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September 28, 2003
Download an exclusive video clip showing Nejmeh Fans who packed Beirut Sports City Stadium in the unforgettable final match of the 2001/2002 championship against Sagesse on Sunday May 19, 2002. The match ended then with a [2-2] draw, and Nejmeh won the 4th. championship title. This clip has been edited, and added an audio track of Nejmeh Club's Anthem, and the famous song "Nejmeh Ya Hayete". Thanks to Mr. Abdulrahim El-Hoss for providing the VHS tape of the match originally broadcasted by Future TV.

September 25, 2003
Download Nejmeh goals
against Ahed in The Elite Cup 2003 final match by Ali Nassereddine: [ First Goal ] || [ Second Goal ]
(No Audio available)

September 25, 2003
Nejmeh team updates
1. The club released Ali Asaad & Zein El Abedin Saad on Thursday 25/09 in favor of Ikhaa Ahley Aley. Wishing both players good luck with their new team.
2. The club has released Rami Asaad last week in favor of Al-Mabarrah. Wishing Rami all the luck with his new team.
3. The club denies the rumours circulated by many local newspapers that Mohammad Kassas signed for Nejmeh on Wednesday 24/09. Till now, Kassas is still with his team.
4. Regarding the match against Flamengo of Sao Paolo, the club would like to clear several points:
- According to the term of the agreement with "Sports House" company, Nejmeh will face Flamengo Sao Paolo of Brazil.
- Bebeto, the famous Brazilian  player, will participate with Nejmeh team in this match.
- Flamengo Sao Paolo team includes Edimar, the former player of the Brazilian Olympic team.
- According to the documents presented by the company, Flamengo Sao Paolo participates in the First group of Sao Paolo state's First division championship (A2, Pro League), and the draw has put him in the same group together with great teams such as Santos, Sao Paolo, and Portuguesa. The Brazilian delegation coming to Beirut will include Jose George Farah Nito representing the Federation of Sao Paolo (Paolista).

September 24, 2003
Nejmeh team updates

1. The spectators of the Elite Cup's final match against Ahed wondered about the absence of Alphonse Tchami, the new Cameroonian player. The answer is that the club has voided the player's contract due to "Technical reasons". We wish the player all the luck in his career. The search for a second foreign player is underway, and the club has several alternatives. More updates will be added soon.
2. Salah Haddad has signed for Nejmeh last week at the LFA headquarters. Salah [27 yrs. old] who plays in the right wing position is an important benefit for Nejmeh squad. Welcome Salah, and Good luck!!

September 21, 2003
The 8th. Elite Cup
- The Final Match
Nejmeh won the Elite Cup for a record 5th time after beating Ahed 2-1..

September 18, 2003
Download Nejmeh goals against Safa
[ Moussa Hojeij ]
|| [ Abbas Atoui ]

September 16, 2003
The 8th. Elite Cup - The First Semifinal Match:
Nejmeh defeated Safa [6-5]..

September 11, 2003
The 8th. Elite Cup

Nejmeh defeated Tadamon Sour [2-1].. MORE

Download Nejmeh goals against Tadamon
[ Mohammad Halaweh ] || [ Moussa Hojeij ]

September 10, 2003
The 8th. Elite Cup
- The Opening Match
Nejmeh kicked off the new football season with a 1-0 win over Ansar.. MORE
Download Nejmeh's goal against Ansar in the Elite Cup by
[ Mohammad Halaweh ]

September 6, 2003
Nejmeh defeated Ansar [3-0] in the Jamal Taha Tribute match that took place on Saturday September 6, 2003 at 8:30 p.m. [Beirut Time]. The match goals were scored by Ali Nassereddine [68', 73'], & Akram Moghrabi [82']. Both teams participated in this match with mixed squads including players from each other. Jamal Taha left the match on the 15th. minute, and was honored by his club management, old teammates, and Nejmeh Club president Mr. Mohammad Fanj. Nejmeh new foreign players Mario Ivancovich & Alphonse Tchami watched the match among their teammates from the bench without participation. At the end of this event, We would like to wish Jamal Taha the success in his life and Football career as a coach.

