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April 20, 2008, 6:32 am PDT
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    Hammer Beta
    [Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 12:52pm PDT] Chris 'autolycus' Bokitch - comments (182) comments disabled

    This document contains the latest information on the Hammer 3.5 public beta! Download the beta, then come back and post your feedback and suggestions.


    Be sure to read the changelog and notes, below. The Hammer beta file below contains a copy of hammer.exe. It should be copied over your old Hammer executable. If you need to revert to the original version of Hammer, you can download the original executable here. Make sure you also download the updated FGDs.


    This is the current changelog. It must be stressed that this is a work in progress, not a final release, so your comments and feedback are quite valuable.

    • added model rendering in the 3D view
    • added pointfile viewing to the 3D view
    • modified Half-Life and DoD FGDs to add model viewing support
    • improved the texture application tool and advanced compile mode dialog UI
    • separate pitch, yaw, and roll angle compasses added to entity properties
    • "animate models" toggle in 3d options
    • adjustable viewdistance for models in 3d options
    • selectable animation sequences
    • customizable 3D view background color
    • more to come


    • The angle compasses in the entity properties still don't work. They have not been hooked up yet. Note, though, that you can rotate models in the 2D views in the same way that you would rotate a brush model. To easily disable the default 15�, hold down Shift while you rotate an object.
    • There is an issue that occurs when you load a second map in Hammer. As explained by Matt, the textures aren't being re-generated for opengl (glGenTextures), so the models think they have a texture loaded and call glBindTexture, but get nothing, as the textures arent in there. Just something to be aware of, if you run into the problem.
    • To make model preview work, you must use the Half-Life FGD (or modify your mod FGD as outlined below) and unpack your PAK file's models folder to Half-Life\valve\models (or the applicable mod folder). You can find PAK file utilities in the Half-Life Utilities page. You must also make sure the Mod and Game Directory settings in your Game Configuration settings (accessible throught Tools -> Options) are set correctly.
    • The new masked-texture model format is supported. The masked areas of these models will be transparent in the editor.

    FGD modification

    Making Models Appear

    To make a model appear in the 3D view, three things must be done. First, the "Game Directory" (and/or "Mod Directory") property in Tools / Options / Game Configurations must be set. Second, the models must be unpacked into the proper folder. Third, the entity definition in the FGD must include the studio() helper. This is done one of two ways.

    case 1:
    @PointClass studio() = entity_name
         model(studio) : "Model"

    In this case, the entity initially appears as the flatshaded box we've come to know and love, until a model is specified for its "model" property, at which time the model is then displayed in the 3D view.

    case 2:
    @PointClass studio("models/some_model.mdl") = entity_name []

    In this case, the model is explicitly defined in the entity properties, and will always appear as this model in Hammer's 3D view.

    Note that in either case, the model must be present in the specified folder or it will simply appear as the flatshaded box.

    Setting Model Animation Sequences

    To enable the ability to set the animation sequence of a model in the 3D view, a "sequence" property must be added to an entity. The value of "sequence" is an integer corresponding to the animation in the model. For example, the monster_hgrunt_dead entity in the FGD has the following property added to it:

    sequence(Choices) : "Animation Sequence (editor)" : 44 =
         44 : "deadstomach"
         45 : "deadside"
         46 : "deadsitting"

    This could just have easily been setup as an integer, as the Choices variable type just lets you give a list of integers with descriptive names to choose from.

    Note that the animation sequence setting only affects the display of the model in the editor, not in the game. This is mainly useful for differentiating between things like monster_scientist, monster_sitting_scientist, and monster_scientist_dead, which would otherwise all show the same model, plus it will greatly aid in the placement of scripted sequences.

    article created on Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 03:33am PDT
    this item has been viewed 4460 times
    [Worldcraft/Hammer Editor / general]

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    Chris "Jabyaeye" Roys
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 04:14am PDT

      WOOOHOOO!!!!! A brand-new shiny Hammer!!!


    Chris 'autolycus' Bokitch
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 04:16am PDT

      Mind you, this is beta. Eventually, it'll be version 3.5, with a full installer and whatnot. The updated FGDs will be included as well.


    Marc 'Delete_Me' Henry
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 04:22am PDT

      I've created a post on the forums for the rather off topic replies this event will get. For everyone wanting to comment on something other than a bug or suggestion, please go here.


    Chris 'autolycus' Bokitch
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 04:25am PDT

      Simple comments are welcome too. Especially on the UI changes.


    Marc 'Delete_Me' Henry
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 04:40am PDT

      UI Suggestion. Instead of having the Animation Selection (editor) option in the Objects Properties dialog, put it in it's own little toolbar located right under the VISGroups sidebar. It would be greyed out until the user selects an enitity that displays a model, as not to cause confusion of people trying to change the animation of their multimanagers ;) This would greaty shorten the time it takes to change the animation showing, expecially if the user doesn't want to open/download HLMV and count which animation has which number.

    Also, I think it would be helpful if Hammre parsed the models it displayed for the names of the animations, and put them in a dropdown, but I won't get too picky.


    Eddy 'Cobra' Loughton
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 05:14am PDT

      I have just started a large mapping project for a mod, i really can't afford to change anything now - but the changes sound good.

    excellent stuff auto :o


    Michiel "MuzzleFlash" Breddels
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 05:18am PDT

      ARGH. I want model support activated but i don't know anything about C++.



