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Long Branch's Ocean Boulevard Completion Leads to Oceanfront Renewal: T&M Associates Designed and Supervised Improvements

Last year the final section of the improvement of Ocean Boulevard in Long Branch was completed, and this set the stage for planned beachfront development which has begun to follow. Completion of the $14 million project allows the city to vacate existing Ocean Avenue, on e block east and running parallel to Ocean Boulevard along the beachfront. This returns a valuable portion of land to pedestrians and bicyclists and is a key element in the economic revitalization of the oceanfront area.

The planning and developmental phase for Ocean Boulevard dates back to the late 1920s. Although funds for the work were not available at that time, outside financing was obtained thirty years later for the completion of a portion of the project from Brighton Avenue to South Bath Avenue. T&M, or its principals, have been involved in planning and development of Ocean Boulevard for nearly thirty years. A number of individuals from the firm were especially pleased to see the project completed.

Actual construction of the final segment of Ocean Boulevard began in 1975 and was completed in three separate contracts. State and federal aid were used to complete each section of the work which included drainage improvements and roadway widening.

The northernmost segment of the Boulevard, three-quarter mile section extending from Route 36 to Ocean Avenue in Monmouth Beach, was completed during late 1983. Funded by the NJ DOT at a cost of $2.95 million, the work was constructed by Stavola Contracting Company and completed on time and within budget.

Long Branch's latest segment of the project included the section from Broadway to Route 36 (Joline Avenue). The $4.7 million contract included the construction of a major stormwater collection system discharging to the Atlantic Ocean after passing under the beach front. This ocean outfall consisted of more than 1,050 feet of 53" x 83" concrete elliptical pipe with galvanized steel reinforcing. The pipe structure was partially supported with timber piles and, at its discharge over the beach, covered with huge cap-stone to protect it from heavy seas.

The contract was completed by J.A. Cavanaugh Contractors and opened to traffic during October 1985. Since the work was completed, daily traffic has approached 15,000 vehicles, with a seasonal peak almost 50 percent higher. The finished project provides a smoother flow of traffic throughout the city and eliminates the congestion that was experienced in prior years. Donna Delisa, a Long Branch resident recently noted "a visit to the new beachfront is now a pleasure."

T&M Associates' designs and preparation of construction plans for Ocean Boulevard was accomplished under the direction of executive vice president Edward Broberg, P.E., P.P. Key staff involved with the preparation were Dennis Mantlick P.E., Libby Woodward P.E., Cathy McDermott, Rich Davis, and Paul Miller P.E. Following completion of construction of the Boulevard, Long Branch has embarked on the construction of Ocean Promenade, a masonry boardwalk paralleling the entire beachfront.

Private interest development activities directly related to the completion of Ocean Boulevard include extensive site development throughout the city and the construction on the oceanfront. The new facility, Ocean Promenade and refurbished pier and amusement area are the focal point of Long Branch's redevelopment efforts along the shoreline. For many residents of the city, it is a dream come true.