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Irate Gamer Season 1

Back to the future NES


Back to the Future
The Pilot Episode Time to Travel Back in Time to Prevent this game from being made!

Goonies 2 NES


Episode 3
Goonies 2

An okay review.  Reviewing Goonies 2, and bringing Donkey Kong into question

Ghosts N Goblins NES


Episode 5
Ghosts N Goblins

As Comic Book Guy might say, “Hardest Game Ever”! Time to find out why!

Jaws NES


Episode 7
Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom (NES)
Good and Evil finally have a word in the debate of what gaming is all about!

mario Teaser


Episode 9
M.U.S.C.L.E. Wrestling

Could a worse game ever be made? Time to find out, and a special guest drops by.

mario Teaser


Episode 11
Yo Noid

Did Domino’s sell out with this game? Will the Host all sell out as well? 

Where's Waldo NES


Where’s Waldo

An okay review.  Kinda getting the feel for the character in this episode.

Mission Impossible NES


Episode 4
Mission Impossible

This is where the show started falling into place!Could this possibly be a good game?

Jaws NES


Episode 6

Get off the beach! Jaws is coming! And the game bites as hard as he does!

mario Teaser


Episode 8
Super Mario Bros 2

Why was this game different from the first? Because of a Scandal you won’t believe!



Episode 10
Ninja Turtles

Who could forget the ninja turtle games on the NES? Well time to review em, Cowabunga style!



Episode 12
Zombies Ate Neighbors (SNES)
Halloween Special

Half review, Half episode, this Halloween special ties up the story arc of the last few episodes nicely


Episode 13

Tetris Addiction can be a very bad thing. Especially when it happens to the reviewer himself!

Episode 15
Contra Series Pt. 2
The Saga continues and the aliens return in Super C and something is fishy with Contra Force.

Episode 17
Will YouTube Fire this Guy?!


Episode 19
Not sure if this will be the season finale or the first episode of season 2.  I guess I’ll figure that out later

Episode 14
Contra (NES)
Every old school gamer remembers this game and there’s only one person who’s crazy enough to review it.

Episode 16
Contra Series Pt. 3 (SNES)
Wrapping this series up is a review of Contra 3.


Episode 18
Time to review another movie adaption video game.

This Series, brought to you by, focuses on newer games

 Ep 1: Simpsons Game

Ep 2: SD vs. Raw 2008

Ep 3: Battalion Wars 2

Ep 4: Mario vs. Sonic

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Jaws NES
Special Video:
Hotel Gaming


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