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Oxidation Potential of Ozone


Formula Oxidation Potential, (eV) Author Notes
Fluorine F 3.06 explosive in water
Hydroxyl Radical OH- 2.80 - very short half life (nano-seconds)
- can be created using ozone, hydrogen peroxide & UV light
Nascent Oxygen O- 2.42 - rapidly combines with itself to form O2, or combines with an O2 molecule to form O3
- can be created via corona discharge & UV ozone generation
Ozone O3 2.07 - excellent oxidizer in water or air
- reverts back to oxygen
- ideal for chemical synthesis & ozonolysis reactions
Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 1.77 liquid application only
Hypochlorous Acid HOCl 1.49 - primary ingredient in toilet bowl cleaners
- can give of toxic chlorine gas
Chlorine Cl2 1.36 - very toxic & poisonous
- disagreeable odor
Hypobromous Acid HOBr 1.33 - considered a weak acid
- unstable
Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 0.95 - used primarily for bleaching pulp wood

[Ullmann's, 1991]

The oxidation potential of ozone is 2.07 electron volts (eV).  It is one of the most powerful oxidants available for water treatment.

* The first three oxidants (fluorine, hydroxyl radical and nascent oxygen) were are not shown the the charge b/c they are not considered to be base oxidants.  All except fluorine, which is explosive in water, are created when 2 or more oxidants are utilized.

As one can easily see, ozone is the most powerful oxidant vs. the other listed.  The


In an aqueous solution, ozone may act on various compounds (M) in the following two ways (Hoigné and Bader, 1977a, 1977b, 1978):
- by direct reaction with the molecular ozone, and
- by indirect reaction with the radical species that are formed when ozone
decomposes in water.

The two basic reactions of ozone in water are illustrated in the figure below.

[Reactivity of ozone in Aqueous Solution (Langlais et al.; 1991)]


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