einstein relativity e=mc2

Einstein's theory of relativity is insignificant and childish yet it is by many considered: "the biggest theory in physics" :-) Einstein himself is considered to be substitute of the word "genius".

He is worshipped by ignorant masses, who refuse to think for themselves and need to be told what is "oh-so-smart". Anybody who is against Einstein is automatically dismissed as "anti-semantic" and "anti-genius" :-) Any opponents are fought with insanity like a sex drive >:)

The truth behind the fact why Einstein's theories are thought of highly, is that MEDIA SAYS SO. Media think that physicists think highly of Einstein. In turn, physicists see that in MEDIA. They think that his theories must be true because, media is supposed to get their information from the best experts, who of course must be always Jewish, like Einstein :) Most of them don't believe in Einstein's theories anyway.

1. Einstein claims that, if he moved away from the clock at the speed of light, the time would stop. The light from the stationary clock would never reach him, and he wouldn't know what time is it.

However, not knowing what time is it doesn't stop the time! lol.

The inability to see the clock doesn't stop the time. If it did, we would destroy all clocks and live forever...The idea that time depends on the clock, is childish.

2. The horizontal displacement of the moving clock doesn't affect the speed of light beam bouncing inside! It's Galileo's Relativity.

3. Einstein's "corrections" of Galileo's Relativity are LOGICALLY INVALID because, you can't "correct" proven theory with unfounded speculations. Being "genius Einstein" doesn't change that.

4. Einstein claims that, the time goes slower in the moving clock than in stationary clock. He said that, the light from the moving clock would travel longer distance after 1 second than the light bouncing inside stationary clock. Einstein's illustration is as erroneous, as his reasoning:

  The light from the moving clock (blue), doesn't go half way up, then half way down. This is a mistake made by presuming that there are THREE clocks at the same time. However it's the SAME clock, therefore, the light beam CAN'T bounce off the P A S T position of the SAME clock :)

einstein relativity e=mc2

The light from the moving clock travels in straight line (red line in the pictures below). After 1 second, the moving clock (middle) sends a light beam to stationary clock (left). After 2 seconds the moving clock is in different place (right)! And it's NOT IN THE MIDDLE ANYMORE! And since it's NOT in the middle, the light from it can't bounce of that clock's PAST POSITION! Hence, it travels undisturbed in the straight line!


einstein relativity e=mc2

5. Beams in stationary and moving clocks will bounce with the same speed, therefore ticking the same number of times (yellow arrows). The moving clock doesn't change the speed of bouncing beam inside. It can't. The distances between the sides of both clocks don't change, neither does the speed of light. The movement of the clock is irrelevant to the movement of light beam inside it. The same way, train can't affect the time of falling ball inside the train. Hence, the time is the same in both clocks.

einstein relativity e=mc2

That means that both clocks will measure the same time for themselves. But how will the stationary clock measure the time from the moving clock?

6. The light from the moving clock would reach the stationary clock with time delay equal to the time it takes the light to travel to stationary clock. If the moving clock sends a beam to stationary after 1 s then the light will travel 300 000km/s with the speed of 300 000 km/s and it will get there 1 s later. The delay will be 1 s. No magic here. After 2 s the light from the moving clock will take 2 s to travel 600 000 km. Now the delay will be 2 s. No magic here either...

einstein relativity e=mc2

7. EXAMPLE: learning about Julius Cesar 2500 years after his death will NOT MAKE HIM 2500 YEARS OLD! You simply learned about his death with delay. The experiments showing "longer particle life" at the speeds close to speed of light, show not "longer life", but DELAYED information about the death of a particle.


8. Einstein CONTRADICTS himself and is INCONSISTENT. He says that the speed of light is always constant, independent of the speed of the observer. THEN he says that, the faster the moving clock would move away from the stationary clock, the bigger the time dilation! Now, if the speed of light was always constant the time dilation (if any) would have to be ALWAYS THE SAME!

8. Speed of Light and Time:

If two watches have identical mechanisms they have to measure the same time regardless of their speeds. Even if their mechanisms were affected by gravity, it would only mean that their mechanisms were affected by gravity and NOT speed at which they were travelling.

9. Twin paradox:

Proposal that the twin travelling at higher speed would age slower than, the other twin are silly because, we age because of physiological processes, not "travelling". The blood will not stop flowing if you are in a spaceship going at the speed of light. It's basic rule of Galileo's Relativity.

10. When astronauts communicate with Earth their words are not "stretched", because of higher speed of spaceship. Even if a husband talked to his wife for 60 minutes from the space and it was measured as 10 minutes on Earth, they STILL spent the same time with each other! Hence, it would simply take different unit of time for them to talk.

11. Who said that the time has to be measured with LIGHT WAVE? What if the time in the clock could be measured with e.g a sound wave? What if the time was measured with electronic or mechanical clocks? Would the springs care at what speed they travel? How would they know the difference?!

