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Purchasing Codes

iTunes song codes

Q: I’m unfamiliar with the concept of iTunes song codes. What are these?

A: iTunes song codes are unique 12-digit alpha-numeric codes that are good for redeeming song(s) downloads at the iTunes Music Store. Customers who are given a song code may download any one of the over 1 million available songs in the iTunes Music Store, or multiple songs if they are given a code good for more than one free song download.

Minimum Purchase requirements

Q: My company/college is interested in purchasing iTunes Volume Song Codes to giveaway for our promotion. What are the minimum requirements for doing so?

A: There is a minimum purchase requirement of 25,000 volume song downloads for commercial entities and 10,000 volume song downloads for educational institutions.


Q: What discount am I eligible for when purchasing these volume song codes?

A: The actual amount of you discount depends on the amount of volume song codes you purchase. We are able to offer discounts of as much as 20% off our standard $0.99 pricing for certain bulk purchase levels. Please contact for more information.

Distinguishing iTunes Volume Song Codes and iTunes gift certificates

Q: Are the iTunes Volume Program and iTunes volume gift certificates the same thing?

A: No. iTunes gift certificates are available for bulk purchase (min. quantity: 10 certificates) in amounts ranging from $10 to $200, in ten dollar increments. Gift certificates may be issued as either printed (physical) or electronic certificates but they are always issued in dollar amounts, not quantity of songs. There are no discounts available for iTunes gift certificates. To purchase bulk iTunes gift certificates please contact the Apple Online Business Store at 1-800-854-3680.

Alternatively, the iTunes Volume Program sells codes that are good for individual or multiple song downloads at the iTunes Music Store. These codes can represent any quantity of “free song downloads” you choose but are never issued in dollar denominations (i.e. a code can be good for “10 free songs” not “$10.00”).

Restrictions on re-selling codes

Q: Can I purchase these codes and re-sell them to customers for my promotion?

A: No. iTunes song codes are available for purchase as giveaway items only. Song codes may not be re-sold to customers or other third parties.

Bundling codes with your product

Q: Can I purchase iTunes Volume Song Codes and give them away to customers who buy my product?

A: Yes. You may bundle iTunes free song codes as a giveaway or reward with your product. You may elect to distribute these song codes with your product or distribute them via printed or electronic means to customers post-sale, depending on your specific promotion. Contact the iTunes Music Store for more details.

Songs per code

Q: Does 1 code always equal “1 free song download” or can I specify having 1 code equal multiple song downloads?

A: The iTunes song codes can be arranged where every one song code you purchase equates to one free song or to multiple free song downloads (10, 50, 100 free songs, etc.). You are free to specify how many free song downloads each code should represent.

Song codes for specific songs

Q: Can I require my customers to download specific songs or types of songs at the iTunes Music Store?

A: Yes. You may choose to allow your customers to download any individual song (for personal use only) at the iTunes Music Store or you may require them to download a specific song or iMix (for personal only).

Payment methods

Q: What are my payment options for purchasing iTunes Volume Song Codes?

A: Payments made by company check and purchase orders are acceptable payment methods. Payment must be received in full prior to issuance of song codes.

Breakage/refund policy

Q: If I purchase codes for a promotion and some of them go unused, may I return the unused codes for a refund?

A: iTunes Volume Song Codes are sold in full, at a discount based on the volume of songs purchased. Refunds for unused codes are typically not available. You may be able to use song codes that go unused for alternate promotional giveaways with prior approval from Apple. Please keep in mind that Apple will need to assign an ultimate expiration date on these codes. Please contact us for more information.

Order Processing Time

Q: What is the turn-around time for ordering these codes?

A: iTunes Volume Song Codes can be issued within approximately two weeks from receipt of the signed iTunes Volume Song Code Agreement and payment.

Distribution of codes

Code Procurement

Q: How do I receive these codes once I purchase them?

A: Apple will create a unique batch of 12-digit alphanumeric codes for your specific promotion. Each code is good for you specified number of free song downloads at the iTunes Music Store. These codes will be e-mailed to you in .txt format (via secure e-mail) or uploaded to an FTP server for your receipt.

ITunes trademark usage guidelines

Q: Can I print the iTunes logo on my web site or printed materials along with the song codes I’m giving away?

A: Permissible branding and attribution guidelines can be found in the iTunes Trademark Guidelines section of the iTunes Volume Song Code Agreement. Generally, use of the iTunes logo is not permitted unless advance written authorization is provided by Apple. Use of the Apple logo is strictly prohibited.

Q: Are the name iPod and iTunes registered trademarks of Apple?

A: Yes. Please reference these products with appropriate trademark attribution: iPod ® and iTunes ®. Additional trademark usage guidelines can be found in Apple's Legal Information and Notices.

Q: Can I use photos of iPods or other Apple product photos?

A: We cannot extend rights to our photography to third parties. Additionally, screenshots of the iTunes Music Store may not be used without the express written consent of Apple and the recording artists and labels who appear in these screen shots. iTunes Volume Song Code purchasers are able to reference the proper product names of iPod and iTunes complete with trademark references.

How your customers redeem codes

Q: How will I instruct my customers/clients to redeem their free song codes?

A: Along with your purchased codes, Apple will provide complete song code redemption instructions on how your customers can redeem their free songs. We will also provide you with a special URL to link your customers directly into a redeem songs page at the iTunes Music Store. Please see below for our sample instructions:

1. With your web browser, visit This will launch iTunes and take you to the page to redeem your code.

2. Enter your 12-digit code exactly as it appears.

3. Shop, download and enjoy.

If you are new to iTunes, visit Download and install iTunes 4.5 for Mac or Windows. Then follow the steps above.

Additional Requirements

Tax considerations

Q: Are there other requirements for purchasing bulk song codes?

A: The iTunes Volume Song Code Agreement outlines basic requirements governing the purchase of codes. In certain instances, tax considerations may apply given auditor rules governing tax on song downloads in sixteen states. As a purchaser, you may be required to provide Apple a multi-state resale tax certificate or other appropriate tax treatment as determined by Apple and the purchaser.

For more information or additional questions not covered here, please contact

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