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Above and Beyond: How a Rock Band Found Success in a World of Pop Idols
Amassed in a pool of pop idols in Hong Kong's music industry, the band, Beyond, has continuously proven themselves over and over to be what a stereotypical Hong Kong pop idol isn't. Being the only Hong Kong band to make the transition from underground music with a loyal following to mainstream success, Beyond has been making music for over 20 years, sometimes being called the "Beatles" of Hong Kong. Because of the efforts of Beyond's late and great lead singer and songwriter, Wong Ka Kui, Beyond is considered an alternative rock or metal rock band, making music about human rights, politics, peace, and protests, even though Beyond has recorded pop-rock songs and love ballads. Beyond did not initially dream of having megawatt success in mind. They started off playing music as a hobby, but the hobby soon turned into a profession when they found out they were having trouble making a living. Before they knew it, they started headlining concerts, claiming fame in Japan and made hit after hit. Unfortunately, in 1993, Beyond's career took a tragic turn when Wong Ka Kui fell off the stage during a live game show in Japan, which led to his death. Though the band was on hiatus for many years, during the 15th anniversary concert in 1999, Beyond announced that the band would be splitting up, with each member continuing onto their own solo careers. Fans will always reminisce and feel nostalgic over the storming success of Beyond, whose music continues to inspire the Cantopop world.

More on Beyond:
Wong Ka-Kui: The Champion of Love
"Life is not about what you've gained, but what you've done with it." Sincere and unreservedly straightforward, this statement is attributed to Wong Ka-Kui, the late founder and lead vocalist of the Hong Kong band, Beyond.

Career Highlights:
• 59 albums released not including solo albums from 1984-2003.
• 1983 - Beyond Band is Formed
• 1983 - Won Best Band Award from the Best Band Contest sponsored by Guitar Magazine
• 1989 - Won Song of the Year award for the song "Really Love You" at Hong Kong's Jade Solid Gold Awards
• 2003 - Won Best Group/Band of the Year at 2003 HKVP Music Awards

Where Are They Now?
In October, Beyond will participate in a Hong Kong Harbor Festival also featuring Rolling Stone, Santana, Air Supply and others. -- From beyondmusic.net

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listener reviews
See what listeners have to say about this artist:

Beyond is the leader of the HK music revolution
Jesse from Toronto, ON Canada on October 18, 2005
Wong Ka-Kui had many ideas for how to revolutionize music in HK but didn't live longer than his 31 years to fully see the fruits of his efforts. He left a musical legacy, a band that continues to follow their dreams even when apart and many songs that touch people's hearts.

15 October 2005 - Saddest Day of my Life
Garry Tan from Singapore on October 10, 2005
Beyond will be staging their final concert in Singapore on 15/10/2005. I will be there to catch their final concert. There will never be another band that can replace Beyond. I've been collecting their CDs since young and still trying to complete the whole collection. Does anyone knows any website that list all their CDs available? So that I can know which are the ones that I dont have?

beyond lives on
Brian from Hong kong on September 23, 2005
Hoi Fuet Teen Hung is the best piece of music i've ever heard. In all of Beyond's hits, the melodies are so perfect that its hard to believe it was one man who wrote all of them. In his short music career, Ka kui managed to produce much more hits than any canto-pop artist. His death is a loss to music-lovers worldwide.

beyond still never dies
babyblue821 from san jose,ca usa on September 1, 2005
it still breaks my heart listening to their music.their talents,their messages,their love overwhelmingly touches my heart their music are still a part of my life and always will be.my love for them actually grew stronger after this last ten years.how can they be forgotten?

Beyond Is In The Class Of Their Own..
Anonymous from Mersing, Johor, Malaysia on August 19, 2005
What can yau say about a band that's multi-talented? A lot!! But one thing's for sure, Beyond belongs to the heart of millions all across the globe. A fan since my teenage years (now 29), their music is now (and always will be) a part of me. Never get boring with their music. Never did, though I've listen to it for zillions of times. Every Beyond albums is a great art in it's very own sense. But the best...I tell you..is the years when Ka Kui is still around. No one, I tell you, no one can ever take his place. Sure missed him... May the Lord Bless Him...for the gift he gave us all.. His legacy remains...

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Beyond Songs
Record English Cantonese Year Listeners Choice Vote Request Hour
beyond songLover Ching Yan
beyond songThe Great Wall Cheung Sing 1992
beyond songThinking of You Seung Nay 1996
beyond songPassing Days Sai Hui Yut Jee 1989
beyond songLong Spaciousness Cheung Hung 2003
beyond songEarth Daai Day 1988
beyond songBattling For 20 Years Kong Jeen Yee Supp Neen 2003
beyond songGoodbye Ideals Joi Geen Lay Seung 1986
beyond songCorrupt the Young Gaao Waai Sai Lo 1995
beyond songWho Will Wander With Me Sui Boon Ngoh Chong Dong 1991
beyond songSilent Years Sui Yuet Mo Sing 1989
beyond songWish You Happiness Jook Nay Yue Faai 1994
beyond songArabian Dancing Girl Ah Laai Baak Tiu Mo Nui Long 1987
beyond songLiking You Hay Foon Nay 1988
beyond songMidnight Blues Ng Yeh Yuen Kook 1989
beyond songCold Rainy Night Laang Yue Yeh 1988
beyond songNo More Hesitations But Joi Yau Yee 1991
beyond songLiving Becomes Brilliant Woot Jeuk Been Jing Choi 1996
beyond songFar Paradise Yiu Yuen Dik Paradise 1994
beyond songFace-Giving Party Bei Meen Paai Dui 1990
beyond songTruly Love You Jun Dik Ngoi Nay 1989
beyond songSpacious Seas and Skies Hoi Fuet Teen Hung 1993
beyond songGlory Days Gwong Fai Sui Yuet 1990

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