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October 2007 - The Arbitron ratings for Satellite radio are here. Naturally, Howard is #1.

As of January 1, 2006, none of these cities/stations below carry Howard due to his move to Sirius Satellite radio.
I've left these here for historical purposes, and maybe to track the failures of Howard's replacements...

Ratings are the life-blood of any radio or television show. Don't get 'em and you're gone. Good thing for us, Howard is #1 just about every where he's been broadcasting, for longer than a couple of months, because people are starved for the real thing instead of imitators. As for you imitators (and we all know who you are) and you lovers of these Howard imitators (I feel sorry for you), consider these facts:

Howard Stern has been #1 in New York City, the #1 radio market in the United States, for more than 10 straight years.

Howard Stern is the first, and only, dj in radio history to have the #1 show in New York and Los Angeles at the same time.

In radio, ratings are taken four times a year by Arbitron, each covering a 3-month time period: Winter ratings cover January-March, Spring ratings cover April-June, Summer ratings cover July-September and Fall ratings cover October-December. The release of the ratings is approximately one month after the period ends, so the Winter ratings would come out in April, Spring in July, etc. The three major markets (New York, LA and Chicago) will usually precede everyone else by about a week. The regular ratings by Arbitron are not the same as the Arbitrend ratings, although both are conducted by Arbitron. Arbitrend's are monthly ratings, intended to show trends before the official ratings are released.

A ratings share is a percentage of listeners. As an example, if Howard has a 10 share it means that, at any given time during the show, roughly 10% of all the people in that area listening to the radio are listening to Howard.

The Arbitron home page is here.


Why getting any ratings at all is sometimes a tough job...

from FMQB
August 16, 2001

Arbitron Continues to Embargo Spring Results for Eight Markets

While Arbitron has un-embargoed a number of markets this week, including Cincinnati and Indianapolis, the ratings giant continued its embargo of results from the Spring 2001 survey in eight markets.

That means Arbitron wonít allow trade publications to publish even 12+ ratings from affected markets. Those include Cleveland, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Grand Rapids, Huntsville, Lansing, Greenville-New Bern, and Oklahoma City.

Arbitronís Thom Mocarsky told fmqb the affected markets would continue to be embargoed until the reasons for the embargoes go away. What those reasons are, the company wonít comment on.

Special thanks to robk, Roger, Anon Guy and everyone else
who helps out with these ratings by taking the time to find whatever they can!

Is your city missing? Do you have the ratings from your city?
If you do, please send them my way and I'll be more than happy to add them in!

New York, NY Chicago, IL Philadelphia, PA Cleveland, OH Los Angeles, CA
Charleston, SC San Francisco, CA Washington D.C. Portland, OR
Buffalo, NY Phoenix, AZ Boston, MA
Reno, NV St. Louis, MO Austin, TX Albany, NY Baltimore, MD
Hartford, CT Memphis, TN Sacramento, CA
Detroit, MI Burlington, VT Atlantic City, N.J. Seattle, WA
Cape Cod, MA Dallas, TX Cincinnati, OH Portland, ME
Pittsburgh, PA West Palm Beach, FL San Diego, CA Orlando, FL Rochester, NY
Houston, TX Fresno, CA Tampa, FL

Some cities where The Howard Stern Show has been rumored to be starting:

Atlanta, GA Dayton, OH Lubbock, TX San Antonio, TX

News stories and ratings from cities where The Howard Stern Show has been dropped:

Davenport, IA El Paso, TX Fayetteville, NC Indianapolis, IN Minneapolis, MN
Montreal Norfolk, VA New Orleans, LA San Jose, CA Toledo, OH
Louisville, KY Denver, CO Peoria, IL Bloomington, IL Greenville, NC
Charlotte, NC Panama City, FL Myrtle Beach, SC Wilkes-Barre, PA Toronto
Anchorage, AK Madison, WI Grand Rapids, MI Syracuse, NY Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Providence, RI York, PA Lexington, KY Fall River, MA Ft. Myers, FL
Columbus, OH Las Vegas, NV ... ... ...

Is your city missing? Do you have the ratings from your city?
If you do, please send them my way and I'll be more than happy to add them in!

Updated: October 24, 2007

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