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Perfect Dark loses face

Rare has dropped the feature of being able to add your own faces to the characters of Perfect Dark using Game Boy Camera
It was slated to be the N64 feature of the year. Snap you and your friends with your Game Boy Camera then blow the living biJaysus out of them using the futuristic weapons of Perfect Dark, the semi-sequel to seminal N64 FPS GoldenEye. Rare has announced the removal of the option today, citing controversial issues as the reason for the move.

iIt's an outstanding game and it's not dependent on the camera feature,i said a Rare spokesman this morning. iThere are a lot of sensitive issues surrounding the feature, especially in the States.i

Rare's decision comes after a recent spate of high school shootings in the US, the most terrifying of which, Columbine, shocked the world. Law suits against many game companies n including id Software, the maker of Doom and Quake n have been filed following the incident, and giving children the option to put the faces of whoever they please into a console shoot-eem-up was obviously a risk Rare was not prepared to take.

Perfect Dark will be one of the hottest N64 games of the year. The project is now complete and in testing, with the US version scheduled to ship on April 10. We'll have confirmation of the European date soon.

In the meantime, head over to Rare's site for screens and info.



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