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Crux Terminatus

Terminators demand a little bit more attention than your basic troops. Here, Steve Cumiskey shows how he assembled and painted his Terminators from the Helion Legion.

Space Marine Terminators face their old adversaries, the Tyranids

Steve Cumiskey
Steve Cumiskey
Steve: Despite having a number of armies that contain converted models, I'll have to confess that when I get hold of a new kit for the first time, I prefer to build it pretty much as the sculptor intended. At first, this seemed to present me with an interesting dilemma.

The history I'd designed for my Chapter was all about how they were isolated for long periods of time, with poor supplies and reinforcements. The traits that I'd selected to reflect this meant that I would only ever have a single squad of Terminators. Because of this I wanted to make each one a distinctive personality – a hero in his own right. Fortunately, the selection of parts and poses meant that I could get that kind of individuality into my models without any need to seriously alter them. Terminators aren't the kind of warriors that charge headlong into battle. The weight and bulk of their armour suggests a steady, relentless approach. As such, I decided to model the members of the squad as if some were advancing slowly, under covering fire from the rest of the squad.

Steve's Helion Legion Terminators Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Steve's Helion Legion Terminators - click to enlarge

I began by selecting a few shards of slate, and gluing them to the bases. Slate works well for this because it's soft enough to drill or break into small pieces. Once in place, it works both as a prop to pose the models on and as something to make the large bases a little more interesting.

Replacing the Terminator helmets with spare bare heads helped to make the individual models look more distinctive, as did adding clusters of purity seals and parchments.

Steve's Terminators in the colours of the Helion Legion - click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Steve's Terminators in the colours of the Helion Legion - click to enlarge

Another part of the history that I'd created for my army involved it being a Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines. I also wanted to make my Terminators' armour look like rare and ancient relics. The first step in doing this was to leave at least one panel of each suit in the original Ultramarines colour.

Shoulder Details Shoulder Details Shoulder Details Shoulder Details Shoulder Details
Shoulder Details

I also replaced the Chapter symbol on their shoulder pads with a roll-call of previous wearers of the suit – each one framed differently.

After that, it only remained for me to add the dust and chipping that would make them fit with the rest of my army.

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