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Inaugural Pakistani film...
  • "Teri Yaad" became the first ever released film but not the first film production in Pakistan. It was completed in a record time. Lahore was the third biggest film center in sub-Continent - after Bombay and Calcutta - and there were many films under production in 1947. (Se the list).
  • Director Luqman's Urdu film "Shahida" was actually the first "Pakistani film" which was started before partition and released in 1949. After partition, "Do Kinaray" was the inaugural film production by Ashiq Bhatti. "Jihad" was the second film by Zahoor Raja, which was released in 1950 and "Teri Yaad" was the third film by Deevan Sardari Lal.
  • Debut:
    Actors: Asha Poslay, Nazar, Shola and Ghulam Mohammad
    Directors: Daud Chand and Raza Mir
    Poet: Qateel Shafai
    Singer: Munawar Sultana
  • Eid Day's:
    1 film on Eid-ul-Fittar (1367 hijri), Saturday, August 7, 1948
  • Teri Yaad (Urdu)
    0 film on Eid-ul-Azha, Wednesday, October 14, 1948
  • Asha Poslay
    Asha Poslay
    Pakistan's inaugural feature film
    Deewan Pictures
    T E R I    Y A A D
    Realesed on: August 7, Eid-ul-Fittar Day, 1948
    Pakistans inaugural film Teri Yaad was released in Perbhat (Sanober) Cinema Lahore on August 7th, 1948. It was an Eid-ul-Fittar Day.
    Teri Yaad was a dead flop film and the only attraction was film hero Nasir Khan, who was brother of the legendry Dillip Kumar. Asha Poslay was introduced as heroine, but she never became a successful film heroine. Her father Nath, was music director of this film.
    Actors Asha Poslay, Nasir Khan, Najma, Kiran, Rani, Ghulam Mohammad, Sardar Mohammad, Ghulam Qadir, Nazar & Jahangir
    Producer & Story: Deevan Sardari Lal Deewan Sardari Laal became the first ever film producer in Pakistan...
    Director Daud Chand
    Dialogs & Screenplay: Khadim Myhayyuddin
    Cinematography: Raza Mir Raza Mir was a top class cinematographer and he was also successful as film director with Lakhon mein ek and Naag Munni...
    Music Inayat Ali Naath
    Lyrics Qateel Shafai Qateel Shafai became the first film poet in Pakistan. He had a long and successful film career...
    Singers Munawar Sultana, Asha Poslay & Ali Bakhsh Zahoor
    Film songs:
    Teri yaad aye aye aur beeti beeti baton Asha Poslay
    A Dil walo, Saajan geye ham ujar geye Asha Posley
    Hamein to tha intezaar sara Chamman Asha Posley
    Chhalki jawani haye mera jiyara dole Asha Posley
    Barbad hai kyun mere Dil ka Gulistan Munawar Sultana
    Mera Dil dharak raha hai teri yaad Munawar Sultana
    Koyi mann peh mere chaaye re Ali Bakhsh Zahoor

    Total 1 Released Film
    • 0 Punjabi film
    Flop Urdu films
  • Teri Yaad
    Asha, Nasir, Nazar

    Lahore based
    "Indian films"
    - after partition

  • Hamari Galian
  • Bichhre Baalam
  • Rustum Suhrab
  • RC
  • Khamosh Nighen
  • Birhan
  • Ek roz

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