Inprint - Nine to Five Magazine
Issue 505 6th July 1998

nine to five article Dedicated to the art of body painting is the magazine launch of Body Paint Portfolio.

The popularity of the age old art form of body painting is universal.
From celebrities who pose in front of cameras for dramatic colour images
(Demi Moore, Vanity Fair November 1992 issue), to tiny villages
in remote areas (Henna tattoos: Pakistan and India), body painting
has for many centuries been a rich and cultural artform in global society.

"Body painting has become culture and art in every society", says editor of Body
Paint Portfolio, Arthur Renforth. "We are seeing video clips and movies being enriched
with body paints more and more. In the music industry, examples of body painting
inlcude the video clips of the Cranberries Zombie, Tom Petty Learning To Fly and Mick
Jagger in Sweet Thing", adds Renforth.

Body painting, where the canvas is a living object, is quite unlike any other art form,
because it is very transient. Originals can only be admired for a few hours!
In fact, the roots of body painting can be traced back to the most ancient civilisations
to the famous hand prints left on cave walls. Many theories exist as to why we started
painting our bodies in the first place. Some believe we do it as a type of artificial
protection. Others say it is to improve our image. Perhaps it is to find a mate or to
terrify our enemies. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is certain, body painting
definitely attracts attention because of the very subtle eroticism!

Says Mr Renforth, "Our aim in publishing Body Paint Portfolio is to show many varied
aspects of body painting and showcase the extraordinary talents of the artists who spend hours
conceiving and carrying out the works of art. Body Painting is a marriage of art and life,
of body and mind and of reality and symbols."

Body Paint Portfolio is a full-colour,semi-gloss magazine featuring 80 plus illustrated pages.