September 6, 2003
Nejmeh Team updates

Mario Ivancovich [28 yrs. old], and Alphonse Tchami [32 yrs. old] have both signed for Nejmeh at the LFA headquarters early today. By importing these 2 players, our club management has added much strength to Nejmeh squad in the midfield, and the offense. The players are expected to participate with the team later today at 8:30 p.m. in the Jamal Taha Tribute Match. Welcome Alphonse, & Mario, and Good luck!!

September 5, 2003
Nejmeh Team updates
1. Mario Ivancovich [ 28 yrs. old] shall arrive to Beirut tonight at 2:00 a.m. [Beirut Time]. The Croatian player who has impressed the team's technical manager in the training sessions last month shall arrive to Beirut within the the next few hours to put a happy end to the story that troubled Nejmeh fans, and occupied the attention of the Media. Mario is expected to sign to Nejmeh at the LFA headquarters tomorrow [Saturday].
2. The international transfers papers of Alphonse Tchami has arrived today to Beirut, and the player is expected to sign for the Club at the LFA headquarters very soon after he has impressed the technical manager in the training sessions during the past few days.
3. Nejmeh shall face Al-Ansar tomorrow in the Jamal Taha Tribute Match at 8:30 p.m., Beirut Municipality stadium. All Nejmeh fans are invited to come to the stadium, honor the great Lebanese Football player, and watch our team with its new players.
4. LFA set the fixtures to the 8th. Elite Cup, Nejmeh's share included the following matches in the first group:
- September 9, 2003: Nejmeh vs. Ansar, 7:30 p.m., Beirut Municipality.
- September 11, 2003: Nejmeh vs. Tadamoun, 7:30 p.m., Beirut Municipality.
5. Lebanon defeated North Korea [1-0] on Thursday in the opening match of the Asian Cup qualification round. The goal was scored by none other than the newly signed Nejmeh defender Badawi Farah with a header on the 65th. minute. Other Nejmeh players in the squad included Khaled Hamieh, Yahia Hashem, & Abbas Atoui. Congratulations to our national team, and our players. The delegation shall come back to Beirut on the evening of the coming Sunday/ Monday at 1:30 a.m. [Beirut Time].

September 2, 2003
Nejmeh team updates

1. Nejmeh shall face Al-Ansar in The Jamal Taha Tribute Match on Saturday September 6, 2003 at 8:30 p.m. [BT], Beirut Municipality stadium. All Nejmeh fans are invited to attend this match to pay tribute to the great Lebanese & Ansar Football player.
2. The 8th. Elite Cup shall start on Tuesday September 9, 2003. In this direction, LFA committee held a draw on Friday August 29, 2003 with the presence of representatives of the 6 participating clubs, Nejmeh was placed in the first group together with Ansar, & Tadamon Sour. Nejmeh will open the tournament on Tuesday with a climax match against Ansar. The second group includes Olympic Beirut, Ahed, & Safa.
3. The rehabilitation process of Nejmeh stadium has started on August 26, 2003, and shall include implanting the field with a high quality grass, and increasing the capacity of the stadium to  accommodate more fans. The first team is currently training in Saida stadium.
4. The door is still open to sign new local and foreign players for the team. In this direction, Nejmeh team is still trying many foreign players among which the famous Cameroonian International player Alphonse Tchami [32 years old] [50 Intl. matches].
5. Nejmeh club board of directors has assigned the duties of the fans office to a new board that consisted of 26 members and is directed by Dr. Zouheir El-Khatib, a member of the club board of directors. The major positions were assigned to Mr. Ibrahim El-Houri [General Secretary], Mohamad El-Rabaa [ Vice president to the general secretary and head of the Stadiums' committee], Bilal Arakji [Vice president to the general Secretary], & Ibrahim Asha'er [Assistant to the General Secretary].

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