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Julius Oyet to Come to US November 29 - December 10 

I first met Julius last November at a conference in Argentina where we became friends. He sat beside me at the opening session, and I ended up spending more time with Julius than anyone else, helping him with his computer and website, and simply enjoying good fellowship.

At this conference, I encouraged workplace believers to use their work lives to transform workplaces, cities, and nations. I spoke on the need for pastors to equip workplace believers and how to do so. Julius heard me speak, and his vision for my visit to Uganda began to grow.

What I didnít know was how God was already using Julius to impact his nation for Christ. The recent Transformations video entitled An Unconventional War produced by the Sentinel Group features the efforts and spiritual leadership of Julius.

This documentary film chronicles the recent tragedies in the war-torn northern region of Uganda where dangerous rebels destroyed villages and kidnapped young girls, holding them hostage. The video reveals the strategy that Julius and other leaders employed to break the demonic stronghold over their nation. It tells of redemption and the power of God moving in Uganda that now has a Christian president and a cabinet of mostly Christians!

It is a nation where God is working, but Uganda still has great needs.

Julius oversees several thousand churches in Uganda. He has asked me to come to Uganda and minister to key government leaders, pastors, and at a conference in the northern region where 5,000 people will gather in a stadium. 

Read Os Hillman's report from his trip in March.
Learn  more about Julius Oyet and his ministry in Uganda.

Julius' story is documented in a DVD video, the An Unconventional War.

CUganda Transformation: An Unconventional War - DVD Video - Click To Enlarge
Uganda Transformation: An Unconventional War - DVD Video
Sentinel Group - (SKU#: NM14074)

Reg. Price: $24.95

This 105-minute DVD video documents how effective prayer and church-state cooperation have contributed to the winding down of a vicious 20-year-old insurgency in northern Uganda.  The producer says this is the most intense and emotional story they have ever documented.  The contrasts are stark: the demonic darkness of LRA Leader Joseph Kony and the innocence of young children, the futility of conventinoal military operations and the sharp success of spiritual warfare, and unprecedented openness to the gospel and the lack of laborers to reap the harvest.

This video documents God's intervention through answered prayer in a variety of haunting and remarkable situations.  Follow the conflict in northern Uganda from several perspectives.  LRA rebels, the Ugandan military, intercessors, the families of abducted children, and the abductees themselves.  Focal points include stories and testimonies that range from the agony of child abduction and slavery to the long years of hopeful prayer to their recent joyful reunion, which are truly extraordinary. Hear accounts of how God translated the prayers of concerned parents into dreams experienced by young captives in the bush to how the strategic prayers of military officials and intercessors broke demonic strongholds over satanic domination and oppression.

It is a profound love story from the Father heart of God for a people so deeply wounded and desperately impacted by human atrocities cast upon them by the evil one and his human delegates - a story that will translate a resonating message of hope and salvation to people everywhere that are desperate for His presence and transforming power.


Os Hillman

Os Hillman 

To learn more about the DVD An Unconventional War, click here. 

See below prelimary schedule of Julius Oyet in the US Click here if you would him to speak at your church or organization. 


Date                                                                             Event


Arrives in Atlanta November 28


Wednesday Night, November 29                   Speak at First Baptist Church Cumming


Friday and Saturday, December 1                   Friday is open

December 2, Saturday  Daystar Church


Monday morning, December 4& 5                  Fly early to Kansas City for Markets Unlocked two day gathering until Tuesday night


Tuesday night, December 5                             Leave for Dallas, Texas for ICA meeting Dec 6,7,8

 Until Friday, December 7                               Return to Atlanta Friday Dec 8

December 9,10                                               Open dates

                                                                        Julius return to Uganda Monday, December 11

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