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Illegal immigration is one of the most critical issues we face as a nation. With an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in our country, and nearly 200 thousand in Colorado alone, we must stop the overwhelming flow by first and foremost securing our borders. In congress, I will continue the fight Congressman Tancredo has lead for many years and vote against any legislation that would grant amnesty to those who entered our country illegally.

Fiscal Responsibility:
As a former member of the State Legislature, and a former State Treasurer, I have a record of standing up for the taxpayer and understand the enormous importance of having a conservative fiscal policy. I believe it is essential that we make every effort to lower the tax burden on working American families, eliminate both the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and the Death tax, and put an end to out of control spending in Washington. It is our responsibility to leave our children and grandchildren an America better than the one we inherited, and without common sense fiscal discipline in Washington I fear we will tragically fall short of that goal.

Twice Awarded the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, "Taxpayer Champion", award as the highest rated State Senator.

Sanctity of Life:
In America we have a long tradition of promoting life as an unalienable right, and I will always be an unapologetic advocate for the right to life in all its stages.

Colorado's Sixth District encompasses some of the fastest growing communities in the nation, and having a high quality transportation infrastructure is vitally important to our ability to continue to meet the needs of our citizens. As a member of Congress, I will work tirelessly to ensure our district is getting the funds necessary to improve our existing roads, as well as create new outlets to our continually expanding communities.

2nd Amendment:
I have been, and in Congress will continue to be, a strong advocate for our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. As a military veteran I also understand the necessity of gun safety programs and the availability of shooting ranges, and in Congress will support the expansion of such efforts.

Awarded an A+ rating by the NRA (2006).

War on Terror:
Today we are faced with an enemy unlike any other we have confronted in the history of our Nation. The threat of radical extremists who have hijacked a religion and declared global jihad against the United States and our allies is the most frightening reality we face. As a combat veteran, I understand the enormous importance of defending our country, and as a Member of Congress, my principle duty will be to ensure the continued safety of our citizens. I will support all efforts to complete the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan, and advocate for policies that seek to stabilize and transition the responsibility of continued security to their respective governments. I also believe the United States must adopt policies that shift the focus away from nation building operations, and move towards strengthening our conventional military in order to deter future aggression.

U.S. and Israel Partnership:
The United States and Israel share a common enemy, Radical Islamic fascism. The Radical Islamists are determined to destroy the United States, Israel and the very culture of Western Civilization. They believe they are entitled to subjugate and oppress all who do not think exactly as they do, allowing no dissent, repressing women and worshiping death in the name of jihad. As a member of Congress, I will work to maintain and strengthen that unique bond of friendship and mutual assistance between our nations. I will work to assure that the United States and Israel continue to stand shoulder to shoulder to counter the spread of state sponsored terrorism and Radical Islam, prevent the development of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction by nations and groups who would destroy us and guarantee the sovereignty of Israel. Read more >>

The healthcare problems we face in our country are real; however, if we want the United States to continue to lead the world in quality healthcare we must insist that the free market principles of choice and competition are part of the solution. In Congress, I will work to lower costs and increase access by expanding the Health Savings Account (HSA) program, and seek to allow small business the option to ban together in order to offer group health benefits to their employees.

Colorado is a special place in part because of our scenic environment and our abundance of open space and trails. I believe we must work to conserve our natural resources and promote common sense pro-growth policies that work in tandem with our responsibilities as stewards of our land.

One of our most precious natural resources is our water. As a Member of Congress I will support measures to preserve and protect Reuter Hess, Chatfield, and the Cherry Creek Reservoirs, as they are the lifeline of water supplies to our district. I will also fight to ensure Colorado is getting the water guaranteed to us in our federal water compacts.

We as Americans enjoy freedoms, liberty, and a way of life unparalleled throughout the world. When in the course of our Nation's history these freedoms have been threatened, brave men and women have stepped forward to defend that which makes us great. America, in return, has made a promise to those who have donned the uniform, and in Congress I will never compromise in ensuring that promise is kept. I will maintain an unrelenting commitment to guarantee the highest quality of care and services to our veterans.

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