12. The Straw That Broke Camel's Back (Pic.5, below)

The only part of physics where "relativity" applies is "relative error"... >: )

If you travel with the speed of 100 m/s, you will pass the distance of 100 meters in 1 second. If you travel at 200 m/s, you will cover the distance of 200 metres in 1 second. The SPEED doubled so the DISTANCE travelled doubled, but the 1 second time it took to travel the distance remains the same...

einstein relativity e=mc2

In an equation with 3 variables, there must be one "variable" that is CONSTANT for the equation to be mathematically correct! In the equation for time, time = distance/speed. Time is that CONSTANT.

It is proven mathematically, 1 second = 1 second, therefore it is constant. Time is ALWAYS CONSTANT.

13. Einstein's claim that the Speed of Light is Constant independent of the speed of the observer is INSANE. He says that c + a = c where "a" is different than zero. lol. The light beam has constant speed (pic.6).

einstein relativity

However, the perception of the observer depends on HIS SPEED. (Pic.7).

einstein relativity e=mc2

14. The idea that the speed of light appears the same for all observers is contradicting Doppler's effect. The light is a wave, just like sound wave used by Doppler. The proper equation for the speed of light as perceived by an observer moving toward it is:

c'= c+v
c' – speed of light perceived by an observer
c -- speed of light, 300 000 km/s
v -- the net velocity of the observer relative to the light beam

For the observer moving away from the measured beam of light it is:
c'= c-v

15. Light is NOT the Limit of Speed

Can anything travel faster than light? Imagine a spaceship going at the speed of light and turning the headlights on. As seen from the ship, the light travels with the speed of light. As seen by stationary observer, the beam travels at two speeds of light. (Pic.8)

einstein relativity e=mc2

16. Disproving "Spacetime"

In "Relativity" pg. 32, Einstein says: "Relative to K', the same event would be fixed in respect of space and time by corresponding values x', y,' z', t', which of course are not identical with x, y, z, t."

Now, it is incorrect to say that THE SAME EVENT can have DIFFERENT properties of space and time. Such statement is logically incorrect.

X, y, z are dimensions of length, measured in units of length. However, "t" is time, measured in units of time. Nobody proved that time is "dimention". Einstein arbitrarily put together x, y, z and t as if it was an axiom! The same event will never have different x, y, z, and t even if different observers decided to create separate frames of reference. The event will have his own location and his own time. However, different observers will get the message about at different time because of different distance to the event! The universe has only one frame of reference, itself. On Earth we call the frame the Cartesian system of coordinates.

Example: a bomb explodes in Moscow at Moscow time. Observer in New York will see it coming from Moscow and observer in Sydney will see it coming from Moscow. Therefore, the time is absolute. The location is the same (Moscow) and the time is the same (Moscow time), but because of different distance to the observers, the information of the explosion will be transmitted in different time. The flash will come later. (Pic.9)

einstein relativity e=mc2

17. "Space-Time"

Just like length can't be compared to weight, time can't be compared to dimentions. There is no "space-time", just like there is no "length-weight". The dimentions move in time, just like weight moves over length. But trying to actually connect them is science fiction. Another example is cat and gorilla. There is a cat, and there is a gorilla. Both exist. However there is no cat-gorilla, even if cat was sitting on a gorilla.(Pic.10).

einstein relativity e=mc2

18. E=mc2 Is Science Fiction

If the Energy of a body was E=mc2, then two bodies as different as apple and bacon would have the same energy of 90 000 000 000 000 kg*km2/s2. Ask yourself, how can two bodies with different properties have the SAME energy? Did you ever go on a diet? Did bacon and apples have the same energy?

19. The energy of a body doesn't depend on it's mass and the speed of light, because both of them are mutually irrelevant. Property of a light wave has nothing to do with energy of an apple! It will probably never even have a chance to travel at that speed. Why then should its "energy" depend on something so irrelevant? The only energy that depends on the speed of light, is the energy of light. The energy of "a body" CAN'T depend on "speed" of something else! It represents the same lack of logic as statement: "Because the grass is green... your car must be green!"

20. The "energy of a body" cannot increase with increase in the velocity at which it is travelling, because in frictionless space it would have to create energy from within itself and that is against the conservation of energy law! Where would the extra energy come from?

21. Einstein's theories are not part of "nuclear science", because none of them is relevant.

22. The Lorentz transformation

Describing Superman doesn't prove Superman's existance. Describing Einstein's ideas by Einstein's friend doesn't prove Einstein's delusions. Any mathematician knows that you can mathematically describe any theory! Lorentz transformation is a mathematical representation of Einstein's ideas.

23. His time dilation is derived from seeing the light from the clock left behind as DELAYED. Interestingly he CONTRADICTS HIS OWN POSTULATE THAT THE LIGHT TRAVELS WITH THE S A M E SPEED INDEPENDENTLY OF THE SPEED OF THE OBSERVER. The observer moving away from the clock, should STILL SEE THE LIGHT FROM THE CLOCK LEFT BEHIND IN THE SAME TIME AS IF HE WASN'T MOVING AWAY FROM IT.



24. E=mc2 and other Einstein's equations for length, mass and energy changes at higher speeds, are erroneous because, they are derived from his incorrect theory of "relative time".

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