Alexei Shulgin

Research Fellow September - December 2003

Alexei Shulgin (1963) is an artist, curator, musician born in Moscow. He lives and works in Moscow and Helsinki

1988 Founded "Immediate Photography" group
1994 Created electronic photogallery "Hot Pictures" on the Internet
1995 Founded Moscow WWWArt Centre
1997 Invented Form Art
1997 Started
1998 Founded 386 DX cyberpunk rockband
1999 Webmaster at FUFME, Inc.
2000-2001 Professor at Pro Arte Institute, St. Petersburg
2002 Curator of Read_Me software art festival, Moscow
2003 Curator of Read_Me software art festival, Helsinki
Co-organizer of, a software art repository

Alexei has participated in hundreds of local and international exhibitions, festivals and conferences on photography / contemporary art/media art / communications. 386 DX band has given over a hundred performances worldwide.

Whilst a Research fellow at PZI Alexei Shulgin worked as a consulting developer for two innovative products dealing with facial recognition and visual spamming.

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