Machinae Supremacy  

Sid Metal founders MACHINAE SUPREMACY started in 2000 in the frosty north of Sweden, and have since not only conquered the worldwide internet underground scene, but made serious waves in the world of game music. MACHINAE SUPREMACY have performed with the Swedish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in the Stockholm Concert Hall, as well as the number one Norwegian symphony orchestra KORK in Oslo.

MACHINAE SUPREMACY made their name by embracing the internet and filesharing to spread their music. When they were finally discovered by metal label Spinefarm Records (Nightwish, Children of Bodom, and more) in 2006, they already had a worldwide fanbase - this without any form of sponsored promotion or airplay. MACHINAE SUPREMACY's unique blend of metal, soundtrack and retro-style video game music has earned them high praise from commercial music communities, and nothing short of legendary status in the underground music scene.

Today, the MACHINAE SUPREMACY website has approximately 100 000 song (roughly 650 gigabytes of music) downloads every month, from all corners of the world.


o Robert Stjärnström (.o0 Vocals 0o.)

o Jonas Rörling (.o0 Lead Guitar 0o.)

o Andreas Gerdin (.o0 Rhythm Guitar 0o.)

o Tomas Nilsén (.o0 Drums 0o.)

o Johan Hedlund (.o0 Bass 0o.)

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