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Jolidon: International business outperforms local one

Autor: Ziarul Financiar | Data: 13 Feb 2008
The Cluj-based lingerie producer Jolidon, controlled by businessman Gabriel Carlig, posted a 60 million-euro turnover last year at group level, 60% of which is accounted for by turnover derived on foreign markets. The 48 stores, which include stores held by the company and franchise stores (in Italy, Hungary and France) contributed 36 million euros to turnover, while the local business, i.e. production and retail, ended last year with a turnover worth 24 million euros, according to ZF calculations, based on company data. "We have two brands, Infiore and Chiaro di Luna,

which sell extremely well in Italy, but wholesale channels also significantly contributed to the higher turnover," say company representatives. Jolidon remains the best selling brand and contributes 70% to the group's business. This year, company representatives intend to expand the chain store abroad and target France and Russia. "We will open another ten franchise stores in France, and will also look at the Russian market, because it is an attractive market with high demand," says Gabriel Carlig, Jolidon's owner.

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