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James Arthur Baldwin (1924-1987)
Biography, selected bibliography
James Baldwin
Biography from Africana.com
James Arthur Baldwin
Timeline of Baldwin's life
James Baldwin
Biography, bibliography, annotated online index, writing
assignments; from Longman English Literature
James Baldwin
American Masters - James Baldwin
Biographical sketch, major works; from PBS
James Baldwin
Biographical sketch; from American Writers
Random House, Inc. Presents James Baldwin
Biography, books, excerpt, links
James Baldwin
Photo. Carl Mydans/LIFE

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James Baldwin Bibliography
Biography, major works, criticism
James Baldwin Pathfinder
Bibliographical references for those doing research

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Re-viewing James Baldwin: Things not seen (Book Review)
Article, "African American Review"Winter, 2000.
"Payin' one's dues": expatriation as personal experience and paradigm in the works of James Baldwin
Article by Robert Tomlinson, "African American Review,"
Spring, 1999.
Beneath the Black aesthetic: James Baldwin's primer of Black American masculinity. (African American gay author)
Article by Andrew Shin, "African American Review," Summer, 1998
James Baldwin
Timeline; space down for excerpts of criticism of his works
James Baldwin: Early Novels and Stories (Book Review)
By Terry Teachout, "National Review," Feb. 9, 1998
I'm not the boy you want": sexuality, "race," and thwarted revolution in Baldwin's 'Another County.'
Article by Kevin Ohi, in "African American Review,"
Summer, 1999.
The Fire Last Time
Review and criticism of Baldwin's work by David Va Leer, UC Davis
James Baldwin: An Appreciation
From Boston Book Review. By John Stevenson. Essay on Baldwin and his work
The Fire Next Time
(Modern Library Series) Barnes & Noble site has criticism
Amazon Book Review. The Fire Next Time
Go Tell It on the Mountain
Amazon Books site has criticism
Go Tell It on the Mountain
Barnes & Noble site has criticism
Intro to Lit: Response Paper on Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues"
By Gina Vafiadis; from Rob Callahan, Temple University page
The Amen Corner Theatre Review
By John Heathcote. From Flame Magazine


James Baldwin Quotes
Why Baldwin Wrote "Sonny's Blues"!
Interview quotation, from Conversations with James Baldwin
A Case Study of Three Authors
How does an author's experience influence his works?
Includes Alduous Huxley, James Baldwin, Charlotte Perkins Gillman.
Includes excerpts from A Conversation with James Baldwin
James Baldwin Home
E-text of his last essay in Essence Magazine, "Whose Harlem Is
This Anyway," 1986
Excerpt. Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone
From Random House
Foreward to Bobby Seale's A Lonely Rage
An Extract from Notes of the Amen Corner
By Baldwin circa 1954. Reprinted by Flame Magazine

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Lesson Plans

Random House Teacher's Guide. The Fire Next Time & Nobody Knows My Name
How the African-American Storyteller Impacts the Black Family and Society
Unit plan by Barbara P. Moss. Black History Month, Afro-American Literature, Black Folktales for Grade 6. From Yale New Haven Lesson Plans
The Blues Impulse in Drama: Lessons on Racial Pain
Uses "The Blues for Mr. Charlie"; drama; grades 8-12. By
Paul Edward Turtola; From Yale-New Haven Lesson Plans
"the family on stage in the Americas"
Grades 7 to 12; families; English, Drama, Humanities;
monologues; The Amen Corner
A Guide Through the Culture of the Blues
Uses The Biography of "James Baldwin" by David Leeming. Music &
American History; Grades 7-12; By Sloan E. Williams III;
From Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
James Baldwin. Classroom Issues & Strategies
From Heath Anthology
"Come Out of the Wilderness"
Contemporary American Short Stories Teacher's Guide from Ballantine
Mississippi Dept. of Education. Language Arts Curriculum Framework 1996
See African American Literature; includes suggested teaching strategies

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Selected ERIC Resources

For abstracts, please search AskEric directly.

"The Archetype of Initiation in Selected Novels of Black Adolescence"

"Go Tell It On the Mountain"; By Joye Pettigrew. ED064714
"Black Literature Revisited: _ "Sonny's Blues"
Elaine R. Ognibene. EJ033513
"Understanding Others: Cultural and Cross-Cultural Studies and the Teaching of Literature"
"Sonny's Blues"; By Joseph Trimmer and Tilly Warnock, editors. ED352649
"Teaching James Baldwin"
By Phillip Lopate. EJ556718.
"Images of the Negro in American Literature. Patterns of Literary Criticism, No. 5"
By Seymour L. Gross, and John Edward Hardy, editors. ED025528
"A Letter to James Baldwin"
By Robert R. Olivier. EJ304060.
"Black City Lights: Baldwin's City of the Just"
"Go Tell It on the Mountain"; By James M. Hughes. EJ371448
"Thematic Patterns in Baldwin's Essays: A Study in Chaos"
By Eugene Collier. EJ059142
"James Baldwin's Message for White America"
By Gregory Mowe and W. Scott Nobles. EJ056654
"Sacred Sounds in the Humanities"
"Sonny's Blues"; By Robert A. Kelly. ED301523
"'Sonny's Blues' : James Baldwin's Image of Black Community"
By John M. Reilly. EJ023028
"Toward a Theater of Understanding"
By Frank Silvera. EJ011762
"Black Writers and American Values"
By Mary Rose Shaugnessy. EJ154382
"James Baldwin's Style : A Prospectus for the Classroom"
By John F. Fleischauer. EJ130826
"Visions of America: Personal Narratives from the Promised Land. A Multicultural Anthology of Autobiography and Essay"
"Autobiography. The Bobbs-Merrill Series in Composition and Rhetoric"
By Maurianne Adams, editor. ED041915
"Native Sons: A Critical Study of Twentieth-Century Negro American Authors"
By Edward Margolies. ED039252
"Black Literature? Of Course!"
"Go Tell It On the Mountain"; By Donna Geyer. ED034772
"Sweet Words So Brave: The Story of African American Literature"
"Coming from the Heart: Black Students on Literacy Experiences"
By Elaine Richardson. ED395317
"Multi-Cultural Literacy. The Graywolf Annual Five. Opening the American Mind"
By Geoffrey Summerfield and Judith Summerfield. ED305622
"Mothers and Sons: Androgynous Relationships in African-West Indian and African-American Novels of Youth"
"Go Tell It On the Mountain"; EJ455252
"Growing Up as a Minority in America: Four African-American Writers' Testimony"
By Leonard Slade, Jr. EJ428257

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