John Guckenheimer

Professor of Mathematics and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 

565 Malott Hall
(607) 255-8290


Curriculum Vitae





1966 B.A. Harvard University
1970 Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

1969 Visiting Lecturer, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro
1969-70 Senior Research Fellow, University of Warwick
1970-72 Member, Institute for Advanced Study
1972-73 Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1973-75 Assistant Professor, University of California,  Santa Cruz
1975-79 Associate Professor, University of California,  Santa Cruz
1979-85 Professor, University of California,  Santa Cruz
1979 Visiting Member, Courant Institute of Mathematical  Sciences, New York University
1980 Member, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques
1983-84 Member, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
1984 Member, Mittag-Leffler Institute
1988--89 Member, Institute for Advanced Study
1989 Professeur Invitee, Universite de Nice
1985- Professor, Cornell University
1989-97 Director, Center for Applied Mathematics, Cornell University
1991-97 Director of Research Programs, Cornell Theory Center
1997-98 Member, IMA, University of Minnesota

1976-78 Chairman, Mathematics Department UCSC
1984 Guggenheim Fellow
1983-85  Founding chairman, University of California  Coordinating Committee on Nonlinear Science
1982-85  Board of Directors, Mathematical Sciences  Research Institute
1986-92   Board of Editors, Physica D
1988--91 Advisory Committee, European Science Foundation Network on Nonlinear Science
1989-98 Board of Editors, SIAM Review
1989-91 Advisory Board, Mathematical Sciences Institute, Cornell University
1992-96 Advisory Board, The Geometry Center, University of Minnesota
1993  Chair, Provost's Task Force on the Mathematical Sciences, Cornell University
1994-1996 Board of Trustees, SIAM
1995- Board of Editors, Journal of Experimental Mathematics 
1996 President Elect, SIAM
1997-98 President, SIAM
1997-98 Chair, Organizing Committee, IMA Program in Emerging Applications of Dynamical Systems
1999 Past President, SIAM
1999 Amick Lecturer, University of Chicago