 people which attended the event and voted on it!
what a bad move timbaland
no more respect for you now

Cerious | 1/18/2007, 6:33 pm EST

Yes they sound similar, and the “bubbling” noises sounds sampled for the Nelly track. But the original sounds like it’s played on a Casio keyboard. It’s a minor sample, which he could have used without permission and needs to pay up. But I wouldn’t say very much… Timbaland took something minor and made a great song with it.

Martin | 1/18/2007, 6:32 pm EST

Statement from Tempest:

Bob | 1/18/2007, 6:18 pm EST

Of course the ftp address is legal, his works are released free to download but he retains the copyright etc.

Vim | 1/18/2007, 6:17 pm EST

Yes, demoscene composers often likes to share music…what’s the use of making music if noone is listening to it? However the copyright remains, so while the music is free to listen to it is still the property of the composer.

Flav | 1/18/2007, 6:17 pm EST

Both tracks are a complete

guppo | 1/18/2007, 6:11 pm EST

vim: so this is legal? the webaddress i mean?

chameleon | 1/18/2007, 6:11 pm EST

the ringtone is the laziest and most blatant rip i’ve ever heard…

the worst part is, judging by the youtube comments, his fans all act like “it’s just sampling”, or, “you can’t copyright a beat”.. easy to say when you’ve never composed a scrap of MUSIC in your entire life.

Vim | 1/18/2007, 6:06 pm EST

Gio: There are no albums to purchase from Tempest, but you are free to download his music of course, but try to resist the urge to add some beats to them and claim that you’ve made the tunes yourself (at least not without asking for permission).

Url: les/Protracker/Tempest/

blarg | 1/18/2007, 6:05 pm EST

Rappers can’t write music. they pilfer and steal and buy work from others.

This is just a proven fact.

Producers of RnB and Hip Hop are by definition, biters.

C-Poppa | 1/18/2007, 6:02 pm EST

Is it me or will Timbaland be able to pay these people and still remain rich as all hell

Angel | 1/18/2007, 6:00 pm EST

what? tim, say it ain’t so! :( (((

Timbalame | 1/18/2007, 5:55 pm EST

Is his real name Timberland, but he isn’t able to spell it due to lack of education :) . I bet he isn’t able to tell what the concept of stealing is either. Sad, sad individual.

Timbaland… LOL

Its sarcasm children | 1/18/2007, 5:48 pm EST

What!? a pop music producer stealing somebody elses music! youve got to be kidding me, im soooo shocked… ring tones will never be the same :(

Satan | 1/18/2007, 5:41 pm EST

he owe’s them some money, personally i think the songs blow and need to be destroyed, but he still stole it none the less

? | 1/18/2007, 5:37 pm EST

wsounds very close, if he did “steal” it there is others like him noel gallagher from oasis used to rip riffs from bands, like he did for cigarettes & alcahol

C-Poppa | 1/18/2007, 5:28 pm EST

Wow, someone has way too much time on their hands. I mean, who the hell is Tempest? But seriously, there are similarities. However, it’s up to this Tempest person to do something about it. Tempest should actually be thaking Timbaland for making that shitty ass song hot with Nelly Furtado. God I hate Youtube!

Gio | 1/18/2007, 5:21 pm EST

It’s sad that people kepe hiring him to produce their stuff. All of his shit is so devoid of thought.

Anyway, the original sounds way better than his cheesy rip-off.

I’m off to purchase the album from Tempest.

Brad | 1/18/2007, 5:11 pm EST

timbaland is a bitch.

Paul | 1/18/2007, 4:45 pm EST

sounds too close to be just a conincidence

taint | 1/18/2007, 4:27 pm EST


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