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AMD K6® -2+ Mobile Product Brief
AMD K6® -III+ Mobile Product Brief
AMD K6® -III-P Mobile Product Brief
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Mobile AMD-K6®-III-P Mobile Product Brief
  • The Highest Performance Available for x86 Notebook Computing
  • Excels on Business Applications and 3D Graphics/Multimedia
  • TriLevel Cache™ Design
  • Leading-Edge System Features For Notebook Computing
  • Lower Cost of OwnershipCompatible with the Windows® Universe
The Highest Performance Available for x86 Notebook Computing
The Mobile AMD-K6®-III-P family of processors offers the highest performance on common business applications for x86 notebook computing today. Based on an advanced x86, sixth-generation architecture, with AMD's innovative TriLevel Cache™ design and a 100 MHz front-side bus, the Mobile AMD-K6-III-P is available in clock speeds up to 450 MHz. The Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor outperforms the Mobile Pentium® II and transforms your notebook PC into a high-performance computing environment.

Excels on Business Applications and 3D Graphics/Multimedia
Whether you work in the Microsoft® Windows® 98 or Windows NT® operating environment, the Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor delivers the highest mobile processor performance available on mainstream business applications. In addition, the Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor incorporates AMD's innovative 3DNow!™ technology for incredible 3D graphics and multimedia capabilities.

More than 15 million processors with 3DNow! technology have been shipped for desktop and notebook PCs. With widespread support from Microsoft and the x86 software developer community, 3DNow! technology is enabling a new generation of visually compelling applications by providing up to four times the peak floating point performance of previous-generation solutions.

TriLevel Cache™ Design
The Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor's innovative TriLevel Cache™design provides a large 64KB L1 cache, a 256KB L2 cache operating at full processor speed, and up to 1MB of available L3 cache on the external 100 MHz front-side bus. This combination of the largest and fastest cache memory subsystem in the x86 notebook PC industry gives the Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor its performance edge over competing mobile Pentium® II solutions.

Leading-Edge System Features For Notebook Computing
The Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor is compatible with advanced notebook designs based on the Super7™ platform. Super7 platform-based notebook systems offer advanced features, such as a 100 MHz front-side bus and AGP graphics that enable the Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor to achieve its full performance potential in notebook environments.

Lower Cost of Ownership
While the Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor provides industry-leading performance, it is priced competitively and is available in notebook systems starting at under $2499. AMD continues to lead the mobile industry in offering the best system performance for the price. Whether you are a large corporate user or an individual business buyer, you can now have premium performance at an affordable price.

Compatible with the Windows® Universe
If it's from AMD, it's compatible. The Mobile AMD-K6-III-P processor has undergone extensive compatibility testing with Windows 98, Windows NT, and other leading operating systems. The Mobile AMD-K6-III-P is also compatible with more than 60,000 software applications, including the latest 3DNow! and MMX™technology-enhanced software. As the world's second largest supplier of processors for the Windows environment, AMD has shipped more than 50 million Windows compatible CPUs in the last five years.

Mobile AMD-K6®-III-P Processor Features
  • High processor clock speeds ­ up to 450 MHz today
  • Advanced TriLevel Cache design for improved system performance
    • Large 64KB on-chip L1 cache
    • 256KB on-chip backside L2 cache operating at full processor speeds
    • Support for off-chip L3 cache of up to 1MB
  • 100 MHz front-side bus for fast system memory and I/O access
  • Innovative 3DNow! technology for high-performance 3D graphics, sound, and video
  • Superscalar MMX technology for a rich multimedia experience
  • Low-voltage, 0.25-micron, 5-layer-metal silicon process technology
  • Reduced power consumption for mobile computing
  • 9.3 million transistors

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