    Michiel "MuzzleFlash" Breddels
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 05:25am PDT

      LOL. never mind. got it working. WREED!!!! KEWL



    Henning 'Sa74n' Horstmann
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 05:27am PDT

      i knew its DoD :D


    Geoff "DarkDruid" Bathauer
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 05:41am PDT

      And you might want to mention to extract your model files from the pack into the valve/models/ folder. Thats the only thing that threw me off :)


    Patrick 'ComCray' Kanne
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 05:51am PDT

      And then suggestions and such go here.. okay..
    since I AM a little picky I do have those "and such"

    One of my main targets with 'hacking' teh hammre in reshack was to create as much screen-real-estate for the edit windows as possible. When I took a good look at the interface it became obvious I had to rescale the helper windows (texture&entity; props' ) as vertical as possible since vertical was wat the sidebars dictated.
    This worked quite well for the texture pallet and it first seemed to work for the entity tab-thingy.. but alas, I haven't been able to move that one hidden formfield which shows up when you click a property.. :(

    In this new version things actually turned out worse. not only did the texture thingy grow beyond proportions, the entitie tab now takes up about 85% of any given edit window. And this is an a 17''@1280x1024. *shudders when thinking of 1024x186 and below users).* When I take a serious look at what happened I see a lot of wasted space in said tools.
    In the texture aplication toolI see at least 40% wasted space, this includes the relatively large buttons. I can also see why this is done; to give more space to the dropdowns for instance. When testing (old hammer) in reshack I noticed this wasn't completely nessesary since you could extend the dropdow-list beyond the pallet.
    The Objectproperties pallet has also an anourmous amount of wasted space, certainly in tab's flags&visgroup.; Logical because the main tab has had some additions. Additions which might as well have their own tab.

    In "my" hammer version I also gave some more room to the texture image as well as the actual visgrou list, since these are the objects really interesting in these panes. Ofcourse would what I've made not fit a smaller screenresolution so a set-size wouldn't be a good idea. It would be great though if these panes were vertically resizable.. (oh, and about the texture bar: the browse, replace and sizeinfo objects fit perfectly well next to each other, leaving more space for teh image)

    Though I do like the new additions and this is by no means slaggin' of your product I seriously think you should consider givin more screenrealestate to the actual editing panes. Cloggy interfaces make for frustrating editing. If you guy's permit me I could come up with some screenshot's within two or three hours (give or take) to illustrate on this.

    otherwise.. well.. I know it's not allowed but eeehh. w00t!!!
    great job!


    Patrik "Zyndrome" Evstrand
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 05:51am PDT

      Good job, Valve! Only thing missing is a full Render Mode preview in the 3D-view.
    And maybe Extrude and Bevel tools, that would be great.


    Michiel "MuzzleFlash" Breddels
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 06:15am PDT

      "Extrude and Bevel tools"

    Whats that?



    Jan ' Squad' Huygelen
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 06:22am PDT

      Is it normal that whenever I want to load a map of mine which has a model in it the program crashes (it didn't crash when I use the 'old' version)? It works normal when I open a map without models or when I just start a new map though.
    comment modified on Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 06:24am PDT


    Mike"Ace McGirk" Graydon
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 06:34am PDT

      Now all we need in hammer is the ability to test entity setups instead of compiling w/o vis and rad to test.

    Also , I just noticed that the prog "BSP_view" has been modified to show the PRT file info.This would be cool to see in hammer.(or maybe just a better "check map for problems" routine with the ability to show in the 3d view just where the prob is)

    comment modified on Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 10:59am PDT


    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 06:41am PDT

      It would be cool if hammer support the scaling with models, many mods include this now and spirit in particular.

    PS: I know, i don't speak english very well :)


    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 07:17am PDT

      I liked it but Ill stick with the old version `till 3.5 is Full.


    Roger 'Mataleone'
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 07:32am PDT

      If you are accepting suggestions, I have some simple but annoying things that I think should be fixed:
    - On "Texture Group", display only the WAD name, not the full path. Sometimes we can�t even see and have to gess the name of te file!
    - On "Export to .MAP", include only the WADs used in the map, as shown in "Map Information" window.
    - A "Play" button for ambient_generic

    Bugs on 3.5:
    - I can rotate a model (cycler_sprite), but it�s Yaw is not updated, and when i de-select it, it goes back to its original Yaw.
    - It crashed once when I clicked on "toEntity" button

    Thank you:
    - For displaying the leak file! In 2 minutes, I found 2 leaks on my map that were killing me!
    - Fr displaying models. Now I can easily make clip boxes, finally!

    So far the changes are very nice, simple things that could be in Hammer for years finally showed up.
    I�m waiting for the "more to come"...


    Kevin 'spect3r' Foster
    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 07:45am PDT

      im lovin it! totally bodatious dudes
    the model preview feature will be a huge time saver! so will the pointfile
    comment modified on Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 07:50am PDT


    Fri Apr 18, 2003 / 07:58am PDT

      Just like the old hammre, this one messes up and sets my system resouces to 7%.
    I have 128mb DDR Ram. I hav'nt had a single problem with 3.3 since I last installed it.

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