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World Cosplay Summit Preliminary (Australia)

In 2008, Animania Festival is proud to host the first preliminary competition that will qualify an Australia representative to enter the World Cosplay Summit!

The World Cosplay Summit is an annual international level Cosplay competition held in Nagoya, Japan and hosted by TV Aichi. The competition brings together contestants from all over the globe to showcase their prize-winning costumes. Some of the participating countries include Germany, France, Brazil, China, USA - and now Australia.

We look forward to a grand and extraordinary year of Cosplay as we expect fans to pull out all stops to bring the ultimate self-created costumes that will pay homage to their most favourite character and bring it to life for all to see. The winning team of the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Preliminary Competition for Australia, as hosted by Animania Festival, will win a trip to Japan and the chance to represent Australia in this awesome competition!

Animania Festival will also still host its own traditional Cosplay Competition separate to the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Preliminary Competition. Entrants may not necessarily be competing in both events. Individuals wishing to enter either or both competitions must indicate this when they register online. Once registered, they will be informed by email if they qualify for the competition.

This page outlines information for the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Preliminary Competition for Australia ONLY. For information, rules and procedures relating to the Animania Festival Cosplay Competition, please click here.

UPDATE: Due to the expected high demand in August, we have changed the pre-selection qualifers from 3 teams to only 2 teams in the March pre-selection. The August pre-selection qualifers will be 4 teams instead of 3 for the final rounds.


All entrants into either the Animania Festival Cosplay Competition or the WCS Preliminary and Preselections MUST pre-register their intent to compete online prior to the Festival. This is to ensure a fabulous, on-time show and also saves both you (and us!) time and hassles by sorting out the paperwork before hand - oh, and it cuts down on the queuing time too!

For WCS, all participants will need to email through the portfolio, details below in the Rules & Entry Forms.

FOR SYDNEY MARCH FESTIVAL, Pre-registrations and portfolio submissions for the Sydney March event has closed. Click here for finalist profiles from this event




Have you got an awesome costume planned? Are you ready to take your game over to Japan and compete with the best of the best? Then read on and download the rules of entry below: