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Sega Superstars Tennis site updates
By: Dale Gennard - 11th March 2008 (05:35) - [ 0 ] Comments

Characters and Movies sections now open
Sega Europe have updated the Sega Superstars Tennis official game site. You can now view the Characters and Movies sections. The U.S. version of the site has not been updated yet.

Characters revealed so far are -

Each characters page contains official artwork for that character. The other 9 characters have a question mark over them.

The Movies section contains the Intro movie(which is the first CG trailer shown), a Gameplay movie, Scrap Brain Zone (Eggmans stage with name now confirmed), Chu Chu Rocket and Space Harrier.

You can also view a preview movie with Steve Lycett, Producer at Sumo Digital over at Steve tells us all about the features in every version of the game.

Sega Superstars Tennis will be released in Europe 20th March 2008 and shipped in the U.S. March 18th 2008.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for further updates!

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