History of our Area Chamber of Commerce

Lake Minnetonka has 125 miles of Shoreline and covers 14,528 acres. The deepest part of Lake Minnetonka is
Crystal Bay near the Lafayette Country Club in the City of Minnetonka Beach at 113 feet. The romance and beauty
of Lake Minnetonka have been extolled in story and song. The first inhabitants, the Dakota Indians, regarded the lake as sacred. Enchanted Island was the favorite spot for the Dakota to hold tribal dances. In 1852, Governor Alexander Ramsey made Minnetonka the official name of the lake - Minnetonka, derived from an Indian word meaning great piece of water, though the Indians had never named the lake themselves.

The Lake Minnetonka Area Chamber of Commerce is currently comprised of and services six Cities, a medley of the best "Lake Minnetonka" Cities. Our area is sometimes referred to as (Westonka). Westonka is better understood in the following way: It is the name given to encompass the stretch of land and water between Navarre and the western end of the lake. (Lake Minnetonka ) All of our serviced cities are WEST of Minnetonka and Wayzata.

Board of Directors
The mission of the Lake Minnetonka Area Chamber of Commerce is to be a community resource in partnership with member businesses to maximize success.

John Waldron, 2008 President

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Lake Minnetonka Area Chamber of Commerce, welcome!  As you know, our mission is to be a resource to the six communities we serve, in partnership with our member businesses, for the purpose of maximizing the success of our business community and our communities at large.  If you are a business in one of our communities, or if you live in one of our communities and are a CEO or owner of a business located elsewhere, you need to belong to our Chamber!  Why?  Partly for your own success and partly to give back to the communities which help support you and enhance your lifestyle.  For example, imagine what our communities would look like without the businesses we have now - we would not appreciate having to drive outside our community to buy a hardware item or to get a prescription filled or to see any number of service professionals.

Sometimes, members expect that simply by signing a membership application, they will experience tangible financial benefits for their business.  That is not how it works!  As I believe anyone who has been an ACTIVE member will testify to, the benefits come from being involved and developing relationships with others.  We encourage you to explore this website to see the many benefits available to Chamber members which will maximize your success and that of the communities we serve.

Our main objectives this year are to significantly expand our membership and to get more people, members and volunteers alike, involved in the Chamber’s activities, all for the purpose of maximizing the success of our members and our communities.
Looking forward to connecting with you in 2008!

John B. Waldron, 2008 Chamber President, Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. 952-471-0940 john@waldronlaw.com

Kristin Beise, Past President
RE/MAX A-1 Excellence
"The Right Realtors"
Jeanie Simon, Treasurer
HomeBase Office Furniture
Jay Roddy
Edward Jones Investments
Shiela Carlson
Re/MAX A-1 Excellence
Mary Hughes
Westonka Community Education
Pamela Muldoon
ActionCOACH - Business Coach
(763) 670-7238
Jody Smith
Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters